Naughty but Nice(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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ANN SHERIDAN’S ‘OOMPH' IS BIG SELLING SLANT Ann Sheridan Styles Aid For a neat bit of promotional work for your showing, tuck the specially selected set of "Ann Sheridan Fashion Stills" (set of ten—75c—from Campaign Plan Editor) under your arm and visit your biggest department store. Point out Ann Sheridan's present popularity as the nation’s number one "Oomph Girl", and get yourself a window along these lines: "Like Ann Sheridan in ‘Naughty But Nice,’ put plenty of ‘oomph’ into your summer clothes." A Publicity Plant... Two-column mats of the accompanying fashion layout of Ann Sheridan are available at the exchanges. Order Mat 219 — 30c. Complement your department store fashion promotion by planting the mat, which may also be cut apart for use in cooperative ad. At left, Ann Sheridan wears a dining-at-home housecoat in striped silk with chiffon sash; center, for spectator sports, a plaid silk jacket, beige accordion-pleated skirt; right, sheer black dance frock with appliques of white lace. ANN SHERIDAN, star of "Naughty But Nice" — Mat 219 — 30c SELECT ‘(OOMPH' GIRL Ann Sheridan's recent selection in Hollywood by a group of men-about-town as the number one "oomph girl" of the film colony is your cue to run the familiar beauty contest, only the selection is made on the novel, yet age-old, basis of "oomph." For example, Bridgeport's Oomph Girl is selected after preliminaries at the Stratfield Hotel and Baybrook, with the big finals coming off at the Warner Theatre. Store tieups, etc., help put over the stunt. SAY ‘OOMPH' IN GREEK Daily Variety asked for foreign language translations of oomph." In Indo-Chinese, they discovered, it's ''lee-shurhark-mui.'' Sponsor a contest to uncover other translations of "'oomph.'' Some member of the school language department might act as judge. Run another contest for other short, pointed definitions of 'oomph" ... but in English, if that'll make it any easier for localites. Find Best Gal Singers Ann Sheridan's role as a night club chanteuse gives you a lead to conduct a contest for best gal singers in town. Can even be class gag after manner of New York debutantes' present craze for singing in night clubs. Contestants judged on voice, personality and general "oomph". Winner gets week at theatre or at local nitery. USE 24-SHEET CUTOUT When you see the paper on this attraction, you'll know that you've got something for cutouts to mount anywhere. Ann Sheridan is featured on all the posters in big style, giving you a chance to plug the "oomph" angle for your showing. 24-sheet cutout rates special treatment — place gauze garment over the figure with hidden electric fan blowing on the display for animated effect. ‘OOMPH' IN RAFFLES GAG Announce that on certain day "Miss Oomph" will be somewhere in shopping district; she will be very shapely lass wearing such and such. Idea is for contestants to identify ''Miss Oomph" simply by walking up to her and saying so. Those who guess right get passes and billing on a lobby "'scoreboard.'"' Department store might go for tieup with "Miss Oomph" appearing only in that store. Stills for Local Tie-ups ANN SHERIDAN Make-up...AS Pub A428 Afternoon Dress..AS514 Sport Jacket Evening Wear -..-AS431 Sport Shoes Business Suit RONALD REAGAN Make-up...-GP Pub A22 Sportswear.GP Pub A57 Order these specially prepared stills—"'Naughty But Nice Tieup Stills"—from Campaign Plan Editor. Complete set of 12 stills—$1.00; individually 10c. SWING TO NEXT PAGE... 16 IDEAS FOR LOBBY AND STREET Page Seven