My Reputation(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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FASHION CHECK.LIST Barbara Stanwyck, 3-Column Newspaper tr eae” ~~ Fashion Feature Chooses Checked Wardrobe oe This attractive three-column fashion layout which features Barbara Stanwyck and credits "My Reputation" can be put to work in two ways: (I) in your local newspaper's daily women's pages or in special Sunday supplements; or (2) the feature can be blown up and used, together with stills from the film, in co-op window displays in department stores, ladies dress shops, etc. Be sure to credit your playdate wherever used. The feature is available in mat form as illustrated or, if preferred, as separate stills. ORDER “‘My Reputation” Fashion Mat No. 301-B, 45c, from Warner Bros.’ Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th St.. New York 18, N. Y. OR ORDER “Barbara Stanwyck” Stills No. BS 362 and BS 364, 10c each, from Warner Bros.’ Still Editor, 321 West 44th St., New York 18, N. Y. (Above) Attractive three-button brown and white checked suit with wide shoulders, modified lapels and belted waistline. A white ascot and fabric gloves complete the costume. (Right) A black and white shepherd’s check sleeveless jacket with inset belt and deep V-neckline, worn over a long-sleeved white jersey blouse, tops the flared gray flannel skirt. _ SPECIAL LADIES’ PREVIEW WILL STIR UP ADVANCE EXCITEMENT “My Reputation," which poses the problem of a woman's right to happiness when it is in conflict with the happiness of her two young sons, has strong feminine appeal and should be exploited wherever possible from that angle. As a starter, invite your women's page editors, women's LET THEM PEEP INTO JESS’ DIARY FOR AN UNUSUAL LOBBY ATTRACTION There is nothing that arouses a woman's interest more quickly than another woman's diary and here is a way to make that curiosity work for you. Construct an attractive diary out of heavy wallboard and problem advisers, prominent local business and career women to a special preview showing of the film. As an added conversation-maker set up a ballot box in your lobby and print up a number of ballots) mount it in an opened position on a dais in your lobby. Fill the inside pages with scene stills from your branch set, an attractive poster ad card and catch copy lines from the display ads. Set up the diary so with the copy as follows: that your patrons who are entering or leaving the theatre can only see the diary's cover and must come nearer to look inside. Use the fol“I think Jess Drummond was right (or wrong ) lowing suggested copy for the front and back covers of the diary. to love Scott Landis because ... (To be filled in) DIARY OF JESS DRUMMOND *““My Reputation” was Protected Between The Pages Of This Book Until . . . Leave additional space for personal comments on the picture and use a number of the better quotes for your ad campaign and for interesting lobby blow-up display. . 9—COLUMN _ LS STARS AND STORY ? Warner Bros, eloquent new screen drama, “My Reputation,” currently playing at the ._... __Theatre, is a hard-hitting, highly dramatic account of a widowed mother’s struggle to achieve happiness for herself and her two children in the face of conventions established bya straightlaced, middle-class society. Starring Barbara Stanwyck-and. featuring, in other important roles, a host of capable players including George Brent, Warner Anderson, Lucile Watson, John Ridgely and Eve Arden, the picture is-a piercing study of the tribulations which be‘set one Jess Drummond (Barbara Stanwyck), an attractive and lifeloving woman who refuses to concede that her life is over when she is widowed in her early thirties. How Jess, courageous, but lonely, . > = fee ss ms ae cog le des leg Jess (Burbara Stanwyck), widowed Lonely, Jess seeks comfort At Lake Tahoe she meets and It is not long before Jess and her sons, Kim and with two children, revolts against from an old friend, Ginna falls in love with Scott Landis Keith (Scotty Beckett and Bobby Cooper), bepeli se A tl a ed the demands of her austere mother (Eve Arden). She is in(George Brent). Jess puts aside come the center of a vicious scandal. Jess tries Zion picture The film was directed (Lucile Watson) who insists that vited to spend a winter vathe formalities of a rigid up_ to shield the boys when, confused and ashamed, by Curtis Bershavde and produced she wear mourning in the accepted cation with Ginna and bringing and is happy for the they leave home. In time, however, they underby Henry Blanke. fashion of their conventional society. her husband. first time in many months. stand, ORDER; “My Reputation”? Movie-of-the-Week Mat No. 501-B, 75c, from Warner Bros.’ Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York 18, N. Y. 10