Nancy Drew Detective(Warner Bros.) (1938)

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FIND THE “TYPICAL AMERICAN GIRL’ Nancy Drew as portrayed by Bonita Granville is a sixteen-year-old Miss America. The studios conducted an intensive survey to find the correct pattern. They sent questionnaires to such celebs as Emily Post, Kathleen Norris, Elizabeth Brown, Angelo Patri and others. The questions and majority answers are given in a publicity story on page 8 col. 2. Take a tip from this already-started nationwide promo tion; follow through with:— 1. Send similar questionnaire to local women's club leaders, At the same time poll all sixteen-year-olds attending theatre in advance of your showing of "Nancy Drew—Detective." 2. Girl whose answers are closest to the majority answers is chosen as the town's typical sixteen-year-old; awarded special prizes and honored at opening show. ADD A LITTLE COLOR Coloring contests are always popular with the youngsters. Reprint a large ad and distribute, or run a line with the ad in your paper similar to this: "Boys and girls! Clip this ad and color it with crayon or water paint. Send it to the manager of the Strand Theatre. You may receive one of the prizes now on display in theatre lobby." SHORT STORY CONTEST Conduct contest among youngsters for best original detective stories. Contest can be worked in cooperation with English classes in local schools. Students hand in stories as composition; teachers submit the best ones to committee which chooses winners. Local paper might publish winning stories. USE FINGERPRINT TEST Conduct an identification finger printing test in your lobby in cooperation with local detective bureau. Procedure is officially welcomed in most cities as an aid to finding lost children and in case of accidents. Worked out in an official or semi-official way, it always attracts attention. BOOK PROMOTION FEATURES SCENES FROM THE PICTURE Nancy Drew series of 16 books have been best sellers for the past thirty years. Tying in their promotion with the release of ‘Nancy Drew—Detective,’ Grosset and Dunlap, have prepared special book bands and window display cards featuring scene 3. Answers to questionnaire are placed on display in lobby. LOBBY TEASER DISPLAY Coming Soon NANCY DREW DETECTIVE starring BONITA GRANVILLE Clever trade mark which is used to identify Nancy Drew advertising can be converted to teaser as shown and used to herald alll Nancy Drew pictures in series. Disc (B) attached to bar by loose swivel revolves causing (A) to move up and down alternately giving effect of head peeking over side of triangle. Bar (C) keeps head in position. DEALER TIE-UP STILLS BONITA GRANVILLE: IEE oie esses cates nd pearients oe avian BG 15 SWOGIBE scccda uieotencceavinctielimorutionaiodaarnteties BG 37 Bolero angora jacket... BG 61 Bracelet .o.....sccc.ccseesissssnecrsasevessanoeagea tbe sanoebnssneess BG 65 TOPS, POCO sss test d apissa ys arte dawtonsonsavbbaines BG 67 JOHN LITEL: gic lt: S| ee ent ene ene ee eee eae JL 44 SORE BIUE seca sniscecnice dessiriorepnsdelbioraoura besaptiena laneweeibers JL 45 Mexican sandals 0. eet JL 46 Order these specially prepared stills from Campaign Plan Editor. Complete set of 8—65c; individually 10c. stills and selling copy from the picture. Check your local book stores for fullest cooperation — displays, contests, bookmarks. For information regarding local dealers write to: Mr. Donald Reed, GROSSET & DUNLAP New York City 1140 Broadway [7] 214 West 39th St. TREAT THE ORPHANS Bring some cheer to unfortunates and good will to your theatre by running a special show for orphans. Kiwanis, Elks, Masonic or Rotary Clubs should be enlisted to handle transportation. Banners on cars carry title, theatre and playdates. SLANG GLOSSARY TEST Here's contest for school page of local paper. Idea is to invite readers to participate in the compiling of a glossary of the latest slang as used by high school and college students of today, with prizes for the most complete contributions. DISPLAYS FOR LOBBY Compare Nancy Drew — Detective to such super sleuths as Sherlock Holmes, Philo Vance, and Perry Mason. Might borrow books about these characters and place on display in lobby next to a blowup of Bonita Granville the screen's newest detective. Copy: "One side flatfoot — let a real sleuth show you how it's done!'' Add title and billing. ® Erect giant replica of magnifying glass which has a transparent mirror in center. When lights go on inside display, onlookers see scene stills from picture and blow-up of Bonita Granville's head. BONITA GRANVILLE SUIT FOR LOCAL PROMOTION Display material, crediting the picture and Bonita Granville, have been supplied 1500 dealers throughout the country. Get the most out of this extra window display promotion. See your local outlet for Whitley Tailleurs merchandise now and make the necessary arrangements. For list of dealers in your locality contact: Mr. Arthur Leeds, WHITLEY TAILLEURS New York City