Nancy Drew Reporter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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Series READY FOR YOUR EXPLOITATION She’s sweet sixteen and the sweetest idea yet presented in a family-patronage feature series! Yours from WARNERS — straight from the famous Carolyn Keene books with a mass appeal de luxe, plus a matinee magnetism no other series has approached ! First Notices Give The Tip-Off To A Great Series “If this one is a tipoff to what is to follow in a series based on the same characters, Warners have a winning boxoffice combination. The picture rightfully de serves a boxoffice welcome.”’ — Hollywood Reporter **A high rating piece of entertainment, especially for the kids. It has plenty of action, should do well for adults as well as kids.”»—Jay Emanuel Publications 2 “Bookstores and libraries offer the first logical sources of exploitation on this picture, since the Nancy Drew series has been in big demand for several years and such plugging will reach a ready-made audience.’’—Showmen’s Trade Review **Here is a grand idea that is a variation on the ‘family’ series, confining itself principally to the career and adventures of a typical American girl and boy, and it ought to go big.”’—Film Daily & “The ‘Nancy Drew’ series of Warner Bros. films starring Bonita Granville, will have the added advantages of increased production budgets as a result of the reception accorded ‘Nancy Drew, Detective,’ first of the series, in its early engagements throughout the country.”’—Showmen’s Trade Review y OUTHBUILDERS Board of Directors 220 FIFTH AVENUE. NEW YORK CITY Board of Directors TELEPHONE LEXINGTON 2-6671 DR. BLANCHE C. WEILL OFFICERS Ooms SeCIATER SABRA HOLBROOK, axecur! JOHN ERICKSON. ELIZABETH SEIPERHELD. ci CHANNING POLLOCK auTHon, |. PLAYWRIGHT, AMD LECTURER CROSBY GAIGE DEW YORK THEATRICAL PRODUCT DR. ISABEL KNOWLTON ATTENDING SURGEON JUDGE JOHN R. DAVIES TORE INFIRMARY FOR WOMEN AND CHILORER FORMER PRESIDERT OF THE RATIONAL, PAUXLOW AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS WOTION PICTURE BOARD OF REVIEW Kovember 14, 1938 WARNER BROTHERS Motion Picture Producers 321 West 44 Street New York City Gentlemen: I so much enjoyed the recent showing of NANCY DREW DETECTIVE, and want to take this opportunity to put Youthbuilders' reaction to it on record. It is gratifying to find one Motion Picture Producer working with definite consideration of a jJuvenile audience. ‘Warner Brothers, in this case, have prepared a picture which provides delightful entertainment for youngsters in a thoroughly wholesome forn. In a day when lurid and sensational forms of entertainment claim an undeniably large part of our children's attention, parents whould be especially grateful for films, such as NANCY DREW DETECTIVE, which offer the excitement and action all children crave without any adverse or unhealthy social implications. I understand there is to be an entire series of NANCY DREW pictures, and I shall be interested in following them. In the meanwhile we are happy to recommend the present picture to all our members, through the medium of our monthly publication OUT HRU RS LOG, fg *= ny ee; 4 te e tf "9 eps 5 ie (hat Ae ee ee Be ig Be. “ ans cra # 3 ia mys SS an aa Solty) iota ces arg eR a EGS ASS AS HS a i DIENT DE SORNOE Oa ACE PRIMER TTT PLES PTE YOUTHBUILDERS is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization, founded to help parents, teachers, and leaders in youth work fulfill their responsibility in bringing up a generation of fairminded and courageous citizens... The program of YOUTHBUILDERS includes direct contact work with youth groups, and membership services to adults responsible for the training of youth. For name of local contact communicate with: Miss Sabra Holbrook, Executive Director, Youthbuilders, Inc., 220 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Country of Origin U.S.A. Copyright 1939 Vitagraph, Inc. License to reproduce with copyright notice granted newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.