Naughty but Nice(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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AND HERE'S HOW TO SWING THE MUSIC ANGLE SONG-TITLE CONTEST A simple contest, adaptable either for use in newspaper or on backs of heralds is this Song Title Identification Contest. One scene from "Naughty But Nice" is printed each day along with the titles of the four songs, and idea is for contestants to tie up the scene with the title it most closely suggests. Order "Naughty But Nice 501B"—75c from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th St., N. Y. C. CORRECT ANSWERS First Day — In A Moment Of Weakness Second Day — Hooray For Spinach Third Day — I'm Happy About The Whole Thing Fourth Day — Corn Pickin’ EXPLOIT WITH FOUR TUNES Four numbers from the picture, written by the ace team of Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer, have been published. Contact music stores for mutual promotion. Twocolor title pages are available FREE OF CHARGE, and postal cards will be sent out to coincide with playdates. Get title pages, of "Corn Pickin'."" "Hooray For Spinach," "In a Moment of Weakness,’ and "I'm Happy About The Whole Thing," from: Etta Shore, M. Witmark & Sons RCA Building, New York City PRIZES FOR 'PLATTERBUGS' Play recordings of the swing masters (Bix Biederbecke, Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Artie Shaw and others) in your lobby. At a special Swing Night at the theatre ask the audience to identify orchestras featured in the recordings. A tie-in with the local music shop should get the records for you at little or no cost. Prizes are the records themselves for the "platterbugs" (people who collect records.) GUESS SONG 'STEALS' Many of the classics have been adapted as swing numbers, and have gained astonishing success. In fact, big sequence of the picture is built around this. In your contact with the music shops, pick up a goodly number and play them over house address system with patrons guessing the name of the classic from which the number was taken. Contest is for passes and is good pre-showing buildup. PATRONS VOTE FOR HITS Patrons vote in the lobby for the song hit of the week, the best swing band, the best sweet band or the orchestra that can best play both types of music. . AUDIENCE ‘QUIZ NIGHT' Test your audience's musical knowledge at a special "Quiz Night." Divide the contestants into two sides and the local music authority questions each person following the rules of a spelling bee. JAM SESSION IN THEATRE Sponsor a "jam session" at the theatre with amateur musicians going through their paces. Organize the soloists into a swing band to play at your theatre. Winners might play on marquee during busy lunch hour. (First Day) {Second Day] (Third Day) (Fourth Day) Page Six