My Wild Irish Rose(Warner Bros.) (1947)

Record Details:

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irs A GREAT DAY ror THE MERCHANTS! GREAT CO-OP AD PAGE VV Show this sketch to your newspapers’ and department stores’ advertising managers. VV eg o7/ GheAT FOR WINDOW VY TIE-UPS! VY + Suggested by Warner Bros. "MY WILD IRISH ROSE” Starring DENNIS MORGAN Epi ea 3 MRO IS SERA if * Sis” = et. ee! Pi age ui, ushabye, Wee Tlushaby He ilarn ey' Pleasant dreams are yoursin (NIGHTGOWNS, ETC.) een A T-381—Ronson T-398—Deltah Pearls J yw ttle Bit Of Heaven is what he'll think when he sees you In (EVENING GOWN) T-344—Ronson T-350—Gruen Watches Mal ree. Herself could not makea finer (HANDKNIT SWEATER) / ante Ste © T-366—Chesterfield D. M. 254—Marxsman Pipe wh ET ith ee gcae® tea a ee T-580—Resistol Hats T-3 |—Coffee FASHION SHOW? GREAT! Song Hits Inspire New Desigus Specialty or Department store sponsors showing of fashions suggested by song hits; . oe " for example: ‘When Irish Eyes Are Smiling''—emerald green outfit; "Mother Machree" A. D.-137—Danci Twins Hosi A. D. Pub. A-56—Volupt ere Oe rer a —matronly gown; "Come Down Ma Evening Star''—evening dress; ''My Nellie's Blue “Window Display Stills No. 674" availEyes''\—matching or complementary costume; "Hushabye, Wee Rose of Killarney''— able (as Set of 10, or individually by number) from Campaign Plan Editor. RCA-Victor record Album (see page 2) furnishes musical accompaniment. nightgown, negligee ensemble; "My Wild Irish Rose''—show's big fashion promotion.