Jailbreak (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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We've Got The Public Enemies In Jail BUT CAN WE KEEP THEM THERE? See what happens to prisoners the courts send up for “life’’...when the underworld marks them down for death! You'll be caught in a cross-fire of chills and thrills when the “big house” siren shrieks 144 Lines—Mat No. 209—20c 291 Lines—Mat No. 302—30c , CAN PRISON CHAINS HOLD THE } CAPTURED PUBLIC ENEMIES? Are they trying to settle their feuds . : behind the bars? See what happens when you give killers a break...in . oa Presented by Warngt toe h.-+ es even behind p 7 » what happens when head“JAILBREAK”! | UNE TRAVIS » GRAIG REYNOLDS BARTON MacLANE + RICHARD PURCELL ADDISON RICHARDS + GEORGE E. STONE EDDIE ACUFF + JOS. KING + JOS. CREHAN Directed by NICK GRINDE DATES THEATRE 104 Lines—Mat No. 206—20c : ares BulletStreaked oo AD AVAILABLE IN 3-COL. SIZE. | = from ORDER MAT NO. 304—240 LINES—30c { a. Brn CAN PRISON CHAINS HOLD THE CAPTURED PUBLIC ENEMIES? You'll be caught in a E ERAS L RAIG REYNO BARTON MacLANE RICHARD PURCE «Geo. E. Stone: Eddie ing ° Joseph Crehon Nick Grinde With JUN Warner Bro, OS. 'Latest F; m the Crim, lash Bul. cross-fire of chills and |, thrills when the ‘big Addison Richards Acuff + Joseph K' house’ siren shrieks= Directed by 34 Lines—Mat No. 208—20c 96 Lines—Mat No. 105—10c 244 Lines—Me Page Four