Jailbreak (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Warner Bros. turn the searchlight on those front-page prison stabbings in “Jailbreak”? coming tO thé... san aeseueaseve DRGRURE ON tasers cetcaiscates tegen Pictured above from left to right are Barton MacLane, George H. Stone and Richard Purcell who have featured roles in the season’s most sensational screen shock. Mat No. 202—20c Actors Held Many Unique Jobs Before Film Work Players In ‘“‘Jailbreak” Tell of Experiences Before Entering Films Many of today’s moving picture players were born to the profession. They learned the art of make-up along with their history and geography and took up acting as soon as watchful juvenile authorities would permit. They knew little about other professions in life, and cared less. Others, though, who are now well-known among the ranks of screen players, held various jobs far removed from the theatrical profession before circumstances made them actors. Take, for instance, the men who are featured in the cast of “Jailbreak”, Warner Bros. new mystery thriller which COMES €O thE............ccccccerceeees Theatre Craig Reynolds, a native Californian, sold sporting goods in a Los Angeles shop before he joined a little theater workshop and embarked on an acting career. Barton MacLane was a writer of short stories and worked in the code and cable office of the Standard Oil Company in New York before he decided to take a course in acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Addison Richards started out as a derrick man in the Pennsylvania oil fields. Later he worked as a driller in a silver mine, a cook in a lumber camp, a school teacher and a semi-professional baseball player. He became interested in acting while appearing a: a “super” with the Pilgrimage players who give open air performances in Hollywood. George E. Stone sold magazine subscriptions and worked as a bell hop in the Lamb’s Club in New York before the movies claimed him. Joseph Crehan worked as an investment broker, an _ insurance salesman and a department store manager before he was called to the drama via the stock company route. Eddie Acuff, although young in years and a comedian of no mean ability, has held more jobs than all of the rest of the men in the cast put together. Acuff has been a dish-washer in ar Omaha restaurant, an usher in a St. 1 wis movie theater, a section boss on the Missouri Pacific railroad, a sheep herder in Montana, an amateur boxer and trainer in a C. M. T. C. camp, a salesman for a_ patent egg-beater, a delivery truck driver, a private detective, a night watchman and a bricklayer. Acuff took up acting as another “six month job”, but public reaction to his comedy parts has been so favorable that’ it looks as though he may have to settle down for a few years and devote all his time to the screen. “Jailbreak” is a baffling mystery drama in which the killings take place under the very nose of the warden and guards within prison walls. The picture was directed by Nick Grinde from the screen play by Robert Andrews and Joe Hoffman, based on the story by Jonathan Finn. White Sox Autograph Baseballs For Stars Because they were all rabid baseball fans, June Travis procured an autographed baseball, signed by members of the Chicago White Sox while training in Pasadena, for 35 fellow players in the cast of the Warner Bros. picture, “Jailbreak”, now showing abatlion nec ciedcccs Theatre. June was able to get the autographed balls, being the daughter of Harry Grabiner, vice-president of the club. Movie Actors Have To Dine In Handcuffs The Warner Bros. practice of changing assistant property men twice a day in order to give more men regular employment is fine for the property boys. But Barton MacLane and Dick Purcell are convinced that it’s nothing short of a nuisance. The two actors who are playing featured roles in the Warner Bros. drama, “Jailbreak”, which comes Kipaid cnc ere pero ec Theatre on asaseminegeetbeacescancontl , suffered a couple of hours embarrassment because a property man: left the set at noon and took his ring of personal keys along with him. Earlier in the morning, MacLane and Purcell had appeared in a scene in which they were handcuffed together, MacLane appearing as a detective taking Purcell to the “Big House’. When the scene was completed around noon time it was found the prop man had gone home, taking with him the only key to the handcuffs. Amidst the wisecracks of professional wits around the studio, the two actors had lunch together at the studio restaurant, MacLane eating with his right hand and Purcell with his left. About two o’clock the assistant director found a locksmith who filed the handcuffs apart. “Jailbreak” 1s a thrilling melodrama with killings that baffle the police taking place inside a big prison. Besides MacLane and Purcell the cast includes Craig Reynolds, June Travis, George KE. Stone, Eddie Acuff, Joseph King, Joseph Crehan and Mary Treen. Nick Grinde directed the picture from the screen play by Robert Andrews and Joe Hoffman, based on a story by Jonathan Finn. In “Jailbreak’’ Featured in Warner Bros.’ leadriddled expose of the gang-wars of the imprisoned Public