I Live for Love (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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b © Production Information Bonny Alugrer o503 oe Moser Mery ee George Henderson... Jim Me Napmata 2 ss 8 Howard Vatian. 2s. Townsend C. Morgan._---- Rico Cesare Ss Deca 2 Clementine SORTS IE CHAD SR NES Bo Guy Kibbee SR Nee Nea ese le Allen Jenkins pope sape Stach Menten Berton Churchill Ss oe ee Hobart Cavanaugh AES oak a one Oy Don Alvarado SoM NaS A. Sar oad Mary Treen he tiee er nee Be Eddie Conrad RANA co ORAL? Aiea UG) Shaw and Lee As the picture opens we discover Donna Alvarez Del Rio) selecting Rico Cesaro (Don Alvarado) as her leading man for a play in which this greatest of South American prima donnas is going to appear. Her selection is displeasing to the producer, Howard Fabian, so he conspires with his personal representative, Townsend Morgan to say that they have already signed Roger Kerry (Everett Marshall) for the lead. Donna is furious and in rehearsal does her part so badly that Kerry realizes that he is not wanted. He resigns and Rico is waiting his turn for the part. The show is a failure and closes immediately. A second Rico an@this. likewise is a failure. ‘ Roger, in the meantime, has risen to the very top of radio’s ladder of fame and is master of ceremonies and the great voice of one of the most popular programs on the air. Fabian accepts a flattering offer for Donna’s services on the program. When she arrives at the broadcasting studios and finds Kerry as the star of the hour, she is infuriated. Dan Cupid is slowly weaving his net around Donna and Roger but Rico is in the way. George Henderson, sponsor of the hour, offers Rico a job in South Amer (Dolores — show is tried with Donna and ica which he accepts. Together, Donna and Roger become the radio favorites of the land. Roger tired of “living in a and becomes glass house,” wants Donna to marry him and retire. He wants to take Donna away to Mt. Everett, to the North Pole—to the South Pole. Any place away from radio or the theatre. The glamour of it all is too much for Donna. Her impressario, Fabian, and his press agent, Morgan, see the possibility of being deprived of their bread and butter and together they conspire to keep Donna before the public. Donna and Roger have a quar ‘rel just at the time that Rico 3 returns from South America. To ta spite Roger she agrees to marry Rico. A spectacular wedding is arranged. At the house of the ceremony Roger arrives at the church with his musical clowns and Donna hears his great voice. At first she tries to send him away but her command is weak. She walks away from the church with Roger to plead with him but he too has a plea. It is for a simple wedding. He has to make one concession. They are to continue living in “a glass house.” They are on their way to their nuptials as the story ends. Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. and the Vitaphone Corp’n. 29% present “I LIVE FOR LOVE” 100% with Dolores Del Rio—Everett Marshall—Guy Kibbee 75% Allen Jenkins—Hobart Cavanaugh 40% Directed by Busby Berkeley 20% A Warner Bros. 40% Productions Corporation 5% Picture 25% Bt hat 2 TN ere ie Busby Berkeley eae Jerry Wald, Julius J. Epstein Photasraphy: OF 25 ila dears Gowns by Music and Lyrics by. Musical: Director ion fo Page Two Music and Lyrics by Allie Wrubel and Mort Dixon and Robert Andrews SE Nameeietoaws War nate George Barnes Bee aa sa See ae Terry Morse oS ae ea Esdras Hartley DCs Pati ta een Orry-Kelly Allie Wrubel and Mort Dixon paras Sesh bere Lior Leo F. Forbstein Dolores Dei Rio Everett Marshall Everett Marshall was born in Lawrence, Mass., in December, 1901, and attended grammar school in Worcester, Mass., until he was thirteen years old. His father being poor, he entered a civil engineering office at that age and worked for five years. He had saved a little, and hated engineering, so he left home to go to the Conservatory of Music at Cincinnati, Ohio. Then he went to London to study, and from there to Milan, Italy. His wonderful voice was heard by the Italian maestro, Serafin, who got him his initial engagement at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. There he appeared in “Girl of the Golden West.” George White finally signed him for “Seandals.” Later he appeared in the Follies.” His last stage production was “Calling All Stars.” Obtaining an audition for a radio program he soon became a success on the air. Warner Bros executives heard him sing and signed him to play opppoite Dolores Del Rio in “I Live for Love.” With A Song Dolores Del Rio was born in Durango, Mexico, daughter of a wealthy family of bankers and statesmen. She was educated in St. Joseph’s Mexico City, and studied voice in Paris and Madrid. She spent her debutante years in old world courts where she Convent, was a friend of many members of the royal families of various countries and the court at Mexico City. An American producer saw her in a charity performance and induced her to take a screen test for picture work. Miss Del Rio first appeared in the First National production, “Joanna,” where her striking beauty and talent was quickly noted. Her first big featured role was as Charmaine in “What Price Glory.” Among her best known pictures are “In Caliente,’ “Madame Du Barry,” “Wonder Bar,” “Flying Down to Rio,” “Bird of Para dise,” “Girl of the Rio,” “Resurrection” and ‘“Hell’s Harbor.” He Won Her Everett Marshall, grand opera star, and Dolores Del Rio in one of the musical moments of Warner Bros.’ comedy-with-music ‘I Live for Love’ coming to the____.....