Nancy Drew Reporter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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Arrange Personal Interview Arrange with local newspaper to give assignments to star reporters of high school journalism classes. Major assignment might be an interview with you concerning Bonita Granville and her experiences as Nancy Drew—Reporter. It may be possible to get a special page devoted to stories and features written by local Nancy Drew reporters recruited from high school papers. Stories include reviews of the film and production highlights. Teletype Display Use a teletypewriter surrounded by cutout figures of Bonita Granville for animated lobby display. Business office of the local telephone company can be contacted to supply the machine in return for credit card placed near display. Tell News Classes Journalism classes in high school might be invited to discuss and criticize the methods of Nancy Drew as a reporter. School paper should be willing to run publicity mats and stories in return for small ad. Co-op Ad Idea Bonita Granville as ‘‘“Naney Drew — Reporter” Now showing at the Strand Theatre Nancy Wants a Scoop a Day— AndTwo Scoopson Her Sundae! Paging Amateur Journalists As a circulation booster the N. Y. Journal conducted an Amateur Reporter's Page devoted to human interest stories, gossip columns, editorials, cartoons etc. written by readers under 16 years of age. Daily prizes for best features consist of cash awards or merchandise promoted from local dealers. This is your cue to sound out the promotion manager of local daily on possibilities of Amateur Page tying in with Nancy Drew—Reporter. Poll News Hawks In cooperation with local daily conduct poll among high school scribes for most popular gal reporter. Winner is made honorary motion picture editor for a day. With slight alterations, publicity stories in this press book can be printed under her by-line. Proof Reading Test Need a contest for local high school journal? Try this. Readers are asked to find errors in spelling and grammar in a publicity story or ad. Ducats to most proficient. .. . you'll know the reason why when you taste GOLDY’S de licious home made ice cream. Use Teaser Ad Spot this classified ad where it will do the most good: "WANTED — ONE CAULIFLOWER EAR by young girl reporter who needs it to solve a baffling murder. Apply ‘Nancy Drew — Reporter’ Strand Theatre." Typical U. S. Girl Nancy Drew as portrayed by Bonita Granville is a sixteen-year-old Miss America. An intensive survey was conducted by the studio to find the correct pattern. Questions and majority answers are given in a publicity story on page 8. Take a tip and send similar ENJOY A SCOOP AFTER THE SHOW! GOLDY’S Hop over to your favorite ice cream parlor, corner drug store or soda emporium and see if you can plant this co-op ad. Picture of Bonita Granville is available in mat form —No. 102—15c or still No. NL-14— 10c from Campaign Plan Editor. TIE-UP STILLS BONITA GRANVILLE: Display for Lobby Compare "Nancy Drew—Reporter" to such famous newspaper women as Dorothy Thompson, Anne O'Hare McCormick, Irene Kuhn, Dorothy Kilgallen etc. Might borrow pictures of these femme scribblers from local news morgue and place on display in lobby next to a blowup of Bonita Granville, "the screen's front-page ace." Gag Calling Card A teaser calling card can be distributed in offices and door-to-door around town to arouse interest in the picture. On one side of the card is printed: "Nancy Drew, Re questionnaire to local women's club leaders Typewriter ............ iecieainen NR 25 porter." On reverse side of card appears and all sixteen-year-olds attending theatre Nea Fe EO eee eee eT eee ad . this handwritten copy: "I was in to see you in advance of showing. Compilation of WeALER © scsitinccasenks aoccudenanenediadis about an important story. Meet me at the BERG ONES oii scp cerssvaccnceaqncninatinion BG 65 answers could be placed on display in lobby. Strand Theatre...N.D." Query Passersby Mike in lobby or in crowded street corner is hooked to public address system loudspeaker, with skilled and young-looking girl interviewer doing the ''man on the street" stunt for the passersby. Questions might concern problems of 16 year old girl of today as typified by Bonita Granville. JOHN LITEL: UT TS osssecexnncigeecssecacsemetigsenss JL 44 BOUt CUCU boii pirecctaskevescisudereals JL 45 FRANK THOMAS, JR.: Tennis Racquet ........................ NR 38 Boxing Gloves ..........0...0 00.00... NR 46 Order these specially prepared stills from Campaign Plan Editor. Complete set of 8 — 65c; individually 10c. Display Letter See inside front cover of this pressbook for reproduction of letter from the executive director of YOUTHBUILDERS INC. well known organization devoted to guiding parents, teachers, and leaders in youth work. We suggest you blowup this letter and display in lobby week in advance of showing. Stage Treasure Hunt Based on sequence in film where Bonita Granville conducts search for small can containing deadly poison, stage a local hunt for tin cans bearing identifying symbols. Cans are planted in various parts of the city. Description and hints as to location which would enable an amateur detective to find them is published in cooperating paper. Each can returned to theatre is good for a ticket or prize such as children's fingerprinting set, magnifying glass etc. Nancy Drew On Phone Plugs Film Here's a new version of your favorite telephone gag. Arrange with your local newspaper to have girls call up a selected list and say "lam Nancy Drew—Reporter at the Strand Theatre. The TimesUnion asked me to call and see if you had any society or other news for them." Items picked up this way might be checked and run on the society page or in a special column headed "Nancy Drew—Reporter, Reports’ along with art from picture.