Nancy Drew Detective(Warner Bros.) (1938)

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Jntroducing.... THE NANCY DREW CLUB This is the first of a series of the famous Carolyn Keene stories starring Bonita Granville. Many possibilities of the "'club'' have already been demonstrated by the charter chapter Nancy Drew Club organized among junior and senior class students at Hollywood High School. With a nucleus of fifty members the association plans to help organize branches in large cities throughout the country — a worthwhile plug for your showing. No. 666 This is to certify that ” What GL Js e ¢ » The Nancy Drew Club is a no-dues, no-meeting organization formed to express the views of America's young is a member of the NANCY DREW CLUB She is entitled to snoop around whenever and wherever she pleases and promises to follow the exploits of Nancy Drew at the [ THEATRE IMPRINT ] FSngusiQQo> PRESIDENT women of high school age. Club was inspired by Nancy Drew picture series. Bonita Granville is president of the national organization. e Your Aura Step eee Invite a representa tive group of girls between the ages of 16 and 18 to an introductory get ° t . How? | ogether. How? Through early advance announcements on your screen, MEMBERSHIP CARDsame size os chown is avall ublicit stories in local a r roaram ad n nn ment able in mat form. Can be used for all Nancy Drew p Y paper, prog S, a 8 d SES Ee GIs pictures. Order mat No. 201-B from Campaign Plan distributed around schools. See page 8 for special publicity material. Editor 306, Second. Step eee Supply members with badges and membership cards which you print locally from mats. Also auto graphed fan fotos of Bonita Granville. See illustrations on this page. Third Step e e © Hold election of officers and begin discussion on rules which might include these: No smoking, drinking or petting; Girls should pay their own way on dates when out with boys their own age; Girls should consider plans for a career. (See page 8). Results of election (which should name Bonita Granville as honorary DETECTIVE BADGE same sie as shown can he president) and discussion is sent to all local papers on club stationery. Be ee ee ee eee ey string. Order mat No. 202-B from Campaign Plan Fowrth Step e «© © Conduct search for town's typi Editor — 30c. cal American girl, using Bonita Granville as the standard. Awards are promoted from local merchants. ipth Stop e ee Conduct special Saturday morning or after school matinees for club members. Speakers from women's clubs, police and safety departments address the group. Hold a Nancy Drew Week, similar to Boys' Week, with girls temporarily taking over the reins of municipal government. AUTOGRAPHED FAN FOTO size 5" x 7" will be e treasured by all club members and Granville fans. Imprint the back with theatre and playdates and disee e Start a club magazine featuring tribute at matinees, schools, and as prize in contests. Nancy Drew news, Bonita Granville stories, gossip concerning club memSPECIAL LOW PRICES 1M to 4M—$3.00 per M; 5M to 9M—$2.75 per M; 10M to bers, contests, winners’ names, plugs for new Nancy Drew pics, etc. 24M—$2.60 per M; 25M and over—$2.50 per M. [6]