I Live for Love (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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py = Publicity g o/ The Song Is Rendered And the singer is Everett Marskall who sang his way to the screen from the Metropolitan Opera Company. He is now appearing with Dolores Del Rio in “I Live For Love,” Warner Bros.’ comedy with-music at the isnt saree Theatre. Mat No. 203—20c Opera Star Warbles His Bathroom ‘Shaving Song’ Comedians Join Everett Marshall in Shower Melody By DAN MAINWARING Busby Berkeley, the director, sings in the bathroom. We have never heard him sing while soaping himself and we never want to because we have heard him singing on the Warner Bros. lot now and again. We are confirmed bathroom singers. But there is a lot we do not know about this typical American art. That’s why we jumped at the chance to hear Everett Marshall sing in the shower. Mr. Marshall used to be a baritone on the Metropolitan Opera stage and on the radio and in musical comedy. He couldn’t sing badly even while lathering his face. The demonstration of the Marshall shower-singing technique was given during the making of “T Live for Love,’ the Warner Bros. picture now showing at the TSR Ai Sones theatre. We found the bathroom in which Mr. Marshall was to take his musical shower on stage one. It was one of those modern baths with fish swimming in one picture and nymphs dancing in another and shiny fixtures and fine tile. It even had hot and cold running water. Most screen bathrooms have no water in them at all, but this one was practical. You could bathe in it. We didn’t see Mr. Marshall at first. We couldn’t because Allen Jenkins was wandering around the set in salmon-striped pajamas. He was singing. Until you have heard Mr. Jenkins sing, you have no idea what can be done to the scale. He knows more about the minor key than the Chinese. The sound man came out of his glass booth to report that a strange noise, the like of which he had never heard before, was being picked up by the micro phone. Mr. Berkeley explained that Mr. Jenkins was making the noise. “Maybe you better stop him,” suggested the sound man. Mr. Jenkins stopped singing and started to sulk. This was better because he doesn’t make any noise when he sulks. It was now Mr. Marshall’s turn. He came out of his dressing room, went into the shower, took off his bathrobe, turned on the water and began to sing. We could see his head and shoulders through a window in the door. Mr. Marshall may be an opera Page Four singer, but he’s human. When the cold water hits him, he sings a little off key. He does his best singing when the water is warm. His favorite shower song is ‘The Last Round-up.” Ordinarily he doesn’t like the song but the moment water hits him he starts in on it. “Wagon Wheels” is a good shaving song, he says, because it stretches the face in just the right position for beard eradication. Mr. Berkeley wouldn’t let him sing “The Last Roundup” or “Wagon Wheels” in “I Live for Love.” The director insisted that the actor sing “Shaving Song,” by Wrubel and Dixon. Then, through the door, after Marshall had gotten well started came Jenkins, Eddie Conrad, Al Shaw and Sam Lee. They began playing ring around the rosy and singing at the top of their voices. We left the set. “T Live for Love” is a hilarious romantic comedy with an intriguing musical background of theatre and radio. Dolores Del Rio has the stellar role with Marshall playing opposite her. Others in the cast include Guy Kibbee, Allen Jenkins, Berton Churehill, Hobart Cavanaugh, Don Alvarado and Mary Treen. Alvarado Now Comic Strip Character Don Atvarado, who plays one of the principal roles in the new Warner Bros. production, “I Live for Love,’ now showing at the fee Pama end Theatre, has become one of the cartoon characters in “Tillie the Toiler,” the popular comic strip by Russ Westover. Alvarado plays the role of a South American actor who can’t act in “I Live for Love.” He also is the jealous rival of Everett Marshall for the love of Dolores Del Rio. Operatic Star’s Life Resembles Male Cinderella’s Fourteen years elapsed from the time Everett Marshall left Worcester, Mass., to study music abroad to his return to be the “toast of the town.” He was discovered in Milan, Italy by Tullio Serafin and was engaged to sing at the Metropolitan Opera. Worcester greeted him with open arms. There were a series of receptions, banquets and_ entertainments in his honor. It was all very thrilling to this great bari tone who is now playing the leading masculine role in the Warner Bros. picture, “I Live for TOM er Soci DaDMeOme en tere wee see Theatre. At one of the receptions at the fashionable Worcester Country Club, he was greeted by a man about his own age, who _ said: “Hello, Red, what are you doing here?” Marshall looked a little puzzled. He smiled and said: “I’m the poor guy