Enemies COMING CO TNE...0..cccersrsrernceare Theatre is June Travis who plays the role of secretary to a notorious racketeer. Others in the cast are Craig Reynolds, Barton MacLane, Richard Purcell and Addison Richards. Mat No. 103—10c Actors Are Taught Prison Slang By An Ex-Convict Picturesque Language Used In Thrilling Drama, ‘Jailbreak’ Now at Strand Some unique coined expressions by members of the underworld originate in state prisons throughout the country. In order that prison jargon would be technically correct in Warner Bros. mystery drama, “Jailbreak”, which comes to the... Theatre os EIS ae proce y eee , Nick Grinde, the director, insisted on having a former inmate of a certain Eastern prison on hand as a technical advisor during production on the picture. The man, who is now a respected citizen of Los Angeles, proved to be no end of help in keeping scenes and terms technically perfect. Under his direction, some 250 extras dressed in a prison garb, were using prison slang after the first day’s shooting as if they had known it all their lives. Some of the terms follow: The prisoner is known as a “con” from the day he is entered until his release. The guard is a “screw” and sometimes a “Hack”. The head keeper is the “P. K.” The prison chaplain is the “Sky Pilot” and the “Air Angel”. The Warden is always called simply “The Boss”. If he happens to have the misfortune of being disliked he is referred to as the “Pea Soup”, which term originated from an unpopular liquid served in the mess hall. If he is well-liked he is a “Darb”, The electric chair is usually called “The Burner” or “Hot Seat”. A punishment cell is the “Cooler” and a solitary confinement cell is a “Hole”. Ordinary cells are “Coops”. Messages, which are sneaked outside prison walls by secret telegraph systems are called “Kites”. A forbidden newspaper is a “Stiff’, and the prison school is the “Learning Factory”. A tough “Con” is a “Hood”, while a negro inmate is always called “Blackie”. A man in for two years is serving a “Deuce”. A man in for five years does a “Finn”. Those who draw ten years do a “Sawbuck”, while a man in for life gets the “Book”. The prison~ hospital is simply “The Bedroom”, while an inmate who loses his sanity and is sent there is a “Stir Bug”. A week before a man is to be released his is known to have “Seven more get-ups”. The next day he has six get-ups, and so on untii the final get-up when he is given a new suit of clothes, a few dollars and thrust back into a world free of walls. “Jailbreak”, is a baffling mystery drama in which the killings take paace under the very nose of the warden and guards within prison walls. The cast includes Craig Reynolds, June Travis, barton MacLane, Richard Purcell, Addison Richards, George I. Stone, Eddie Acuff, Joseph King and Joseph Crehan. The picture was directed by Nick Grinde from the screen play by Robert Andrews and Joe Hoffman, based on the story by Jonathan Finn. Purcell Not Afraid Of Being Typed Dick Purcell is one young actor starting out on his screen career who isn’t afraid to play a gangster type “heavy” role with the fear that he will become typed. Purcell, a recent recruit to the ranks of featured players at the Warner Bros. studio, has the role of a double-crossing gangster in the new mystery thriller, “Jailbreak”, which comes to the.............. PREG ULC. OM siccsasscasscteesanse ce The young actor jumped at the chance to take a part, which could easily establish him as one of the screen’s really “bad” men. His explanation is simple. He believes a real actor is a person who can play any part. Running Time Length of Film 5546 ft. = === = 60 min. Star Reporter Craig Reynolds, screen newcomer, gives a dynamic performance in. Warner Bros’ sensational production, “Jailbreak” now at thé... Theatre, as a newspaperman who gets the lead-loaded low-down on the front-page prison stabbings. Mat No. 101—10c No Wrist Watches In This Man's Prison It sometimes pays to have a technical director on a film set. In the Warner Bros. mystery thriller, “Jailbreak”, which comes to the: sacs eo Theatre on.............. + an ex-convict acted in this capa-city. In a prison scene, Director Nick Grinde rounded up several hundred extras dressed in convict garb, and told them to take their places. “Wait a minute,” called the exconvict technician. “Half of these: guys are wearing their wrist watches. No can do in any prison: I ever was in.” The wrist watches, rings and all other jewelry were removed. Thirteen Black Cats Give Actors Shivers As a he-man detective who hunts down gangsters, Barton MacLane is just great in routing out cats. In the Warner Bros. mystery thriller, “Jailbreak”, which comes to the Theatre , MaclLane shoots his way into a crook’s hide-out. The building selected was a rambling Chinese chop suey joint and lodging house on Warner Bros’. back lot, which had not been used for many months. In a first rehearsal MacLane rushed into the building firing his revolver in all directions. To the astonishment of the film company cats began to pour out of the windows. There were thirteen in all, ranging from six weeks old kittens to full grown Toms and Tabbies. Page Seven