I Live for Love (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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Publicity ol/ “IT Live for Love” Gay Comedy Due At Strand Soon “T Live for Love,’ Warner Bros. gay comedy-romance, is scheduled as the feature attractidner ate GEL On . Sere ee ee: Theatre OLN, eee ie ys , with Dolores Del Rio and Everett Marshall, the great operatic star, in the stellar roles. The plot is said to carry a most unusual comedy twist, set against the background of a radio broadcasting station. There are five catchy original songs written by the famous team of Wrubel and Dixon especially for the picture and sung by Marshall, famous on the radio, in musical comedy and formerly a member of the Metropolitan Grand Opera Company. A grand pageant with beautiful girls has been staged as only Busby Berkeley, famed for his specialty numbers, can do _ it. While beautiful and impressive, the pageant also is filled with comedy events, the players dressing in the costumes of the famous characters of history, taking them, off in a vein of hilarity. Miss Del Rio plays the part of a South American prima donna, tempestuous and _ temperamental, who loves and hates with the passion of the fiery Latin. She thinks she is in love with an actor from her own country, a part played by Don Alvarado, who drives his producer frantic. Marshall, a street singer who eventually becomes the toast of the country on the radio, is the rival lover, whom the prima donna thinks she hates. After a series of terrific battles between the two, he finally. sweeps her off her feet and literally leaves the fiery Latin suitor waiting at the church, Guy Kibbee plays the part of a radio sponsor and Berton Churchill that of a stage producer. Both are driven frantie by the two temperamental South American stars and the devil-maycare street singer in marvelously gay scenes. Allen Jenkins and Hobart Cavanaugh add to the fun, the former as a tough, hardboiled press agent; the latter as a highbrow, and a “hit-too-sweet,” director of public relations. More hilarity is furnished by Eddie Conrad and the famous vaudeville and musical comedy team of Shaw and Lee in the roles of street singers. Berkeley directed the produetion from the story and sereen play by Jerry Wald, Julius J. Epstein and Robert Andrews. Romanties Dolores Del Rio appears with the new singing star, Everett Marshall in Warner’s “I Live for Love” coming to the Theatre oni es, Mat No. 105—10c They Live For Love Dolores Del Rio is shown here in a gay pose with Everett Marshall, the new singing sensation, who came to Hollywood via the Metropolitan Opera Company. They are appearing in Warner Bros.’ romantic comedy-with-music, “I Inve For Love,” now at the veneeeeeeenaeee eens ne theatre. Others in the cast include Guy Kibbee, ~ Hobart Cavanaugh, Allen Jenkins and Don Alvarado. Mat No. 201—20c Dolores Del Rio Urges Women to Diseard Slacks Now that the nation is emerging from its five years of depression, it is time for American women to get out of slacks and trousers and back into feminine attire, in the opinion of Dolores Del Rio, who comes to the..... AIGA Cos OMe eer atone , in the Warner Bros. picture, “T Live for Love.” “Slacks and mannish trousers became the uniform of hard times,” declares the lovely Mexican “They were inexpensive, unbeautiful and typical of the unhappy state many people were in. But they were never feminine and probably will never be so popular again. “T am not talking about pajamas,”’ she added. “Pajamas ean be very beautiful and very proper under certain circumstances and they are often genuinely femi nine. But the slacks. and trousers we have seen so much on women in recent years should _ shortly disappear from our streets. “Perhaps they can be used for camping trips and deep sea fishing but for other purposes it seems to me they are out of date. In “I Live for Love” Miss Del Rio plays the role of a tempestuous and temperamental South American prima donna. The pieture is a gay romantic comedy with lively music set to the glamorous background of stage and radio. The east includes Miss Del Rio, Everett Marshall, the noted singer, Guy Kibbee, Allen Jenkins, Berton Churchill and Hobart Cavanaugh. Del Rio’s Chauffeur Makes Screen Bow Dolores Del Rio’s chauffeur made his film debut during the filming of a scene for “T Live for Love,” the Warner Bros. picture NOWsshoywedne athe). 5 26-e = eases Theatre. While the camera ground, Miss Del Rio, followed by her leading man, Everett Marshall, walked out of a theatre, entered her expensive car and drove off. The scene completed, she kept on going—to her home. Del Rio, Marshall Open Today in “T Live for Love” Dolores Del Rio, the exotic Mexican beauty, with Everett Marshall, famous radio, musical comedy and operatic s‘ar, comes to the Theatre today, in the new Warner Bros. musie, “T comedy romance with Live for Love.” Everett Marshall, in “T Live For Love” at the eu Pe Theatre. Mat No, 101— 10c pow The picture is heralded as one of the most unique productions of the day. Catehy original songs were written for the picture by the famous team of Allie Wrubel and Mort Dixon, and sung by Everett Marshall. Other music ineludes the favorite Neapolitan street song, “Ah, Marie,” in which Eddie Conrad, and the famous vaudeville and musical comedy team of Shaw and Lee, join with Marshall in singing in humorous vein. The story centers about Miss Del Rio, a temperamental Latin beauty and prima donna, whose stormy outbursts