My Wild Irish Rose(Warner Bros.) (1947)

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The most musical musical ever, ever! including: “MY WILD IRISH ROSE” “IN THE EVENING BY THE MOONLIGHT.” “WILL YOU LOVE ME IN DECEMBER” A LUTTLE BIT OF HEAVEN “BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON’ 7 “MY EVENING STAR’ “ “MY NELLIE'S BLUE EYES’ “MOTHER MACHREE” g “DEAR OLD DONEGAL” “WEE ROSE OF KILLARNEY” Ig “IF I'M DREAMING, LET ME DREAM“ “LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO BY” with an ear for a tune and an eye fora wild Irish Rose! Agnes ARLENE DAHL ANDREA KING nea ; ALAN HALE GEORGE TOBIAS GEORGE OBRIEN BEN BLUE SARA ALLGOOD bet jane by DAVID BUTLER * Screen Play by eter Milne * Based upon a Book by Rita Olcott * Musical get hear Orchestrated and Conducted by Ray Heindorf #8 * off a -t ot A Mat 102—I col. x 634 inches (88 lines) with a giant musical cast and ARLENE DAHL: ANDREA KING ALAN HALEGEORGE TOBIAS GEORGE OBRIEN BEN BLUESARA ALLGOOD Screen Play by Peter Milne * Based upon a Book by Rita Olcott Musical Numbers Orchestrated and Conducted by Ray Heindorf Directed by DAV D BUTLER Mat 301—3 cols. x 8% inches (369 lines) This ad also in four-column size. See Front Cover WARNER vl ith ov ARLENE DAHL "ANDREA BLUE SARA ALLGOOD y Peter Miln: se k by Rita eee ort Directed by DAVID anne Musiesl Noel rabersOreheste hese Saconat ad year He Mat 202—2 cols. x 1% inches (48 lines) with ARLENE DAHL ANDREA KING ALAN HALE GEORGE TOBIAS GEORGE O'BRIEN BEN BLUE SARA ALLGOOD Directed by DAVI 1) BUTL ER een anti ons Seccrans eanaorieds nah ‘asasa Mat 201—2 cols. x | ¥% inches (42 lines) Latest Warner Bros. Short Subjects... “BORRAH MINEVITCH and HARMONICA SCHOOL"... fast-moving, tuneful and hilarious interpretations of everlasting song hits as played by the masters of the mouth organ. ‘Begin the Beguine’ is in it. 4603 .. 10 mins. . Melody Masters Band— "DAD MINDS THE BABY"... when Dad is left to mind the baby, he is assisted by a manual on baby care, the grocery man, the cleaning man and the laundry man. De signed for laughs. 4803 10 mins. . Adventure Special— "CATCH AS CATS CAN" . a scheming parrot hires a hungry cat to swallow a canary. How the wily canary outwits them both makes for a thoroughly entertaining car toon treat. 3709 . . Technicolor Cartoon — 7 mins. “ACTION IN SPORTS"... a complete Technicolor tour Highlights javelin of Peru's sports. are high jumping, throwing, polo playing and surf-riding. Complete with thrills for all kinds of fans. 4502... color—1I0 mins. Sports Parade in Techni "SOAP BOX DERBY"... thrillpacked story of America's great boyhood classic. Youngsters from all sections of the country share top billing in this exciting two-reeler which lives up to advance claims. 4002 .. 20 mins. . Technicolor Special—