My Reputation(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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‘My Reputation’ Is Moving Love Story (Prepared Review) A superb love story, tender and heartwarming, is Warner Bros.’ latest film drama, ‘‘“My Reputation,’”’ which opened last night at the Strand Theatre. Starring Barbara Stanwyck and featuring an impressive company of supporting players including George Brent, Warner Anderson, Lucile Watson, John Ridgely and Eve Arden, Clare Jaynes’ best-selling novel has, with deftness and understanding, been transformed into a deeply moving motion picture. Against a background of modern suburban society, “My Reputation” traces the story of Jessica Drummond (played by Barbara Stanwyck), a gracious young widow, who, falling in love for the second time, finds herself the center of a vicious scandal which changes her life and engulfs, as well, the innocent lives of her two young sons, Keith and Kim (played by Bobby Cooper and Scotty Beckett). So pressing is her problem, so driving is her love, that Jessica is forced to make the supreme choice between her own happiness and the happiness of her young sons. The film builds up relentlessly to an intensely dramatic climax and demonstrates once more the power-packed punch of a hard-hitting Warner screenplay. Accomplished Actress Unquestionably Barbara Stanwyck is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished leading ladies. Her screen portrayals, from the immortal title role in “Stella Dallas,” to “Meet John Doe” and — more recently — “Christmas In Connecticut,” have always born the stamp of a conscientious artist who enjoys her work and whose charm and talent seem inexhaustible. To the role of Jessica Drummond, the actress brings warmth and a clarity of interpretation which contribute heavily to the characterization’s believability. Hers is smooth, adroit handling of a tricky Thespian role. Sharing honors with Miss Stanwyck is George Brent. Cast as the suave, globe-trotting Major Scott Landis, Brent’s performance lends a light and artful touch to a drama founded on the conflicts of more serious personalities.. His tongue-in-cheek wooing of Barbara Stanwyck in one of the film’s gayer sequences is delightful to behold. Underplaying his role throughout and molding it to fit in hand-in glove with Miss Stanwyck’s fluctuating moods, George Brent gets this reviewer’s applause for a topnotch performance. Superbly Directed Adapted for the screen by Catherine Turney, “My Reputation” owes much of its polish to director Curtis Bernhardt, a veteran in the film industry, whose subtle hand can be felt behind every scene and is sensed in every performance contributed by his company of excellent supporting players. As an austere widow in black, Lucile Watson competently sketches a woman who lives with memories of a life that has passed her by; and Eve Arden and John Ridgely are always convincing as a completely happy young married couple. In the role of a sympathetic lawyer, Warner Anderson, who turned out a splendid job in the memorable “Destination Tokyo,” scores again with an able portrayal of Jessica’s devoted friend and: confidante. Jerome Cowan, Robert Shayne, Esther Dale, Scotty Beckett, Bobby Cooper, Leona Maricle and Mary Servoss all contribute topnotch characterizations in various supporting roles. Photographed by James Wong Howe and scored by Max Steiner, “My Reputation” was produced by Henry Blanke. ‘My Reputation’ Opens Tonight At Strand Theatre (Opening Day Reader) The warmly moving story of a beautiful woman’s desperate search for happiness, is grippingly told in Warner Bros.’ latest film drama, “My Reputation,” which opens tonight at the Strand Theatre. Starring Barbara Stanwyck, the film features a generally excellent company of supporting players including George Brent, Lucile Watson, Warner Anderson, John Ridgely and Eve Arden. Adapted for the screen by Catherine Turney from the bestselling novel, “Instruct My Sorrows,” by Clare Jaynes, ‘““My Reputation” relates the heartrending saga of one woman’s second chance at love and of the vicious scandal that brings heartache into her life and the life of her family. As Jess Drummond, attractive young widow, mother of two lovable boys, Barbara Stanwyck plays another highly dramatic role of the sort which aided her rise to fame. Stirringly directed by hitmaker Curtis Bernhardt and scored by Max Steiner, ‘“My Reputation” was photographed by James Wong Howe, A.S.C. and produced by Henry Blanke. Two Against One Still MR 49 Mat No. 201—30c A remarkable conspiracy between George Brent and Barbara Stanwyck is interrupted by Cecil Cunningham in the above scene from Warners’ moving new drama, "My Reputation," which arrives Friday at the Strand. Barbara Stanwyck Stars In ‘My Reputation’ (Current Theatre Story) Focusing on that intangible element in a woman’s heart that makes her love—or hate—Warner Bros.’ newest drama, “My Reputation,” currently at the Strand Theatre, presents a timely story of a woman who falls in love for the second time only to find herself no longer accepted by a smug society. Starring Barbara Stanwyck and featuring George Brent, the film adaptation of Clare Jaynes’ best-selling novel, “Instruct My Sorrows,” recounts with clarity and understanding the path taken by a young woman left bewildered by the sudden death of her husband and faced with the