Naughty but Nice(Warner Bros.) (1939)

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GAG AND BALLYHOO IDEAS—FOR SHOWMEN ONLY! HEP-CAT STUFF Here is a quartet of ideas to capture the attention of the local jitterbugs. Take your choice or use them all. “CATS" ATTIRE Lobby display of typical jitterbug attire. On boy's side mount marked-up colored shirt; plaid jacket; dirty slacks; loud socks; dirty white shoes. For the girls use sport sweater with a fraternity pin on it; plaid skirt; anklets; saddle shoes; charm bracelet bells. Promote stuff from local merchant. JITTERBUG CONTEST Don't forget you've got the National Jitterbug Champions in a big sequence of the picture, so a Jitterbug Dance Contest should be just the thing. Contest should be simple enough to promote, what with all the young guys and gals still plenty swing-conscious. Preliminaries are held opening night on your stage with finals coming later in the week. ‘CORN PICKIN'— NEW DANCE STEP Variation of the jitterbug dance contest is one called "Corn Pickin’, " a dance step described in the song of the same name in the picture. Blow up the pages of the songsheet, as background for the contest. The words and the directions have already been distributed on throwaways for the contest buildup. Might also arrange with local dancing school to introduce new dance step, called "Corn Pickin.’ "' Advertising, special teaching rates and demonstration popularize the dance. TRUCKIN' TRIALS Big truckin' contest, open to all, should be good for street attention and paper breaks. Bill Robinson, famous negro entertainer, got plenty of space with similar gag. Contest starts at cooperating merchant's store, winding up at theatre where prizes are awarded to best ''truck-on-downers,"' after which all are guests at first matinee showing. (Make sure contest is held during lunch hour rush to get biggest attention.) Page Eight COLLEGE GAG If you're in a college town situation, poll the students on what is their definition of girls who are "Naughty But Nice." Best an swers submitted receive passes and are posted on display board. Also, conduct poll on sweet music vs. swing music. Compare trends. Students also select the co-ed with the most "oomph." DATE CARD COPY Print up small cards with copy for the young bucks to mail to their gals making a date for your showing. Copy reads: "What about a date next Thursday night to see the picture at the Strand. | hear it's 'Naughty But Nice.’ "' CHANDELIER GAG Have you ever climbed a chandelier? Question can be used as newspaper inquiring reporter gag (lobby microphone) or as basis of letter from readers. Idea is from Dick Powell's ascending the chandelier after a couple of drinks. Funniest letters are reprinted (anonymously of course) for prizes. PLUG NEW DRINK Drug stores and bars may be induced to feature a new drink, a "Hurricane," after the kind Dick Powell freely imbibes with plenty comic results in "Naughty But Nice." (The "Hurricane" is actually a "Zombie," a drink made with white rum.) SWING DICTIONARIES Print a number of "jitterbug dictionaries" (see bottom of page 4 for copy) as throwaways with lead question, for example, "Are You an Ickie? See ‘Naughty But Nice’ at the Strand all next week." SNAPSHOTS OF CATS Sponsor a candid camera contest for snaps of people, young and old, swinging it, at home or in public places. Feature best pictures in the lobby or arrange to have them printed in cooperating newspaper. ‘REAL THINGS' DISPLAY Make up an illustrated "Swing Dictionary'' for your lobby along these lines. Mount a licorice stick and beside it explain that it is a clarinet. Other items and definitions which you can use include a jar of jam — swing session; long hair — person who prefers classics to swing; canary (toy) — girl vocalist; cat (toy) —swing musician; doghouse — bass fiddle; and wood pile — xylophone. Set display as giant compo book marked "dictionary." Picture plug and playdate is carried at bottom of the board. MIMIC CONTEST Comedy cast of "Naughty But Nice" suggests big Impersonations Contest, and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding plenty of applicants ready to do takeoffs on such characters as Maxie Rosenbloom, Zasu Pitts, Jerry Colonna, and Allen Jenkins. Contest is held on stage with appropriate prizes going to the winners. TEASER DISPLAY Teaser display for lobby has a stage erected with curtain half up. Seen only are a few pairs of gals legs (promoted from hosiery stores.) Display of course ties in with title: "It's ‘Naughty But Nice’ all next week at the Strand." MARQUEE STUNT Words "Naughty" and "Nice" are set up in large cutout letters for marquee. Alternate flasher lights behind punches out first one word, then the other. MOUNT ESKY CARTOONS Mount appropriate cartoons from Esquire, New Yorker and other similar magazines to fit the title, "Naughty But Nice."' Use with copy for a lobby display. SLAPSIE COOKEE restaurant to use still LL30 which shows Maxie Rosenbloom in full baker's regalia mixing some batter. Feature on the menu "Maxie Rosenbloom's Suggestion for the Day." Or, as a variation, print up some baking recipes on a herald with the still and use for mailing.