Jailbreak (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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1-SHEET WINDOW CARD bere-§$ TORY Big Mike Eagan (Joseph King) a reformed racketeer, is sentenced to two years in prison for slugging a policeman, He had attacked the officer deliberately in order to be put away because Ed Slayden (Richard Purcell) a gangster, had sworn to take him for a “ride’’. Ken Williams (Craig Reynolds), a smart young reporter, gets the exclusive story of Eagan’s reason for going to prison from Jane Rogers (June Travis), Big Mike’s secretary. Several months later, within the walls of the prison, Slayden gets hold of a knife and starts a riot in the laundry plant, planning to kill Eagan, but the former racketeer is saved by Dan Varner (Addison Richards) a guard. Dan Stone (Charles Middleton), another guard, and ‘Pop’ Anderson, (Henry Hall) former confidence man and now prison librarian, are also in the fight. When Jane Rogers comes to visit Mike, he tells her he has three hundred thousand dollars hidden away in a safe place. He is about to tell her where the money is hidden but stops when he sees Stone is listening. Eagan comes up for parole, which is granted on recommendation of the Warden, (Joseph Crehan.) Varner, the guard, goes to Mike’s cell to release him and finds that he has been shot through the heart. Detective Captain Rourke (Barton MacLane), of the city police, is sent to the prison to solve the murder. He gives Slayden the third degree but gets no information from him. In the meantime, Ken and Varner search Mike’s clothing. Ken finds an envelope with “Epigrams of Marcus 3-SHEET PRICES 6-SHEETS RMN rato ae gee ra tate ek T5e each ESRC SE Dre rere pistes Ses eee 706 each 2 O ANG av OR ihn hho ok ha sis se 65¢ each 3:SHEETS ESC EAS ei ie tad oo Re 40c each. SP MN OVER 2 is. ne pad eee ek 36c each 1-SHEETS 6-SHEET BNO A oS Srcteieteuleeartetein boos 15e each BORO OO see 5 ocengn Sarees Ore 13c each 100 “and “Over 5.68 ice eo lle each WINDOW CARDS . pS Yee. 5! ee eee ree ice ay as To each SELECTED VITAPHONE SHORTS BOle BU ci se as Ge each 100 and over.................3M%e each INSERT CARDS VO 2A ai stsres So ete et a 256 each TO BALANCE YOUR PROGRAM SEO 4D soso eatessinsae pecs iee wana 226 each. 8 OD ai aii iy phcabcpalaen Otis 200 each = . FOG and -OVEE se ee iée each JOHNNY BERKES in “A BLASTED EVENT” (Vitaphone Comedies Series). Johnny steps into a starring role at Vitaphone and he starts off with a sure-fire hit. (20 minutes—No. 1119) “WHEN IT YOO HOO” (Merrie Melodies Series). A funny feud between two hill-billy families that’s settled by a comical cock fight. Done in technicolor, too. (7 minutes—No. 1409) “VITAPHONE STAGESHOW” (Big Time Vaudeville Series). Eleven minutes of zippy all-star vaudeville turns featuring the Landt Trio and White, supported by a host of other elever acts. (11 minutes—No. 1613) O Aurelius’ written on it. Believing that this may hold the key to the mystery he goes to the prison library to search for the book. June Travis—Craig Reynolds 50% CARL HOFF & ORCHESTRA (Melody Masters Series). This famous “Hit Parade” outfit dishes out swingy, sweet and hot dansapation. (10 minutes—No. 1512) @ CROSS & DUNN in “WHEN YOURE SINGLE” (Broadway Brevities Series). The two singing comedians of stage and night club fame contribute plenty of entertainment as they go to town in a fast-paced routine. (21 minutes—No. 1017) “PORKY’S MOVING DAY” (Looney Tunes Series). Porky is in the moving business—and his business is good for plenty of laughs. (7 minutes—No. 1711) ficial Billing $3.00 per M LOBBY DISPLAYS ll x 14 Photos (8 in set—colored) 22 x 28 Photos BIOGRAPHIES JAILBREAK 100% e an : June Travis Born in Chicago on August 7, 1915 He finds Anderson, the librarian, Barton MacLane 50% a ; dead. While stooping over the body Richard 1 = — Her father is Harry Grabiner. he is himself attacked and knocked ichard Purcell 30% the Chicago White Sox Baseball Club out by an unknown assailant. Addison Richards 30% —She