Naughty but Nice(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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5-DAY NEWSPAPER CONTEST GETS SWING FANS And who isn't a swing fan these days? Here's a "Jitterbug Jargon” contest to sell your showing of "Naughty But Nice” and give your newspaper readers a lot of fun in the bargain. Idea is for contestants to translate what the various characters are saying from jitterbug language to plain everyday English, with best sets of answers winning passes or appropriate prizes. Order "Naughty But Nice Mat 502B"—75c from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. CORRECT ANSWERS First Day—"All right, swing musicians, let's improvise some real fast music." Second Day—"My advice to you is to forget classical music and learn to swing.” Third Day—"As one swing fan to another, you're getting too high hat." Fourth Day—"'We can't get married, I'm broke." "Oh, that's a sorry excuse." Fifth Day—"'What! Use this swing fan who doesn't know the first thing about it in my band." "Be careful, Durk, he's a swell clarinet player." (First Day] Here you are swing fans—a contest to test your knowledge of jitterbug jargon, and a chance to win free tickets to "Naughty But Nice.'' Can you translate into plain English what Helen Broderick is saying in this scene? Correct answers to the five daily scenes, of which this is the first, will bring you free tickets to the Warner Bros, picture which comes to the ................0... lineatresoni ss vcs {Second Day] (Third Day) Can you understand what jitterbug Maxie Rosenbloom is saying to Gale Page in this scene from "Naughty But Nice?" Correct answers to all five of the scenes which appear one each day will win free tickets to the picture which comes Fouthewe <n Theatre on ............ This scene is the third in the five-day series. {Fourth Day) Are you hep to jive? What does the conversation between Ann Sheridan and Dick Powell appearing in "Naughty But Nice," mean when translated into everyday English? This is the fourth in the series of five scenes to test your knowledge of jitterbug jargon. Correct answers will get you free tickets to the picture which comes to the .................. Theatre oniee:®. .sc.-0: (Fifth Day) How good a jitterbug are you? Do you understand what the judge is telling Gale Page and Dick Powell in this scene from “Naughty But Nice?’ Correct answers to the five scenes in this contest will get you free tickets to the picture which comes to the ................ Theatre on ................ Today's scene is the second. All right swing fans, today's the last day to win free tickets for "Naughty But Nice" simply by translating the jitterbug talk. Send your completed set of answers to the five daily scenes to Contest Editor. Correct answers will receive free tickets to the picture which comes to the ................ Theatre:on’ »..:..:5<.455: FOLLOW YOUR ADVANCE BUILD-UP WITH ‘OOMPH' AND MUSIC IDEAS Page Five