My Wild Irish Rose(Warner Bros.) (1947)

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04: THREE NATIONAL © ADVERTISERS TIED IN I. ROGERS “18831° SILVER These FREE special aids went out to Rogers Dealers NEWSPAPER < MAT 2-Col. x 10" (plenty of room for dealer's imprint!) —> COUNTER STANDEE 92" x 12%4"' — full-color — now in dealers’ hands. i 188) | ROGERS sth erplate by ONEIOS Alveraniths DEALER'S Mase Jewelry Trade Circularized Full campaign covers newspapers, magazines, displays and. THE ADA : : : ; Full-page, full-color, for top national magazines: Charm, window suggestions—like this one! Wy Modern Romances, Screen Romances, Modern Screen. (Break with film's release.) Flow to Order= What to Do:= ORDER extra AD PROOFS, COUNTER CARDS, PROMOTION BOOKLETS from: Mr. William L. Morgan, Wm. A. Rogers, Ltd., Oneida Ltd., Oneida, N. Y. Go to Rogers outlet to set window displays and ads. 9" x 12"—2-colors—6 pp. 8142" x 1 1""—2-colors—24 pp. Two Promotion Booklets Available In Quantities. 2. CHESTERFIELD | 3. WESTMORE ret: ane a Sensational new color — "Irish Rose’ — introduced aoe ere te arab: ha CHESTERFIELDS OF COURSEi ipsti i al magazines, reaching milTHERE'S LOTS MORE SMOKING PLEASURE TO THE by Westmore (cosmetics) aa lipstick first, then near Naw Hale | | powder and related make-up. FEGTURED IR WARNER SRO TeCHMIEDION PROBUENON BY WRC IRISH BONES lions across the country. FREE= Window Counter Display BIG POSTER= FREE — 30" x 40", in 4-colors — for posting in railroad stations or around town. Solid week of network radio plugs—on Chesterfield Supper Club over NBC—in December! (Perfect spot for your station break!) 20" x 33" full-color—(you'll see thousands in drug and cosmetic stores and five-and-tens!]—with two side panels (I 1" x 14") of scene stills! od ICESTEN anne What to do:= Set windows with Westmore dealers early. Follow L u up with fashion promotion for co-ordinated "'Irish OCattY:=— -Set station break with NBC outlet. Posters and extra ad proofs available from Campaign Plan Editor for window Rose'' campaign (see pages 4 and 5.) For further information, write to: displays. A ave Daw! MR. JOE BLOOM is ways House of Westmore Banner Chesterfield distribua tors’ trucks and don't forget date-strips. 76 Ninth Ave. New York II, N. Y. Order Exploitation Stills and Mats from Warner Bros’. Campaign Ed.: 321 W. 44th St.. N. Y. C.