I Live for Love (Warner Bros.) (1935)

Record Details:

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C Advertising B wien EVERETT MARSHALL ME sings his golden serenade to beautiful DOLORES DEL RIO you can heara pin drop ‘round the world! Broadway headliner and idol of the networks, he brings his irresistible personality, his throbbingly rich voice to the screen ... in musical praise of glorious Dolores Del Rio... Let Warner Bros.’ newest star thrill you, charm you, excite you, and make you say... A Warner Bros. Picture with huge star cast including GUY KIBBEE e ALLEN JENKINS e SHAW & LEE HOBART CAVANAUGH THEA at 240 Lines Mat No. 211—20c Page Ten When EVERETT MARSHALL sings his love song to ravishing DOLORES DEL RIO a world of sweethearts will sigh . . . The golden-voiced idol as stage and networks—the screen's most exotic actress \ —and a love story so ,charming, so gay, you'll want to live it yourself! A Warner Bros, Picture with GUY ee | ALLEN JENKINS SHAW & LEE \J i a? 134 Lines Mat No. 209—20c When EVERETT MARSHALL sings to DOLORES DEL RIO a world of sweethearts will sigh ILIVE FOR LOVE A Warner Bros. Picture with GUY KIBBEE « ALLEN JENKINS 54 Lines Mat No. 206—20c