Nancy Drew Reporter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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Organization : 1. Invite representative group of girls between the ages of 16 and 18 to an introductory get-together. Supply members with membership cards which you print locally—follow the design on right. Election : 2. Hold election of officers and discussion on rules, (See page 8). Result of election and discussion is sent to all local papers on club stationary. Honorary Reporters : 3. Get city editor of local paper to name club members auxiliary reporters for the week prior to the picture's showing. Daily awards are offered for the best news tips or leads. Theatre provides guest passes to the show as prizes; newspaper awards contributors by printing best yarns under the writer's by-line, adding Nancy Drew club credit. Contest : 4. Conduct a search for town's typical American girl, using Bonita Granville as the standard. Awards are promoted from local merchants. Special Matinees : 5. Run special Saturday morning or after school matinees for club members. Speakers from women's clubs, newspapers and police department talk. Club Paper: 6. Start club magazine featuring Nancy Drew news, Bonita Granville stories, gossip concerning club members, contests etc. THE NANCY DREW CLUB Inspired by the Nancy Drew picture series the club is a no-dues, nomeeting organization formed to express the views of America's young women of high school age. Bonita Granville is honorary president of the national organization. The many chapters already launched have proven the effectiveness of this method to arouse maximum interest in your showing. Here are the highlights of the plan: THE BEARER OF THIS CARD IS ASSISTING NANCY DREW Pun IN HUNTING CLUES BEHIND THE NEWS PRESS CARD as shown can be made up locally with ad or theatre announcement on other side. Will be in great demand by all amateur reporters. (See idea below on how to use.) This is to certify that is a member of the NANCY DREW CLUB She is entitled to snoop around whenever and wherever she pleases and promises to follow the exploits of Nancy Drew at the [ THEATRE IMPRINT ] PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP CARD is given to all club members and can be used in campaigns on all pictures in the Nancy Drew series. Youngsters Earn Press Cards Press card (as shown on this page) could be issued to all members of local Nancy Drew Club or handled in this manner. Youngsters desiring card are given a petition-like paper containing space for ten signatures. Copy at top: “Lam working for a Nancy Drew Press Card and to win it | must have your signature as proof | have told you Bonita Granville's latest picture, ‘Nancy Drew—Reporter' is coming to the Strand Theatre on Friday." Kids make a house to house canvass of their neighborhood. Get enough youngsters interested and your announcement should reach every home in town. C6] Book Store Tie-Up Best sellers for the past thirty years Nancy Drew series of books offer dealer window and counter displays. Grosset and Dunlap, publishers are issuing special motion picture editions of the original books. Check your local book shops and libraries for fullest cooperation. Exhibit might include three or four recently published books dealing with famous newspaperwomen such as "Ladies of the Press", etc.