--pe TE TReGTS On ee Mat No. 204—20c They Just Won’t Let Guy Kibbee Sing Guy Kibbee is very much up Jenkins Appointed Self as Understudy Allen Jenkins, who plays the part of a tough press agent in the Warner Bros. picture, “I Live for Love,” now showing at the Theatre, got his chance to become an actor on the legitimate stage by becoming a self-appointed understudy for an actor playing a part in “Secrets” with Margaret Lawrence. The actor became ill and Jenkins was ready for the role to the utter amazement of the producer, who did not know he had an understudy for the sick actor’s part. Jenkins had a secret desire to go on the stage and by playing a hunch, he was able to gratify it. Dolores Del Rio and Everett Marshall, grand opera star, have the leading roles in “I Live for Love,” a romantic comedy-withmusic. Prominent in the suporting cast are Guy Kibbee, Allen Jenkins, Berton Churchill, Hobart Cavanaugh, Don Alvarado and Mary Treen. set. He wants to sing in films and no one will let him. Guy voiced his complaint some time ago, but no one at the Warner Bros. studio paid the slightest attention to the comedian. When he was assigned to play in “TI Live for Love,’ now showTi GY hs Fig Holl eialen ce east tie oe Theatre, he was overjoyed knowing it, to be a romantic comedy-withmusic and thinking that his chance had come. He read the script and discovered he was a radio sponsor, but never sang himself. “Just my luck,” he complained. “They let almost everyone else sing, but I just hire the singers and have to suffer from a _ repressed desire.” Dolores Del Rio and Everett Marshall, grand opera star, have the leading roles in ‘I Live for Love,’ a romantic comedy-with musie¢. Guy Kibbee Guy Kibbee was born in El Paso, Texas, on March 6, 1886. He toured the country innumerable times with various stock companies, and won attention as one of America’s most capable actors. His performance in the Broadway production, “The Torch Song,” was so outstanding that Hollywood summoned him for important screen roles. His most recent pictures include “Don’t Bet On Blondes,” “Going Highbrow,” “Mary Jane’s Pa,” “While the Patient Slept,” “Babbitt,” “Big: Hearted Herbert,” “Dames,” “The Merry Frinks” and “Merry Wives of Reno.” His current picture is “I Live for Love,’ which comes to the Theatre: onsite won Alien Jenkins Allen Jenkins, one of the rare comedy characters of the screen, was born in New York City. He turned to the stage when a boy and has been linked with the theatre ever since. He started as a chorus boy, playing in the same show with James Cagney. After three years in the chorus, he attended dramatie school and branched out as a character actor. He played in many Broadway successes, including “Blessed 9 What Pri Ev =20 LIC Glory,” “The Last Mile,” “Rain” and “Five Star Final.” His more recent pictures include “The Irish In Us,” “Page Miss Glory,” “The Case of the Curious Bride,” “A Night at the Ritz,” “While the Patient Slept,” “Sweet Music,’’ ‘Happiness Ahead,” “The Case of the Howling Dog” and “Twenty Million Sweethearts.” : Hobart Cavanaugh © Hobart Cavanaugh was born in ‘Virginia City, Nevada, but went to California with his parents at an early age. He attended high school in San Francisco and the University of California, after which he went on the stage. He road-showed all up and down the West Coast in “Checkers’ which Jimmy Gleason had bequeathed him from the season before. Then he went to New | York and was seen on Broadway in such plays as “Irene,” “Tangerine,’ “The Nervous Wreck,” “Danger,” “Kibitzer,”’ ‘Remote Control” and “Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” His pictures inelude “Dr. Soerates,” “We’re In the Money,” “Don’t Bet On Blondes,” “Page Miss Glory,” “Madame Du Barry” and “Wonder Bar.” Dolores Del Rio Is Immune to Sun Burn The way to sun tan is one of Dolores Del Rio’s beauty secrets which she does not advise anyone else to try. The bronzed Mexican star spends four hours daily in the hot sun, a procedure that would be disastrous to those who Keantt take it.” “Tt happens that I am immune to sunburn,” she explains. “In fact, I think it is a heritage, because the Tiltecs, from whom my people are descended, were sun worshippers.” Miss Del Rio is now playing the stellar role in the Warner Bros. picture, “I Live for Love,” Bt eb Gal os, wee ee teen Re ec Theatre.