My Wild Irish Rose(Warner Bros.) (1947)

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eVERY WHER, < Jy ar _t You may Loot . GO. v4 6 “«< Y | WARNER Fa Al /. t and a giant musical cast in 3 with ARLENE DAHL ANDREA KING ALAN HALE GEORG OBIAS . GEORGE O'BRIEN BEN BLUE SARA va Screen Play by Peter Milne * Based upon a Book by Rita Oicott ‘on Directed by DAV D) BUTLER Musical Numbers Orchestrated and Conducted by Ray Heindort ARLENE DAHL ANDREA KING ALAN HALE . . : R Mat 302—3 cols. x 9 inches (375 lines) ee tates Directed by DAV [) BUTLER This ad also in four-column size. See page 6. Screen Play by Peter Milne + Based upon a Book by Rita Olcott -Musical Numbers Orchestrated and Conducted by Ray Heindorf Mat 103—I col. x 99% inches (138 lines) ve \ ig } S g H y SF 4 4 Hh ASS S YE XK : £,) 3 1 Kt CS) 7 Kp NON” SEF ‘D> ty) oY f\\>1) AD ART AVAILABLE AS STILLS In addition to these line drawings, which may be reproduced directly from this page, stills of the retouched ad art used in this campaign are available for use in your lobbies, blowups and special ads. Order from Campaign Plan Editor, Warner Bros. Pictures, 321 West 44th St., New York 18, N. Y. 10