accompanied her father on a He is found by the Warden and Rourke, and Ken suggests that Mike’s secret was somewhere in the _ book, George E. Stone Eddie Acuff—Joseph King 10% 30% spring training trip to the West Coast 70 and took a screen test at one of the Hollywood studios at the time, but Q , ied Anderson Joseph Crehan 10% returned to Chicago — Miss Travis a ae Brag inet eae ts probably eis oe entered the University of Chicago and the murderer. The Warden sends for Directed by Nick Grinde ete forgot ok page film work until she Slayden again. The gangster pulls a si pied was introduced to a Warner Bros. exsun from his bedding and forces VarA Warner Bros. 40% ecutive—She told him of the screen ner to take him past the inner gates. Productions Corporation 5% ae Jo ee Bed he : ae He then slugs Varner and escapes Bini 25% with the studio that had made it, anc over the wall. Rourke, the detective, £278 after seeing the test, offered her a arrests Varner and Stone as suspected accomplices of the gangster. Rourke then searches Slayden’s cell and finds the missing book. It has a_ secret pocket for a missing key in the lining. contract — Her work showed such marked talent she was given the leading feminine role with James Cagney and Pat O’Brien in ‘Ceiling Zero’— Her current picture, ‘Jailbreak’? comes CAST Slayden, in the meantime, has been tO: thes Ao. ake chee Theatre OM... recaptured. He is returned to prison So and Rourke accuses him of the mure ders, Stone and Varner as accomplices. JONE: ROGONS ee een June Travis Richard P urcell Ken Williams then announces that a sage = Bier ae he has a piece of cloth which he tore Ken Williams sessensennnnnen Craig Reynolds Attar siudyiie laa Rlchak Bacau from the garb of the man who atDetective Captain Rourke ...... ey ais decided fiat ae ue iorrer he would tacked him in the library. It is part Barton MacLane make a zood. actor—He was born at a ee eee but ential eh Ed Slayden ..eccecccccecssseeee Richard Purcell Greenwich, Conn., and attended school liled Reean anal aon. pisated the Dan Varner ...........Addison Richards at St. John’s-All Hallows Institute in book and the gun in Slayden’s cell. WCeper ciceeccccceces ..George E. Stone New York, and Fordham College—On Williams announces that the murderer is Varner, he having taken the missing key from Varner's ring. It is SOSPOCON stan tc Big Mike Eagan ...... the stage he has played in several important productions—It was his work in “Paths of Glory’? that won him a Sccakors Eddie Acuff ..Joseph King Warner Bros. contract—His first picthe key to a post office lock box where Wardens Ba Joseph Crehan ture was “Ceiling Zero! Overs ia Eagan kept his money. Varner learned Glady seg 0g acne Mary Treen which he has appeared include ‘Man tte ue bead Place after gaining Pop Atidersonond. deens hi Henry Hall Hunt” and “Brides Are Like ‘That”— Mike’s confidence. Bes His current production is “Jailbreak’’, Williams is promoted by his paper DAN StONE recesses Charles Middleton which aie a theri:cvsecsiax Theatre and takes Jane as his life’s partner. City Editor. ........ Robert Emmett Keane Olsens ee Craig Reynolds Craig Reynolds was born at Anaheim, Calif., near Hollywood—He attended grammar school in Los Angeles, where he was a member of the football, baseball and tennis teams— After graduating from high school he turned to the stage, making his debut in the Drama Art Workshop, a little theatre of Los Angeles—His biggest role probably is “Coquette’’, in which he played opposite Mary Pickford— Reynolds’ more recent pictures include “Sons 0’ Guns”, “Times Square Playboy”, and “Treachery Rides the Range’’—His current production is “Jailbreak”, which comes. to the Theatres onic. ea. PRODUCTION STAFF ADT BOLOIIS creR ticharsss aces Nick Grinde Screen Play by ...... Robert D. Andrews and Joseph Hoffman SONY 20Y is ERS Jonathan Finn Photography bY veeccccccccceccese Arthur Todd Film Editor vce Harold McLernon Dialogue Director .......... Harry Seymour .. Hugh Reticker aire Orry-Kelly PRINTED IN YT Ss a.