Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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PUBLICITY—‘“NANCY DREW-TROUBLE SHOOTER” Bonita Bonita Granville has her feet on the ground, because where her career is concerned, she likes to kick her heels in the air. This isn’t as paradoxical as it sounds. A young girl on the threshold of womanhood must begin to think of her figure especially if she hopes for screen success. Bonita is not one to overlook anything so important. She won fame as a brat, starting with her memorable meanie role in ‘‘These Three.’’ Then she reformed, at the concerted request of literal minded fans who feared she might unconsciously become a brat in real life. So little Miss Granville became the All-American girl on the screen, just as she is and always has been in real life. Warner Bros. cast her in the title role in the picturization of the Carolyn Keene series of ‘‘Naney Drew’’ stories and ‘‘Naney Drew—Trouble Shooter,’’ now showing at the Strand Theatre is third in the popular series. The activity and tireless energy demanded of the heroine mean that Bonita must keep in first-class conditions at all times. Popular with Bonita on her keeping fit program are the extremely beneficial ‘‘bicycle’’ exercises. In doing these she lies flat on her back, then raises her supple body so that her weight rests on her neck and shoulders. Then she moves her legs as she would in riding a bicycle. Bonita does not confine her keeping fit program to these indoor exercises, however. An expert swimmer, she swims and dives seyveral times weekly. The doctrine of keeping fit, im portant to everyone young and old, is especially important to a startlet like Bonita who leads a double life — the life of a normal young person coupled with the rigorous business of making pictures. Young Stars Paid For Their Pranks By Dish-Washing Bonita Granville and Frankie Thomas went unsuspectingly if not blithely into the rehearsal of a seene for their hew Warner Bros. feature, ‘‘ Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter,’’ which is now playing at the Strand Theatre. The set was a kitchen. In the preceding sequence Bonita had tried her unskilled hands at cooking dinner. Pots and pans and dishes filled the sink and overflowed on the floor. ‘<That was fun,’’ Bonita told Frankie, ‘‘but I pity the poor prop man who has to wash up.’’ The ,poor prop man and their director went into a huddle while Bonita and Frankie busied themselves with other activities. ‘‘Bonita and Frankie,’’ called Clemens. ‘‘We’re going to change the next scene from the living room to the kitchen. It’ll help the story if you read your dialogue while washing dishes.’’ Bonita and Frankie groaned, but being dutiful children, did as they were told. They washed dishes during the rehearsals to get the feel of the scene, and, besides, there seemed to be plenty of dishes to last through innumerable rehearsals and takes. As soon as the last dish was washed, Clemens announced, with a slight twinkle in his eyes, that they would film the scene in the living room after all. ‘<Thanks, pals,’’ said Prop Man Kissel. ‘‘That about evens the score with Clemens and me for all those practical jokes of yours.’’ Kicking Up Her Heels Keeps Granville In Trim KEEPS STREAMLINED Sixteen year-old Bonita Granville, star of the "Nancy Drew’ film series, starts her daily dozen by raising arms to shoulder height, then touching her toes twenty times, and follows with the "bicycle riding exercise, her favorite "limber-upper’. Currently showing at the Strand is Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter." Bonita A Miss Now Bonita Granville celebrated her sixteenth birthday the way every girl in the world would like to, In the morning she began her third starring role in ‘‘Nancy Drew— Trouble Shooter,’’ and in the evening she donned her first floorlength evening dress and, in the best sixteen-year-old tradition pinned her curls high on her head. Climbed For Money Frankie Thomas won a five dollar bet from his director, William Clemens, on Warner Bros.’ ‘‘ Naney Drew — Trouble Shooter,’’ by going hand-over-hand and without using his legs up a thirty foot rope hanging from a block and tackle on the stage. His mother offered him five dollars not to do it but that didn’t interest him. New Archery Angle Frankie Thomas introduced blind archery to his fellow players and crew one day on _ location while filming ‘‘Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter.’’ The target is laid flat on the ground and the arrow is_ shot straight into the air. Archers must gauge wind resistance, deflection and are of the arrow in turning to fall to earth. Row To Settle Row To settle wagers made between crew members as to the width of the small lake where they were filming scenes for ‘‘Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter,’’ Bonita Granville and Frankie Thomas spent their luneh hour rowing across the lake measuring it. They used a ball of twine in measuring. Statistics Rule In Dressing Film Series’ Heroines The screen becomes an infallible wardrobe guide to school and business girls now that studio accountants base wardrobe allotments for such series pictures as “Nancy Drew,” “Jane Arden” and “Torchy Blane” on actual statistics. “Nancy Drew,” portrayed