My Reputation(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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‘MY REPUTATION” in films was made by playing unusual women in such hits as “Dark Victory,” “‘Jezebel,”’ HAVE ’EM “GUESS Designed with an eye toward the whole family, this interesting 5 day newspaper contest sells the film's title with eye-appeal and a lot of puzzling fun. Arrange to run it in your local newspaper for five days preceding your opening or as far in advance as you pre fer. Offer guest seats to the winners. You can also put it to work for you in these other ways: 1. LOBBY CONTEST: Run off a quantity of these contest blanks, staple them together in sets of five and distribute them as lobby contest giveaways at special matinees either in advance of or concurrently with your playdate. Tie in with local merchants for cooperative ads on the reverse side of the blanks. LOBBY DISPLAY: Blow the individual contest blanks up to tack card size and spot them in your lobby or foyer. Place a pad and a pencil under each and invite your patrons to work the contest on-the-spot and drop “Mr. Skeffington” and “The Corn Is Green.” (IST DAY) ‘MY REPUTATION” as a kind-hearted, jovial prankster won for me the role of Harold Pierson, the indomitable husband of Rosalind Russell in Warner Bros.’ “‘Roughly Speaking.” My name is...... Bhs teueitirers pee oketscehtte aiatohena eas dgsievaretede Address (2ND DAY) MAIL A TEASER POSTCARD TO EVERY WOMAN ON YOUR LIST If there are two things everyone knows about women, they are: (1) woman's proverbial curiosity and (2) woman's inability to keep a secret. Here's a teaser postcard idea which appeals to both weaknesses and should bring every woman in town to your box-office. Print a picture of Barbara Stanwyck (chosen from your branch set) on the picture side of the card. In the message space on the reverse side, print (in feminine handwriting) the following copy: “Don’t believe a word they’re saying about me! You can judge MY REPUTATION for yourself if you meet me at the Strand Theatre. (Signed) Jess Drummond.” their answers into a central answer box. See the Opposite Page for Your Lead Newspaper Story! “MY REPUTATI dramatic actress served me in good stead when Warner Bros. cast me as the devoted mother of a selfish, evil daughter in their hit drama, ‘‘Mildred Pierce.” MY NAMES is, on 6 vig ars ao etele sis re a sia lerevers ee Address (3RD DAY] WOMEN’S CLUB DISCUSSION “My Reputation" offers a number of interesting and legitimate women's problems, not the least among them being the difficulties encountered in present-day society when a young and widowed mother attern>ts to throw off the restraints of too much sympathy in order to make a new and happy life for herself with a second husband. Because of the vicissitudes of war, this problem has become an unfortunately common one today and can be suggested, in connection with your playdate, as a topic for discussion by a prominent local clubwoman before her club's membership. Or the discussion can take place in a department store with a local authority on hand to take charge. In the latter event, the department store can use its own mailing list, in addition to yours, for invitations to hear the discussion. Arrange for newspaper and picture coverage. Be sure to credit your playdate.