Nancy Drew Detective(Warner Bros.) (1938)

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ADVERTISING She Could Save Stamps ...Or Play With Dolls BUT HER HOBBY IS ..CATCHING CROOKS! 1] ’ tective! Sh ff \ \~ EVN S3 A aD sie \ \ \ s y < i A Sg fT 4, f : riginal Screen Play by Kennet Mh) ns % Genel + Basce js eee gies er a AY ADVENTURE pon eet RE Directed by Wm. CLEMENS A WARNER BROS. Picture. with BONITA GRANVILLE Mat 206—5 inches x 2 cols. (138 lines)—30c Ute ee le OMAS A. d Directe y WILLIAM CLEMENS NANCY z Original Screen Play by Kenneth Gamet « Based DREW 7, he ‘‘Nancy Drew” Stories by Carolyn Keene ADVENTURE § ont ‘N: "Ss y C ly. Mat 107 6 inches (85 lines)—15c SS =>>= SS ; A \ @®; with ci ENS A BO N | TA G RA NVI LLE Original Screen Play by Kenneth Gamet NANCY z Based on the ‘‘Nancy Drew” Stories by R DREW ~ ADVENTURE JOHN LITEL + JAMES STEPHENSON Carolyn Keene FRANKIE THOMAS Mat 106 3 inches (42 lines)—15c Mat 209—4!/, inches x 2 cols. (116 lines) —30c