by Bonita Granville on the screen— the latest film in the series, “Nancy Drew—Trouble Shooter,” is playing now at the Strand Theatre — is the average American high school girl. Hundreds of questionnaires sent out to mothers show that $300 a year is the amount spent on her wardrobe. A sixth of this goes for shoes. She has two hats annually, owns loads of sweaters and skirts and odd jackets, a few pair of silk hose, but no furs or jewels. She owns a charm bracelet and a few other pieces of novelty jewelry, several kerchiefs which she uses alternately as hats or as sashes. Socks are a standby in her wardrobe and they usually match her sweaters. A swagger sports coat is another regulation item in the wardrobe of Miss Average High School Girl, whom Bonita portrays in the “Nancy Drew” series. The “Jane Arden” wardrobe is scaled for a girl making about fifty dollars a week, while “Torchy Blane” goes slightly higher. Torchy is an experienced newspaper woman, and as such is in a rather larger income bracket. [10] ‘Treat Kiddies Like Adults’ Says ‘Daddy’ John Litel The belief that children should be seen and not heard is as dead as the dodo bird, according to John Litel. And he views with high approval this reversal of opinion by modern adults. Litel plays a father in Warner Bros.’ famed ‘‘Naney Drew’’ series, the latest of which, ‘‘ Nancy Drew — Trouble Shooter,’’ is now showing at the Strand Theatre. He is the father of Bonita Granville, brilliant, alert, modern girl who solves all manner of baffling mysteries and proves herself as capable as an adult in sleuthing. It was Bonita’s exploits which moved Litel to comment. ‘‘Bonita, in her screen characterization as in real life,’’ said Litel, ‘‘is typical of the modern girl of today whose parents regard her as a human being with intelligence and a voice rather than as an ornament to be stuck off in the corner. ‘Children of all ages are accorded the rights of adults. They think and are entitled to express their views on subjects. That they enter into conversations and venture opinions on matters under discussion does not mean they are fresh or spoiled. By being treated as adults they know that it is im TIPS FOR Considering that Bonita Granville sets fashions for the Hollywood High School crowd, cork will doubtless soon be its pet sports jewelry, for Bonita has been playing tennis in a white pique play suit accented by a necklace of vari-colored cork balls, pastel and perfumed. Bonita Granville wasn’t allowed to go horseback riding while “Nancy DPrew—Trouble Shooter,” was in production, so she organized the “Teeners” (formerly the “Twelvers”) into a bicycle brigade. Her newest riding rompers are featherweight rose suede and with them she wears a quilted green suede jacket and beret. The 16-year-old plotting a summer travelling ensemble would do well to consider the suit Milo Anderson designed for Bonita Granville to wear in “Nancy Drew—Trouble Shooter.” It is of grey wool fabric resembling Kasha-clothes. The skirt is fashioned with all-round pleats stitched down to lower hipline, while the square-shouldered boxy jacket is collarless and loose. THE: TEENS polite to interrupt and do not push themselves forward. They know that their turn to speak will be given to them. ‘“Children of today are more intelligent and more advanced because of this freedom and recognition. I don’t mean they are qualified to speak weightily of world affairs but by being in conversations their knowledge of world affairs and matters of timely interest is greatly improved. ‘‘There is a lot to the saying about wisdom coming from the mouth of babes. Children and young people are clear thinking and possessed of unusual reasoning powers. Their minds are not cluttered with the worrisome problems that befog the brains of adults and therefore they can concentrate better. ‘‘For that reason the exploits and achievements of Bonita as Nancy Drew in the film series are very plausible, and real to me.’’ JOHN LITEL Mat 109—15e Bonita Granville, one of whose hobbies is collecting candy recipes, has received them from girls all over the world, but her favorite is still this recipe for “fool-proof” fudge: In a saucepan combine 2 cups sugar, 2/3 cup canned evaporated milk, and 2 heaping tablespoonsful cocoa. Boil it slowly with a minimum of stirring until it forms a soft ball in cold water. Take off fire, add 1 teaspoon butter and % teaspoon vanilla, allow it to cool for a few minutes, then set saucepan in shallow pan of cold water. Beat fudge until creamy, then turn it into buttered tin and chill. Although Bonita Granville, now 16, is not permitted to use high-colored nail polish, she has other definite ideas about youthful hand beauty. She washes her hands many times a day but never goes outside without drying them thoroughly and softening them with hand cream. Sometimes she combines a_ beauty treatment with her evening study hour, dipping her fingers in hot eastor oil and wearing cotton gloves while she reads. itagraph Ine. : Mat 208—30c A KITCHEN CRISIS occurs when Charlotte Wynters (right) seems to be coming between Bonita Granville and boy friend Frankie Thomas in this scene from "Nancy Drew—Trouble Shooter." The third in the popular Nancy Drew comedy adventure series is currently showing at the Strand Theatre.