task of finding happiness for herself and her two young: sons. Portrays Widow Realizing that to wear widow’s veils is to perpetuate her sorrow, Jessica Drummond (Barbara Stanwyck), a charming, cultivated woman, decides to drop all outward signs of mourning and devote herself to the well-being of her two funloving boys, Keith and Kim (Bobby Cooper and Scotty Beckett). Her natural grief is made more difficult to bear because of her mother, Mrs. Kimball (Lucile Watson), an austere woman whose life has been deliberately tailored to bleak years of widowhood. Contrary to her mother’s wishes, Jessica accepts an invitation from her friends, Ginna and Cary Abbott (Eve Arden and John Ridgely) to vacation for a few weeks in a cabin at Lake Tahoe. Falls In Love Again The serenity of the vast snowcovered mountains, the companionship of people her own age, and the dash of Major Scott Landis (George Brent) combine to leave Jessica feeling like a schoolgirl in love. Her mother’s domination and the rigid formalities of a life of conventional rearing are forgotten as Jessica permits herself to be wooed by Seott. But, in spite of her heart’s persuasion, Jess finds she has learned her lifetime’s lesson in conforming all too well. Bravely, she determines to resist Scott’s appeal and returns to Chicago. The film builds rapidly and it is not long before idle words have been raked and the muck of a scandal surrounds Jessica. Only then does she realize that her sons, shamed by words they cannot understand, humiliated by hushed whispers and secret glances, have stopped loving her. Jessica’s world crumbles. With great bitterness, she is forced to choose between her happiness with Scott and the love and respect of Keith and Kim. And the stage is thus set for the absorbing and compelling climax of “My Reputation.” Features Top Players Featuring a host of topnotch featured players including Warner Anderson, remembered for his portrayal of the executive officer in “Destination, Tokyo,” Lucile Watson, John Ridgely, Eve Arden, Robert Shayne, Esther Dale and Jerome Cowan, “My Reputation” was directed by Curtis Bernhardt, photographed by James Wong Howe, A.S.C. and produced by Henry Blanke. Stanwyck Revolts Against Widow’s Weeds Barbara quence against wearing wid Stanwyck’s _ eloows’ weeds recently proved sufficiently moving to alier the wardrobe plans for her current film, Warners’ ‘“‘My Reputation,” now at the Strand. Her reading of lines against black for widows prompted Director Curtis Bernhardt to replace four black garments she wears in “My Reputation,” in which she appears opposite George Brent. ‘My Reputation’ Arrives Friday At Strand Theatre (Advance Theatre Story) Based on Clare Jaynes’ popular novel of a few seasons back, Warner Bros’ newest film drama, “My Reputation,” makes its local debut on Friday at the Strand Theatre. Starring Barbara Stanwyck in the highly dramatic role of a widowed young mother who must choose between happiness and the conventions imposed by a narrowminded society, the film also presents George Brent, Lucile Watson, Warner Anderson, John Ridgely and Eve Arden in other important roles. Struggles Against Tradition An intelligent and highly dramatic account of one woman’s struggle to attain happiness in the face of established tradition which has decreed her ineligible for love again, the film cuts its way boldly into the life of Jessica Drummond (Barbara Stanwyck) and paints a vivid picture of today’s times in suburban communities. Tells Gripping Story Revolting against the gray years of widowhood that lie ahead and spurning the advice of an austere mother (Lucile Watson) to refrain from emotional entanglement, Jessica accepts an invitation from two friends, Ginna and Cary Abbott (Eve Arden and John Ridgely) to vacation with them at Lake Tahoe. Away from her mother’s domination, Jessica sheds the binding emotions of a life of middle-class upbringing and permits herself to fall in love with a life-loving army officer, Scott Landis (George Brent). Afraid of the consequences her love will bring upon her family, Jessica returns to Chicago without Scott and settles down to be both father and mother to her two young sons, Keith and Kim, (Bobby Cooper and Scotty Beckett.) She soon sees Scott again, and this time permits herself to be courted wholeheartedly by the amiable major. Completely happy, for the first time in many lonely months, Jessica is totally unaware that a vicious scandal has been spreading about Scott and herself. Nor is it long before her two sons, hearing one whispered conversation too many, confront her with the gossip they have overheard. When Jessica refuses to deny that she has been seeing Scott and gives definite indication that she will go on seeing hem, Kim and Keith, hurt and ashamed, leave home. Jessica is forced to make a decision, between the man she loves and her children. Swiftly and dramatically, “My Reputation” sweeps on to a powerpacked climax. Top Supporting Cast Adapted for the screen by Catherine Turney, the film also features, in additional supporting roles, Esther Dale, Jerome Cowan, Leona Maricle, Mary Servoss, Cecil Cunningham, Nancy Evans, Ann Todd, Janis Wilson and Darwood Kaye. “My Reputation’ was directed by Curtis Bernhardt, photographed by James Wong Howe, A.S.C. and produced by Henry Blanke. Country of Origin U.S.A. Copyright 1946 Warner Bros. Pictures Distributing Corporation