Nancy Drew Detective(Warner Bros.) (1938)

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ee 1 is One side, flatfeet...let a real ase sleuth SX) oct wi oye pes Phi \ 9 Vance Sate Pat show a3 aaa \ N \ you : wl y ¢ : ATM Said A \ DREN f | wi Wy | | how it’s yl q ay Directed by WILLIAM CLEMENS Original Screen Play by Kenneth Gamet + Based on the *“Nancy Drew” Stories by Carolyn Keene > A WARNER BROS. PICTURE Mat 207—2l/ inches x 2 cols (72 lines)]~30c Her homework may not with BONITA GRANVILLE JOHN LITEL + JAMES STEPHENSON « Frankie Thomas Directed by WILLIAM CLEMENS e Original Screen Play by Kenneth Gamete Based on the ‘‘Nancy Drew’ Stories by Carolyn Keene * A WARNER BROS. Picture Mat 108 2!/2 inches (36 lines)—15c Fi CUA Y ‘DREW Play by Kenneth Gamet « Based on the ‘Nancy Drew” Stories by Carolyn KeeneeA WARNER BROS. Picture Mat 105 134 inches (26 lines)—15c SMASHING A CRIME RING IS CHILD’S PLAY ---For This 16-Year-Old ees he at Ag cu, Directed by WILLIAM CLEMENS Original Screen Play by Kenneth Gamet + Based Sy g PB on the “Nancy Drew”’ Stories by Carolyn Keene » A WARNER BROS, PICT URE Mat 208—2I/ inches x 2 cols. (68 lines)—30c OFFICIAL BILLING WARNER BROS. 40% Pictures, Inc. Presents 5%, "NANCY DREW — DETECTIVE" ; with Sie BONITA GRANVILLE 40% John Litel — James Stephenson 20%, Frankie Thomas 10% tJ Directed by William Clemens 15% e@ Original Screen Play by-Kenneth Gamet 3/5 Based on the "Nancy Drew" Stories by Carolyn Keene 2%, e@ A Warner Bros, Picture 5% VITAPHONE SHORTS “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE," starring John Litel, unanimously applauded by trade press, is this latest in the great 2-reel Historical Technicolor Series. None better, Mark down a MUST"—Showmen's Trade Review. TECHNICOLOR CARTOON — "The Night Watchman" uproarious comedy when little watchman is embroiled in series of humorous incidents. 4505—Merrie Melodies—7 mins. “PORKY THE GOB"—Cartoon—hitches up his sailor pants and, in a hilarious fight, succeeds in capturing a pirate craft. 4804—Looney Tunes—7 mins. JIMMY DORSEY AND ORCHESTRA -— serve out with the brand of swing identifying them from coast to coast, 4703— Melody Masters—10 mins. POPULAR EDUCATION ~— in Natural Color for everyone interested in the weather. Also a simple explanation of television. “Mechanix Illustrated" 4603—The Color Parade—9 mins. FLOYD GIBBONS' thrilling report of circumstantial evidence which almost convicts a youth for a crime he did not commit. “Toils Of The Law’ 4302—"Your True Adventures'"—I2 mins. ADVERTISING