My Wild Irish Rose(Warner Bros.) (1947)

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How to say it with MUSIC! PUBLISHED MOTION PICTURE VERSIONS OF THE SHEET MUSIC... . WITMARK PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY ... RECORD ALBUMS... Enough to Get You Into Every Music Shop Window In Town! Plenty plugs on Inside Front Cover—Still No. 674-X3. oe Front Cover — Still No. 674-X5 Hfere’s What RCA Does: |) National ads in Life, Look, Photoplay, Modern Screen, Mademoiselle, Band Leaders, Seventeen! 2) On the air with weekly plugs on RCA (network) Show! 3) Two FREE Exhibitor-Dealer Aids: Standee—full-color Color Blow-Up Counter Card Here’s What You Dos Put the albums into the hands of all disc jockeys pronto. Get a window wherever the albums are being sold. Play the music at your own housebreaks, in the lobby, and hook up with loudspeaker that sounds off out front. Also:—hotels and restaurants playing music during dinner hour could use a few records in return for a plug. These Are The 16 SONGS to Work With: First Six Published by Witmark pa eae et eS ct edd i Sh el Ld "My Wild Irish Rose" "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling’ Re "Come Down Ma Evening Star" 7 “My Nellie's Blue Eyes" y/ "Mother Machree" Y "'Hushabye, Wee Rose Of Killarney" : "One Little, Sweet Little Girl" "A Little Bit Of Heaven" ‘Let The Rest Of The World Go By" “The Sunshine Of Paradise Alley" “On A Sunday Afternoon" "If I'm Dreaming, Let Me Dream Some More" "In The Evening By The Moonlight" "Dear Old Donegal" “Will You Love Me In December?" “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon" STUNT IDEAS DISC JOCKEY PREVIEW Special screening for disc jockeys and their families will pay off. Get the albums to them next day. MUSIC QUERY Inquiring Reporter asks this question: "What is your favorite Irish ballad—and why?" Answers make good reading—in newspaper or displayed in lobby. PLATTER SPINNER’S QUIZ Disc jockey plays different song hit from picture each night for five nights; listeners pick favorites, send in answers for pass prizes. BALLAD SONGFEST Amateur Ballad-Singing Contest features film's song hits (try radio station with this one!); audience picks winner from finalists on stage on opening night. Promote prizes. STREET SINGER Good-looking tenor—wearing plenty of green — strolls through town singing ballads from film. Banner across back announces playdate. LIMERICK CONTEST Sponsor newspaper contest (plugging film's songs) using following limericks, with scenes from your branch stills, Most original last lines and best short statement telling why contestant prefers musical films win promoted prizes. Ist DAY The prettiest maiden in town Meets other men's stares with a frown; For, as everyone knows, She's "My Wild Irish Rose" Said a handsome young man from old Erin, 2nd DAY "At the risk of appearin' too darin’, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" Tis the time they're most beguiling— brad PAY Said the beautiful "Rose Of Killarney", “Although this might seem so much blarney, Please take it from me— Any man will agree t D A man who was promised at birth 4th AY "A Little Bit Of Heaven On Earth", Found out that it meant he Would always have plenty : P : P t D Tom and Mickey, identical twins, oth AY Had a fight and said, "Mother, who. wins?" Answered "Mother Machree", "I'll take both on my knee — ES eee ae Se Country of Origin U.S.A. Copyright 1947 Warner Bros. Pictures Distributing Corporation