Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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Bonita Granville Typical American Sixteen Year Old Bonita Granville, who became sixteen years of age while she was playing in the latest of the Warner Bros. series of Nancy Drew pictures, entitled “Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter,” which opens next Friday at the Strand Theatre, is in every way typical of the age. That was disclosed when she answered the questionnaire that her studio sent to authorities on child psychology to determine the characteristics of the average 16-year-old American girl, for in nearly every instance her answer agreed with those of the experts. Some of the results, gleaned from Bonita’s answers, follow: She doesn’t smoke. She sometimes uses lipstick and rouge. She has boy friends. She goes out nights, sometimes without an official chaperon, and on week-end nights she is allowed to stay out until midnight. She is athletic. She likes to dance and prefers swing music. She has her own spending money (not much) and she helps pick out her own clothes. She belongs to several “clubs.” She wants both a career and marriage. Bhe likes love stories. She can cook a simple meal. That, it seems, is an accurate pen-portrait of Miss America— aged sixteen, and of Bonita Granville, youthful film star. Frankie Thomas Wants To Grow Up Frankie Thomas wants to be a man. A most laudable ambition for any wale, it is true, but one loaded down with complications for Wrankie. Frankie is seventeen. He is Bonita Granville’s leading man in Warner Bros.’ famed ‘‘Naney Drew’’ series, the latest ef which, ‘‘Naney Drew—Trouble Shooter,’’?’ opens at the Strand Theatre next Friday. Frankie, in character for these pistures, is in the awkward teen age, blushing easily in the presence of girls, bashful, slow-thinking and would rather go fishing than riding with even a pretty girl like Bonita. He is inept at sports and, all in all, is the typical youngster on the threshold of manhood. In real life all is different. Frankie ig a personable, poised young man of seventeen. He not only goes out with girls but is not above kissing a pretty one — if she indicates a desire to be kissed. At swimming, tennis, horseback riding and other athletics he is highly proficient. He is typical of the very likable, self-reliant young man of his age of today. FRANKIE THOMAS Mat 101—15e This constant boy-man struggle offers quite a problem not only for Frankie but for William Clemens, director of the ‘‘Naney Drew’? series. On the set Clemens continually watches to make sure Frankie doesn’t assume a protective, too mature an interest in Bonita. Off the set Clemens spends all his time with Frankie, keeping him apart from Bonita and drilling into him the fact that he must remain in character. ‘‘Tt’s eramping my off-screen social life,’?’ moans Frankie. PUBLICITY—“NANCY DREW-TROUBLE SHOOTER” aan nee ere eee rr errr SHOOTS AT TROUBLE Bonita Granville, just turned sweet sixteen, makes her third film appearance as that feminine Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, at the Strand Theatre on Friday. "Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter'' is the title of her newest and most exciting adventure in the Warner Bros. film series. Mat 209—30c (Lead ) Love Finds Bonita Granville In ‘Nancy Drew—Trouble Shooter’ Third In Popular Film Series Will Open Friday At The Strand Theatre “Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter,’ third picture in Warner Bros. popular film series based on the exploits of that youthful whirlwind, Naney Drew, opens at the Strand Theatre next Friday with a cast that is again headed by Bonita Granville, Frankie Thomas and John Litel. Again the indomitable Nancy confounds her elders by the shrewdness and courage she displays in solving a murder mystery which has baffled older if not better brains. And her suecess in this instance is more than usually pleasing to her father, because a good friend of his has been arrested and falsely accused of the murder. Another new angle is introduced into this third picture in the series, and that is a suggestion of romance for the motherless Nancy’s father, Carson Drew, who is, of course, played by John Litel. The object of his romantic attentions is a Miss dna Gregory, played by Charlotte Wynters, who thus makes her debut in the series. Whether or not Naney is to acquire a stepmother is a matter left unsettled at the end of the present film, but Nancy, who at first looked upon Miss Gregory with extreme disfavor, has become thoroughly reconciled to having her for a_ stepinother. Naney’s own boy-and-girl