My Wild Irish Rose(Warner Bros.) (1947)

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with : “AM, Directed by cen one een ae cga aisooo DAVID BUTLER Mat 303—3 cols. x 13% inches (564 lines) This ad also in two-column size. See page 11. Both Ads on One Mat Order Mat 101 “MY WILD (as IRISH ROSEY er al an KING « ALAN HALE GEORGE TOBIAS GEORGE OBRIEN BEN BLUE SARA ALLGOOD Screen Play by Peter Milne » Based upon a Bool y Rita Olcot Directed DAVID) BUTLER ttusicai numbers Orchestrated and Conducted by Ray Heindort | col. x | inch (14 lines) J TRISH ROSE}; -DENNS MORGAN} fs 3 scion Sis at Bee ge a with ARLENE DAHL ANDREA KING ALAN HALE GEORGE TOBIAS GEORGE OBRIEN BEN BLUE sign: DAVID BUTLER Screen Play by Peter Milne * Based up Book by Rita Olcott Musical Numbers Orchestrated and Conducted by Ray Heindorf | col. x 2% inches (32 lines) Trailer Copy... Put On Your Kelly Green— Give Your Bowler An Irish Tilt— Don't Forget Your Lucky Shamrock— Because Here Comes Warner Bros.’ Big Parade of Color, Colleens and Kilarney! "MY WILD IRISH ROSE" Starring DENNIS MORGAN as Chauncey Olcott The Rogue With The Brogue Whose Escapades Made Those Naughty-Nineties Blush! ANDREA KING as The Great Lillian Russell There's A Comedians’ Convention To Have You Wearin' The Grin! It's the Song-Splashed Story Of Entertainment's Most Colorful Personality— From The Rollicking Rhythm of Gay Minstrel Days— To His Spectacular Triumphs With Lillian Russell "MY WILD IRISH ROSE"