My Wild Irish Rose(Warner Bros.) (1947)

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& 2 VV THEN AND N Start off local hunt for most beautiful Wild Irish Rose with publicity story about eight outstanding beauties, billed in film as the Wild Irish Roses (see p. 13 of this pressbook, story headlined: WARNERS CONDUCT SEARCH FOR EIGHT WILD IRISH ROSES.) Requirements: red hair, blue eyes—and Irish! Radio, newspaper announcements; finalists appear on-stage opening night, winner chosen by audience. Promote merchandise prizes with big prizewinner doubling as headliner in Fashion Show (see stunt at bottom of opposite page.) Still No. 674-538 TAG-LINES FOR TIE-UPS FURNITURE STORES—See manager about setting up in his window a "Wild Rose Room"—"A New Color for The Newest in Decors!" OPTICIAN—"How Much Nicer to Look at the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses. Inspired by 'My Wild Irish Rose'—Strand."' STATIONERY STORE—"For Your Sweetheart Letters, You Must Use Whitlock's Rose Paper." COSMETICS—"'For that Rosy Look—For Your Rosy Future!" (Used with any rose line: perfume, nail polish, powder, lipstick) NEWSPAPER FASHION MATS Order from Campaign Plan Editor OW sie Lillian Russell Hair-do the glamorous Lillian Russell in “My Wild Irish Rose”, Warner Bros.’ new Technicolor musical hit, poses, above, in the extravagant hair-do especially created for her in that role by Helen Turpin, leading Holly wood hair stylist. Worthy of special note are the brow clinging “kiss curls” and the luxurious false hanging curls and braided switch. Mat No. 674-102-X 4) Short on space? Crop off one or two as needed. fon Suggests window stunt—women_ distinguish between old and new styles. PERT PENNY EDWARDS, ANDREA KING, who portrays. RADIO Spot announcements and station breaks all on one platter—(one minute—|5-seconds— with time-allowance for live announcements) —a transcribed radio campaign that's been Proved and Approved by radio-wise showmen everywhere! ORDER “MY WILD IRISH ROSE Radio Spot Announcements” from Warner Exchange. EXTRA! Also FREE! Hollywood Star Interview A real sell-piece with two stars from the picture— Dennis Morgan and Andrea King in one (five-minute) interview! ORDER “MY WILD IRISH ROSE Hollywood Interview Record” from Campaign Editor. GAY «ana GAELIC Here's your chance for a Gala Premiere. First off, contact the town's leading Irish society (Hibernians, National Irish Society, Sons of St. Patrick, IrishAmerican Society) to sponsor your opening. { Together you visit newspaper's managing editor to secure cooperation. Leading Irish beauties (contestants in Fashion Show or Beauty Contest—see pages at left) invite Mayor (if Irish) to attend premiere. @ Sound truck -.. or street car with 24's, tours town. 4 Parochial school band leads parade. Include here car for Mayor and officials, Irish society members, Boy Scouts or military outfit. Radio station which has tied in with big "Irish Day", with songs and stories sponsored by various merchants, covers premiere onstage. {In the theatre the finals of the Beauty Contest are run off. Leading Irish-American war hero is introduced. Bear These in Mind Too ihe Is there a big charity drive on in town? Have the Wild Irish Roses help out by calling on citizens, posing in key spots. Columnist might like idea of doing piece on famous Irish entertainers: Pat Rooney, Eddie Foy, George M. Cohan, and of course, Chauncey Olcott. (Campaign Plan Editor will help). New Jersey exhib reports great success when he screens picture (if it warrants) in advance for Church dignitaries, parochial school teachers, and nuns. Don't forget restaurants and newspaper's food editor. Have them feature a "Wild Irish Rose Stew." A-cards on eatery's tables carry playdate copy. Heverything’s Rosy FLORISTS . . . (1) First dozen women at boxoffice receive dozen free roses each; (2) Florists’ Association designates playdate period as "Rose Week''—cooperating florists offer roses at reduced rates; (3) Fresh rose lobby display with prominent teaser line: ''How many roses can you name?" (exhibit consists of various types — tea roses, American Beauties, etc.—there are dozens); (4) Artificial rose giveaway with tag crediting florist, theatre imprint on reverse side; (5) City-wide Flower LOVELY ARLENE DAHL who plays the title role in Warner Bros.’ lavish new Technicolor musical, “My Wild Irish Rose”, here displays the subtle contrast between yesterday’s silhouette and today’s. Inset: the actress’ beautiful opera-going gown, long and decollete, hides the tight-laced corset and hip paddings worn beneath it to insure the hour-glass effect; but (left) her contemporary evening gown of black chiffon reveals the natural lines of her own lovely figure. of the Gay Nineties. Mat No. 674-201-X Mat No. 674-101-X =——p Stories and Scene Mats for Newspapers, Pages 12-13-14. The Ads Follow Here —_=> ——> smal Warner Bros. player currently appearing in that studio’s sparkling musical hit, “My Wild Irish Rose”, keeps her nose powdered prettily with Volupte’s new compact whimsy, a gold metal mitt reminiscent Arrangement Contest (using roses only) with promoted prizes; (6) Inquiring reporter polls man in the street to determine most popular flower (with reason for choice). And, of course, every florist window in town carries good display of branch stills and plugs! =" aRgeRERERT ER oeseewe-~