romance with Ted Nickerson, again of course played Frankie Thomas, progresses in the new film to the point where she gets her first kiss from Ted. As usual, Ted is an invaluable lieutenant to Naney in her detective work and he saves her life when they get into a tight spot. Her interest in this latest murder is due to the fact that her father has been retained by his good friend, Matt Brandon, to defend him. The body has been found on Brandon’s place when Naney sent her Negro servant, Apollo Johnson, there to dig up a rare plant, called in the story an arbensis —which shouldn’t be looked up in any dictionary, for it is a name invented by the scenarist. Naney deduces that the man who killed and buried the murder vietim dropped the seed which produced the plant. With the aid of Ted, she goes from there to solve the mystery. Their adventures as detectives take them through such hazardous experiences as a fire, a kidnaping and a pilotless airplane ride. Kenneth Gamet wrote the screenplay and the same director, William Clemens, was again at the helm. The screenplay is based on the Nancy Drew stories by novelist Carolyn Keene. IT'S A HAY DAY when Bonita Granville and Frankie Thomas go a-sleuthing in "Nancy Drew—Trouble Shooter,’ coming to the Strand Theatre Friday. [8] Mat 207—30c New ‘Nancy Drew’ At Strand Friday ‘“Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter,’’ newest edition of the film series that is a favorite with youngsters and oldsters alike, will be the next feature attraction at the Strand Theatre Friday. Bonita Granville, who originated the character of the lovable and alert Naney, is again starred, . with Frankie Thomas as her boy friend and right hand man, and John Litel as the father. A new addition to the cast is Charlotte Wynters, who seems destined to become Nancy’s stepmother, although this issue is left unsettled in the present film. Nancy has a brand new mystery to solve in her newest picture, and the adventures which she has while solving it are certain to prove highly entertaining to followers of the series, as well as to newcomers. ‘Nancy Drew’ Cast Reunion Is Like A Family Party The one big family entente of the old traveling theatrical troupes has been reborn. All the charm of these colorful groups is to be found in the units filming the series pictures. Reunion of actors and crew is like a family reunion. That was demonstrated when the company assembled for the first day’s shooting on ‘‘Naney Drew — Trouble Shooter,’’ third in the series of Warner Bros. features based on the popular Carolyn Keene stories, which opens next Friday at the Strand Theatre. Bonita Granville, Frankie Thomas, John Litel and other principals, Director William Clemens and the crew have been together on all the pictures in the series. Bonita, her face beaming with pleasure, indiscriminately hugged the wardrobe mistress, the makeup man and hairdresser and said how happy she was that they were all back together. Frankie Thomas, with all the manly dignity of his seventeen years but with equal sincerity, expressed the same joy by shaking hands and slapping associates on the back. John Litel, Director Clemens and all the others joined in the greetings with a heartiness that would indicate they had been separated for years rather than a few weeks. There were the usual plans, pledges and promises. Before the first day’s shooting was over Litel was doggedly holding his own in a heated argument with the chief electrician. Director Clemens looked sorrowfully at Bonita when he found the pages of his script glued together. And Bonita was furiously pacing the set trying to think of a way to get even with Frankie for the teasing he had already given her. The big, happy family was together again. God was in heaven and all was right with the world. CAST Nancy {Drei igs eae eee s eR ee BONITA GRANVILLE Carson Drew ............. John Litel Matt Brandon... Aldrich Bowker Edna Gregory ....................:Ahi c a eet e Charlotte Wynters Chuck Marley..... Edgar Edwards Effie Schneider..... Renie Riano Sheriff Riggs......... Roger Imhof Clinton: Grif fith= 24 es Apollo Johnson.......... Willie Best Greenhouse Clerk.................. : Lt ge SMR ee DREN, John Harron Ist Deputy Sheriff............. is eRe ee ee Cliff Saum 2nd Deputy Sheriff.......... : Reece Re ae Tom Wilson Original Screen Play by.......... ED ee oy nae te Kenneth Gamet Based on the Nancy Drew Stories BY. Sh: Ree ee Carolyn Keene Photography by...................... ee L. Wm. O’Connell, A.S.C. Art Director................ Ted Smith Film Editor.............. Doug Gould Gowns by.............. Milo Anderson Seund. bY... 255.3%. Charles Lang