drive her Broadway producer frantic. Her impassioned love for a South American actor who cannot act, and her hatred for an American street singer, Everett Marshall, who later becomes a favorite on the radio, leads to complications thet wind up in a most unusual climax. Don Alvarado is the rival lover while others in the east include Guy Kibbee, Allen JenkBerton Churchill, Hobart Cavanaugh, Mary Treen, Robert Greig and Mike Morita. The picture is set against the glamorous background of theatre and radio, with a beautiful, although hilarious, pageant staged by Busby Berkeley, who also directed the production. The story and screen play are by Jerry Wald, Julius J. Epstein and Robert Andrews. ins, (Review ) ‘l Live For Love’ Thrills With Gay Romance Fiery Stars and Catchy Songs Add to Delightfully Entertaining Picture The new Warner Bros. romantic comedy-with-music, ‘‘I Live for Love,’’ which was shown atthe (4 pees ao. Theatre yesterday for the first time locally, swept audiences with gales of laughter over the hilarious situations and sent them home gaily whistling the catchy airs. To add to the entertainment of the picture there is a lively romance set in the glamorous background of the stage and radio, behind the scenes. The famous song team of Wrubel and Dixon, wrote five original songs for the production, which rank among the hits of the year. They are sung by the famous star of the Metropolitan Opera Company, Everett Marshall, who has one of the finest baritone voices in the country. The talented all star cast is headed by Dolores Del Rio, exotic Mexican star. She plays the part of a temperamental South American prima donna who hopes to set Broadway by the ears, but whose success is marred by her own tempestuous rages and her inability to segregate her ardent love affairs from her operatic work, all of which adds to the hilarity of the piece. Miss Del Rio is radiantly beautiful and her charm is accentuated by the fiery and impassioned manner in which she delineates the character. She is perfectly fitted by birth and temperament for the role, and gives an unusually lively and artistic interpretation of her part. Mr. Marshall proves that he is as much at home in an acting role for the sereen as he is a singer. Though comparatively new in films, having played in but one picture previously, he is not without thorough training in the art of acting, having been in Dolores Del Rio Uses Oil and Sun As Beauty Aid Oil and sunlight are the two great beauty aids—and the only ones—of the lovely Latin star, Dolores Del Rio Possessed of the glamorous olive complexion of so many of her country-women, the “Mexican orchid” depends only upon the fine texture of her own complexion, with the warm red blood showing through the healthy tanned skin, for her striking appearance. Between pictures, she wears no rouge, no powder, her only makeup consisting of brilliant darkred lipstick, and dark eye-shadow. She removes her make-up, not with soap and water or cold cream, but with mineral oil. This serves at once as a pore-cleanser and as a guard against the drying effect of the sun. Tennis, badminton and swimming are the star’s favorite sports; it makes no difference to her that the glare of the sun is unavoidable in all of them. Miss Del Rio has the role of a temperamental prima donna in “T Live for Love,” a riotous com edy romance with a glamorous musical background of theatre and radio. Catchy songs were written by Wrubel and Dixon. Miss Del Rio and Everett Marshall, grand opera star, are costarred, while others in the cast include Guy Kibbee, Allen Jen kins, Berton Churchill and Hobart Cavanaugh. Busby Berkeley directed the picture from the story and sereen play by Jerry Wald, Julius J. Epstein and Robert Andrews. vaudeville and musical comedy for years as well as on the operatic stage. He also is famed for his singing over the radio. Guy Kibbee, as a radio program sponsor and Berton Churchill, in the role of a theatrical producer, are both dragged inte a merry-go-round of troubles through the contrary cussedness of the prima donna, who works or walks off the set as the whim seizes her, all of which makes for laughter. Both are talented comedians and enact these particular roles with unusual skill. Allen Jenkins gives a charaeteristic portrayal of a tough press agent while Hobart Cavanaugh stirs the risibilities by the highbrow manner in which he takes off a much too important director of public relations. Other rollicking comedy touches are added by Eddie Conrad and the famous vaudeville team of Shaw and Lee, in the roles of street musicians. Busby Berkeley has brought out all the fast comedy action by his capable direction. He also has added a beautiful as well as hilarious pageant, in which the characters of the picture take off the famous people of history. Lovely Lady Dolores Del Rio appears with Everett Marshall in “I Live For LODGE. Ctl thea eee Theatre. Mat No. 103—10c Leading Film Comedian Broke 6 Years Ago Six years ago, Guy Kibbee, Warner Bros. comedy star, who has a leading role in “I Live for Love,” which comes to the Theatre on Racceeeeh Meee Sates 2s 8 , was in such dire straits that he and his wife made the trip from Hollywood to New York in a broken-down ear with only $12 between them. Arriving in the East he was given a part in “The Torch Song.” Warner Bros. scouts saw him and signed him to a _ eontract. Kibbee is in “I Live For Love,” with Dolores Del Rio and Everett Marshall in the stellar parts. Page Three