they’re making all this fuss about.” “T’ll be ,’ replied the man. “You know I had completely forgotten your name.” “By the way,” replied the singer, “I can’t remember your name either. When you were calling me ‘Red’? at school I just knew you as ‘Skinny’.” Marshall plays the role of a radio singer in “I Live for Love,” a stirring romantic comedy with lively music set in the glamorous background of the stage and radio. The cast includes Dolores Del Rio, Marshall, Guy Kibbee, Allen Jenkins, Berton Churehill and Hobart Cavanaugh. him to the stage. . in “I Cover the Waterfront.” Was born in Virginia City, Nevada ... while a boy, his family moved to San Francisco where he received his early education... matriculated in the University of California... success in college dramatics turned . his first part was in a play, “Checkers” ... In New York he appeared in a score of hits... Came to Hollywood for the role of McCoy Dolores Del Rio Sets New Fad in ““T Live for Love” Dolores Del Rio, exotic Warner Bros. star, was the recipient of two dozen gardenias every day during the production of “I Live for Love” which comes to the... Theatre on Dolores Del Rio appearing in “I Live For Love” at the Spares Theatre. Mat No. 102— 10c¢ the latest of styles to the screen — that of She introduced wearing fresh flowers (in this case, gardenias) as a hair ornament. Hollywood debutantes have taken up the fad in earnest. Designed especially for her by Pere Westmore, Warner Bros. make-up artist, Dolores’ coiffure consists of a center part, the night-hued hair brushed shiningly down into a formal cluster of tight curls at the back. Just above the ears, the tips of which are bare, she places two real gardenias on each side. The hot studio lights curled up the delicate white edges, leaving them brown. So, at intervals during work, Dolores changed the flowers. In “I Live for Love” Miss, Del Rio plays the part of a tempestuous South American prima donna. The picture is a gay comedyromance with a glamorous musical background of theatre and radio, catchy songs having been written by Wrubel and Dixon. Everett Marshall, grand opera star, is co-starred with Miss Del Rio. of Spain .. Mat No. 301—380c DOLORES DEL RIO Was born in the State of Durango, Mexico, and was christened Barry”, “In Caliente”, and her current picture “I Live For Love.? EVERETT attend the Conservatory of Music ... completing a course there he journeyed to London, then Milan to study further ...In 1927 he was discovered in Milan by Maestro Tulio Serafin . : . there followed an engagement with the Metraopolitan Opera Company, the goal of all great singers .;.*) starring roles in a number of musical comedies followed “3a and now stardom on the screen! Buz Berkeley Say Modern Girls Are Better Than Ever “The ‘awkward age’ of American girls is disappearing and motion pictures are responsible. Films give them object lessons in growing up gracefully.” declares Busby Berkeley. The Warner Bros. director, who filmed “I Live for Love,’ which COMmeS MtOL tee © bias mieeaeee Theatre: On. soa. a0 tae ies been a keen judge of feminine beauty for years both on stage and screen. He said he was amazed by the change which has taken place in the girls of the early ‘teen’ ages. “That horrible period of adolescence between childhood and young womanhood, when a youngster seems all legs, giggles and clumsiness very seldom can be distinguished any more,” he said. “A walk on any high school or junior high school campus is proof of this. “Most of the girls are dressed simply and in good taste. Their poise and posture would do credit to any adult. Clear enunciation and low tones of voice predominate over loud, aimless chatter. While the schools have encouraged these qualities, the homework that accomplished them was done in motion picture theatres. “T Live for Love” is a hilarious romantic comedy with an intriguing musical background of theatre and radio. Dolores Del Rio has the stellar role with Everett Marshall, Metropolitan Grand Opera star, playing opposite her. Others in the east inelude Guy Kibbee, Allen Jenkins, Berton Churehill, Hobart ,.Cavanaugh, Don Alvarado and Mary Treen. Berkeley directed the picture. Dolores Ansunsola, the daughter of a Mexican City financier . .. while still in her teens she was married to the late Jaime Martinez Del Rio... traveled extensively and was presented at the court . she was “discovered” by Edwin Carewe, motion picture director, who was vacationing in Mexico ..’. Through him she came to Hollywood and was given a part in “Joanna” with Dorothy Mackaill ... from that time on her rise was rapid... her most famous rote in silent picture days was as “Charmaine” in “What Price Glory” . with Warner Bros, she has been in “Wonder Bar”, . . since beginning her starring contract. mow Madame Du, Co-starred with Dolores Del Rio in “I Live For Love,” he was born in