Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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4 DREW ADVENTURE Typical Youth Bonita Granville and Frankie Thomas have been called the ‘'typical American girl and boy." Run a letter contest in which the people state what they think are the requirements of the ‘'typical American girl" or "typical American boy." Follow this up with the selection by the board of judges (teachers, scout leaders, coaches, etc.) of the local boy and girl who best meet the standards set in the winning letter. Use Gag Calling Cards Distribute these teaser calling cards around town. The copy should read as illustrated below: NANCY DREW TROUBLE SHOOTER MURDERS SOLVED NO CHARGE AT ALL Book Display The Nancy Drew series of sixteen books by Carolyn Keene have been best sellers with the youngsters for thirty years. Tie up with local book store for a special display of the Nancy Drew stories either in your lobby or in the store window. Illustrate the display with action stills from the picture. Sleuth Tales Sponsor a contest among youngsters of Bonita Granville's and Frankie Thomas’ age for the best original story dealing with the solution of a murder. Winning stories are either posted in the lobby or read by the authors from the stage. NOW AVAILABLE AT (THEATRE NAME) | 1 DO IT FOR FUN (TELEPHONE NUMBER) EXPLOITATION IDEAS TO Special Notice In a special trailer announcement at the close of this picture Bonita Granville and Frankie Thomas step out of character to ask the audience to submit its suggestions for further adventure stories based on any of the Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene and also give several preview scenes from the next Nancy Drew picture in the series. You gain two-fold from this. 1. Either under the sponsorship of the local Nancy Drew Club or your own, your patrons vote to choose the name of the next Nancy Drew book which they would like to see dramatized. The results of the vote are then forwarded to Nancy Drew in care of the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif. Or, instead of a vote, ask the people to write letters to you which you will send to Hollywood. . The trailer will arouse popular interest in the forthcoming series picture, ““Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase,” which again features Bonita Granville, Frankie Thomas and John Litel. Through the picture Frankie Thomas wears a sweatshirt covered with names and smart sayings. Conduct a contest to find the sweatshirt adorned with the most number of names, the most original drawings, etc. Judging is done ata special matinee showing of the picture. Prize-winning sweatshirt makes a lobby display. For Warm Weather Nancy Drew was all set to spend a quiet vacation on a farm when she became involved in solving a murder. Station an inquiring reporter in your lobby to quiz passersby about any unexpected adventures they had while on vacation. Or, as an alternate, they are questioned about their most thrilling experience in life. Sponsor a fishing contest for the youngsters on vacation. Award tickets for your showing of ‘‘Nancy Drew, Trouble Shooter” for the largest fish caught, the biggest fish story, etc. Use these summer tieup stills of the principals of the picture: BONITA GRANVILLE: ORI a, ee BG 103 Horsenack: Riding. ...64..40 nc ee BG Pub W TOON A Cae Ga eee BG 67 WRU sis a toe cedar a Sea, BG 37 Roller Skating 655 ee BG Pub A138 JOHN LITEL: Piste Cie Ae aa eee JL 44 ON MIR et ea ge te jL 45 Spaeth Wacker 2. Fe ee ees JL 64 FRANK THOMAS, JR.: TORII ico sccieraiiolegimad oes 5.2730 5k hwalieeabor eas NR 38 BOMMIE hoi ee oe eon NR 51 Squash. 0)... ype FT 19 Flowers and nurseries play a part in the plot of the picture. Ask amateur gardeners to enter their homegrown flowers or plants for judging in the lobby. [6] SELL THE TH Scouts Tie in with the local boy scout troop, girl scout troop and other similar organizations to designate a special ‘Trouble Shooter-Good Deed Week" during which time the children act as ''trouble shooters, helping people out of trouble and doing good deeds in general. Awards of merit can be given for each good deed with the organization leaders reporting to you the most outstanding deed for some sort of rewards, probably tickets. Fancy Sweatshirts Plane Stunts Important airplane sequence in picture suggests two stunts with appeal for youngsters: Airplane model building and flying is rated a major hobby among boys and girls. Round up such local groups to participate in contest for the best actual model or drawing of an airplane. Entries are exhibited in lobby during showing. Get a mention for your showing by contacting junior birdmen organizations in town to see Frankie Thomas in picture, with only a book knowledge of flying, land an airplane safely in which he and Nancy Drew were stranded when the pilot bailed out in a plot to cause the deaths of the two adventurers.