Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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ADVERTISING Nancy Says, “When You're in Trouble. . . Look who’s horning in on America’s cutest criminologist...and just when she was about to hit the bull’s-eye on her most thrill-packed adventure! o28 —_-S NANCY DREW Trouble Shale LY Vitograph, Inc. Mat 301 — 7 inches x 3 cols. (274 lines) — 45c SHE’S GOT CUPID Qy~ AND A KILLER ON HER MIND... — ON HER TRAIL! 1 BONITA GRANVILLE . FRANKIE THOMAS JOHN LITEL « Directed by William Clemens Original Screen wD Play by Kenneth Gamet Based on the Nancy Drew Stories by Carolyn Keene » A WARNER BROS. Picture Vitograph, Inc. Mat 203 — 2!/ inches x 2 cols. (70 lines) — 30c [3] shale YO” ys. BONITA GRANVILLE se / FRANKIE THOMAS . JOHN LITEL . fo Directed by William Clemens as : ¥ A WARNER BROS. Picture i. Vitagraph, Inc. Mat 204 — 2% inches x 2 cols. ( 64 lines} — 30c