Naughty but Nice(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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ORY >AasOM dpe Page Four 4 ‘SOLID TUNES ‘SEND’ YOUR SHOWING! GET THAT Warren-Mercer tunes air-ed on all big programs... Tie up with music stores for promotion aid... Plant 4-day contest (see page 7)...Plug songs over P.A. system...Other ideas, page 7. ‘OOMPH INTO YOUR CAMPAIGN! Ann Sheridan's selection as nation’s number one Oomph Girl’ is tipoff...Find local ‘oomph’ gal... Plant fashion layout...Use poster cutouts of Ann Sheridan... See more ideas on page 6. PLANT THE ‘JITTERBUG JARGON’ CONTEST! See next page for five-day newspaper contest selling the comedy situations of “Naughty But Nice”... Other easy-to-plant contests spotted throughout the exploitation pages 5 through 8. SWING OUT WITH LOBBY & STREET STUNTS! Use plenty of jitterbug and jam stuff in contests, personal appearances, and displays... See page 8 for 16 general ideas on how to truck on down to a ‘solid’ campaign for “Naughty But Nice.” YOU'VE GOT TO TALK THEIR LANGUAGE —HERE 3 HOW! G Acc rape shbox Gate, Satchelmo hes Off the on Als "te n tha ve oa —won't Getoff man— pe rovier Off-time iv a " : cent ihe e pr opo site ; Got your boots on—kno ca what it's all about Out of this at id hes self in swing Allie igator—swing fan addict Guitar—belly fiddl Gutbucket—low-do ic = f Paperman—One who can't play without lh d written music Baas fiddle—doghaus Have myself a ball—to enjoy oneself Pad—a bed Beat—tired, lacking vitality Hep ca Piano—music box | Beat to my chops—brok Hincty—concei t Puttin’ you on—pulling your leg Boogie—woogie—heavy bass harmony sorted sie pate ot sw Break it up— soo the about, g Ridinasanihe g gis l ie Canary-girl vocalist Icky—on pre wrongly thi nks he knows all ide-man=sam get-off m Cat—musician in swing band—or addict Igg—to ban Rock me—sen d me Chick—girl In the gro ve-pe erfect, the best Clambake—every man for himself % Clarinet—licorice stick i J poxophonie feone «Come again—do better th w doing Jam—swin SS! chmaliz—sweet m Py dnyactd-teahietied Jitterbug—swing f Send—arouse emo tions _ Cornfed—legitimate musici ira Sauce—liquo Sharpies—dancers who like swing Copasetic—everything's O.K Jive—swing talk, ec _ to make fun Solid—great swell, et K ‘ D Kill me—show me a good tim Take it slow—be careful Dicty—high clas Killer-diller—a thrill Takeoff—play a solo Diggit vat to town Knock-me—give mething Trombone-=slys horn, slush pump Dillinger—a killer-diller Truck—go somewhere Drape—a sharp L Trumpet—horn Drums-—suit case skins lanexa male Legit—same as long hair A , E Lilly whites—bed sheets Unhipped-—not wise to the ji Early black—evening Long hair—one who prefers cl V-8—chick who spurns company Early bright—morning Vibraphone—iron work Evil—in ill humo a ner ‘ M Mete huath fsa nee Whipped up—beat,exhausted Fall o are Woof hound—alligator high wing Fat, pre ae and th nthe e mi iddle ee gro Focus— ook Neigho pops—nothing doing Freeby—no charg Nix out—to eliminate Xlyophone—wood pile NOW PUT IT TO WORK WITH CONTEST ON NEXT PAGE