Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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A NANCY DREW ADVENTURE EXPLOITATION Photo Contest i : Strange Will Get candid camera fans inFind Typical Youth In the picture one of the moti terested in a contest for photos of the most mysterious and haunted houses in town. Best pictures are exhibited in lobby. I. Winning photo printed in paper Use this episode as a basis to and awarded prize. be the judge. stage a contest to find the most peculiar wills people in your lo Short Story cality have made or have heard vating forces of the plot is a peculiar will which demands two of the people to live in a certain house for twenty years. Bonita Granville and Frankie Thomas have been called the typical American boy and girl. Stage a contest: For parents to write in their requirements of the typical boy and girl. Parents committee should 2. For boys and girls to write in their opinion of what qualities the typical American youth should Conduct contest among | possess. Committee composed of boy and girl scouts about. Have Mewar -Saery youngsters for best original | can judge. series of articles on this. ghost stories. Local paper pub3. Arrange radio broadcast for a discussion on Award guest tickets to the lishes winning story for which aleve ideas: most peculiar and the funniest you supply prizes. wills uncovered. Nancy Drew Club Lobby Display Book Promotion Don't forget to get your Nancy Drew The Nancy Drew books have been best Club working for you. sellers with the youngsters of ‘teen age |. Make a drive for new membership. for thirty years. Grosset and Dunlap Invite girls between the ages of 16 and have prepared special book bands and 18 to an introductory get-together. Supother promotional material tying in the ply them with membership cards release of ''Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Case.'' Contact local book 2. Hold a new election of officers and ere de fact Godecranent. Dani tars discussions of rules shown on page 5. get to illustrate the display with action Send result to local papers on club stascenes from the picture. tionery. Complete the promotion with book 3. Run special Saturday morning or marks and contests. Display several Nancy after school matinees for club members. Drew books in your lobby. S i £ a Attention-getting lobby display is a blowup of : . peakers trom womens clubs, NEWSstill H. S. 14. Mount, silhouette figure and cut out For information regarding local dealers write : where rays of flashlight shine. Replace with trans‘ Pare and police departments address parent material. Flasher lights up lettering or drawa the group on safe-conduct while playing ing painted in reverse on back of cloth. Cartoonin Wr. Donald Reed Grosset & Dunlap zs illustration is a cut out from Ad. ____ and can be in and out-of-doors. blown up for greater attraction-effectiveness. 1107 Broadway New York City Teaser Cards Fan Photo Nancy Drew has disapDEALER TIE-UP STILLS Autographed Fan Photo size peared! Be on the lookout for a 5"x7"' will be prized by all Liadion “Sisifeweni ekich aits Evening Dress. 3 se ee x) es Ss, BOP hGaicy Dreaseae lian bsek police have reason to believe is | Watch. . . . . .. . . . =. . BG 15 | with playdate and distribute. connected with her disappear; SPECIAL LOW PRICES we Fal Fashion ¢ .'4 Soa sie . =. BG@dOs IM to 4M—-$3.00 per M; 5M fo 9M ° —$2.75 per M; 10M to 24M—$2.60 J hades details go to the | Bracelet . . . . ...... =. BG 65 Bae MO EWE bud oWer=a2 SU ihe? I: aie a INBOWINITOR (4) 4 us Sak eas a ER 25 Soda Fountain’... . «.-¥ «2°. + « NPR-14 Vote Choice Any ghosts to track down? Obtain from local book store Order these specially posed Bonita Granville stills from or library a list of the Nancy Reasonable rates—guaranteed Campaign Plan Editor. Complete set of six — 50c. Drew Story series written by Bonita Granville, judged a typical American girl, Carolyn Keene. Display these books or list around ballot box, > : in your lobby, so boys and girls Nancy Drew And The oe eee may vote for their choice of the Hidden Staircase" Complete set of five make-up stills — 40c next series they would like to see Distribute these around town. Nancy appear in. Page Six results... See me in action at the Strand. signed shows you how she makes up in a series of stills avail