My Reputation(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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WHO” FROM THEIR REPUTATIONS (Lead Story) Identify These Stars And Win Guest Seats To ‘My Reputation’ A wonderful evening at the .................. Theatre as guest of the management for a showing of Warner Bros.’ new romantic drama, ‘My Reputation," starring lovely Barbara Stanwyck, will be your reward if you can answer correctly the questions contained in our new "My Reputation Made-Me-A-Star" Contest which starts in this newspaper today. Here's how you do it: Beginning today and every day for the next four days, this newspaper will publish a different picture of a famous star whose fame has come as a result of the reputation he (or she) built for himself as he climbed to fame. It's easy for you to win if you just follow these simple rules. Clip each day's contest blank out of the paper, fill in the correct answer and mail all five together to the Contest Editor of this newspaper, together with your name and address. Each set of five blanks must be accompanied by a 25-word (or less) letter stating "Why | Want To See Barbara Stanwyck In Warners’ 'My Reputation’." That's ‘all there is to it! So join the movie-lovers and get in the fun. All set? Good luck and good thinking! ANSWERS Ist DAY: BETTE DAVIS 2nd DAY: JACK CARSON 3rd DAY: JOAN CRAWFORD 4th DAY: HUMPHREY BOGART oth DAY: BARBARA STANWYCK @ ORDER: “My Reputation" Contest Mat No. 502-B, 75c, from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th St., New York 18, N. Y. i O) 8 GO Bie. Oh-eGe) 6-0) Lee) 88. 8 SN 8, a'er it “MY REPUTATION” as a hard-boiled lover earned me the right to get rough with Lauren Bacall in Warner Bros.’ exciting adventure drama, “‘To Have And Have Not.” MYANGMNELIS.= 06 calc eine a eisarela's se ee eres ee eee eee renee enone 69/68 eer e 6 ea Ge SLO Or Of0) aS, S ae) (4TH DAY) ‘‘MY REPUTATION” as a leading lady in such hit films as “Christmas In Connecticut” and ‘‘Double Indemnity,” led to my current starring role in Warners’ stirring film drama, ‘‘My Reputation.” (5TH DAY) -————_—_—_———_-----—-=:::—rnnk J-WAY NEWSPAPER FEATURE statements along the following lines: By selecting five of your town's most prominent men and/or women in various fields of endeavor, you can create a newspaper feature that is rich in human interest and ripe with angles for newspaper and radio interviews. Contact these persons and ask all five of them to prepare ** “My Reputation’ as a (fireman, banker, chemist, aviator, golfer, ete.) was greatly aided by 6lh03 ee e Tes en ed cere Se) La Melvelue Plant these statements one-a-day, for five days or run them all together, as an interesting feature in your local newspaper. GET JESS DRUMMOND INTO THE NEWS WITH THIS FAKE HEADLINE BALLY GAG Specially prepared newspaper headlines make exciting eye catchers and can be easily adapted to promote your "My Reputation" playdate. Contact either a local souvenir dealer who has the equipment to print up mock headlines, or else tie-in with your local newspaper to achieve the same effect. Suggested newspaper headlines should read as follows: JESS DRUMMOND INVOLVED IN SCANDAL! ‘MY REPUTATION’ WILL SAVE ME, SHE SAYS Distribute these mock papers as giveaways in advance or concurrently with your ''My Reputation" playdate and tie in with your local news dealers to insert them in all current women's magazines. 9