Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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IRD IN THE NANCY DREW ADVENTURE SERIES “Youth Day’ Arrange a "Youth Day’ at the theatre where chil Local Groups Lobby Clue Display Girls’ and young women's associations are continu ally forming new groups Captioned clues are drens' problems are an4 NANCY DREW, mounted and set oppoE es, su TROUBLE SHOOTER. hile appioprinte stil swered from the stage by can “4 ig i Area pai Bonita GRANVILLE from picture. First clue a board of people who activity. Holding Bonita | is any kind of seed, lahave a close acquaint Granville as the typical American girl, contact one of these local associations to name any newly formed group the Nancy Drew Tennis Group, the Nancy Drew Hiking Group, the Nancy Drew Reading Group, etc. Cooperate with the group in offering it whatever material on Bonita Granville it might need. belled ‘arbensis,’ while still shows Nancy Drew dicovering ‘arbensis’ plant grown from seed dropped by killer. Second panel contains bullet Frankie Thomas found in rafter at scene of crime and gun murderer used. Still is one of Thomas locating gun in barn. Last display uncovers picture plug. anceship with boys and girls — teachers, parents, etc. The problems, submitted in advance in writing by either the children or their parents seeking advice, are dropped into a box set in a conspicuous spotin your lobby. At the designated time the questions are answered with no names mentioned. w SHE UNCOV ERED THIS CLUE ntsi | ME UNCOVERED THESE CLUES a now UNCOVER THEMURDERER. * baler AT TRE TROUU HS | STRAND THEATRE Starting FRIDAY Identify the Seed Tie up with your local florist to arrange a lobby or store display of 25 or 30 different kinds of named seeds, including an ''arbensis'’ seed. Caption the display: ''One of these seeds was dropped by a murderer; grew into a flower and betrayed the grave of the murder victim. Which seed was it?" Award tickets to your showing of the picture to the persons who correctly identify the "‘arbensis'' seed. Contest ends day before opening. Street Bally A young girl who resembles Bonita Granville as closely as possible walks through the streets, dressed in overalls, carrying a tool kit. The inside of the kit is stuffed with paper. Lying on top of the paper are some tools which can be seen through the top of the bag. Copy on the kit reads: ''Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter." Sign on the girl's back says: "Just Heard There's Some Trouble at the Strand Theatre and I'm Headin’ to Fix It. Nancy Drew, Trouble Shooter." Shoot Trouble An attendant invites passersby to test their markmanship in the lobby. Set up a scaled target of compo board with the bull's eye marked "Trouble." Using toy spring guns which shoot rubber darts, people scoring four out five hits get honorary designation, "Trouble Shooter." True Experiences Invite local professional "trouble shooters'’ to submit short descriptions of their most exciting, their oddest, etc. experience while working a job. Arrange special night at theatre when they appear to hear the decision of the judges and see the picture. Newspaper prints winners. Coop Ad Campaign A newspaper cooperative advertising campaign with the local merchants can tie in with the title of the picture. The ads urge the people to stock up with various things, ranging from first aid medical supplies for the household to flashlights in case the lights go out. Get Your Nancy Drew Club Workings For You ‘Nancy Drew, Trouble Shooter” enables you to turn again to the already formed Nancy Drew Club or to sponsor the organization of such a club. New ideas, specially adapted to this picture, will put fresh life into the activities of the Club. Here are the details: The club is a no-dues, no-meeting body formed to express the views of America’s young women of high school age. Invite a group of girls between the ages of 16 and 18 to an introductory get-together. A constitution is drawn up and officers (with Bonita Granville as honorary president) are selected. Supply the girls with membership cards. 1. Invite some local ‘trouble shooter” (a police officer, a 3. For the first time Nancy Drew is in love. Ask the girls fire official, a linesman from the telephone company, etc.) to list their requirements for “‘steady”’ boy friends. Award to address a special meeting of the club at your theatre durtickets for the most unusual list. ing the run of the picture. 4. Nancy Drew, the Trouble Shooter, takes a turn at kitchen duty. Conduct a cooking contest among the members of the club of food stuffs (pies, bottled goods, fudge, etc.) which can be brought to the theatre for judging. Entries are used for display in your lobby. 2. Ask club members to write letters in which they outline any of their own “trouble shooting”’ activities. (Nancy Drew defines a trouble shooter as a person who “looks for people in trouble, discovers the cause and then helps them out of their difficulties.’’) LZ]