I Live for Love (Warner Bros.) (1935)

Record Details:

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a ¢ Advertising | THE WHOLE WORLD'S > ON A HONEYMOON ‘| ~When Everett Marshall's golden voice whispers its song of love to gorgeous Dolores-bringing a new kind of love story to the screen -to thrill you, charm you, win you! HE WON HER /* WITH A SONG (by permission of the copyright owners) Set yourself foranewkindofscreen thrill when Everett Marshall, favorite of stage andair, sings his love songs to gorgeous Del Rio in Warner Bros.’ gay romance of two public idols who tried to let the world share their love affair! A Warner Bros. Picture with DOLORES DEL RIO EVERETT MARSHALL GU Fak 1 BB ES ALLEN JENKINS es al i alle a ie « SEs eee eee | 188 Lines Mat No. 208—20c DOLORES! “I LIVE FOR LOVE” "MINE ALONE” “SILVER WINGS” “I WANNA PLAY With a Song of Love HOUSE WITH YOU ws He Makes the World — THEATRE 268 Lines Mat No. 210—20c A Warner Bros. Picture with DOLORES DEL RIO EVERETT MARSHALL A new star brings to the screen the magic that made him the singing idol of stage and radio! i ee 67 Lines Mat No. 109—10c Page Nine