Navy Blues(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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3. CONTEST RULES Any advertising or theatre manager at whose theatre “Navy Blues” will be playing on or before December Ist, 1941, is eligible to participate. This contest is open to theatres in the United States and Canada. Thirteen cash prizes totalling $700.00 will be awarded for the thirteen best promotions of Westmore’s Foundation Cream effected in conjunction with the exploitation of Warner Bros.’ “Navy Blues.” The prizes are: Firat Prine 30 Se $300.00 Second Prize *. 60600... 200.00 Thire Prine... 2 es 100.00 10 additional prizes of... 10.00 each Judges will be: Maurice Kann, “Boxoffice”; Charles Lewis, “Showmen’s Trade Review”; Jay Emanual, “The Exhibitor’; A-Mike Vogel, “Motion Picture Herald”; John C. Flinn, “Variety”; Jack Alicoate, “Film Daily.” Decisions of the judges shall be final. Prizes will be awarded solely on the merits of the promotion campaign, without regard to size of theatre or city. Duplicate prizes will be awarded in event of ties. Contest ends at midnight, December Ist, 1941. All material submitted should be placed in a book and clearly described or explained. Campaign books will not be returned and no responsibility is assumed for entries. All entries must be postmarked no later than midnight, December Ist, 1941. Entries must be sent to “Navy Blues Westmore” Contest Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. WESTMORE COSMETICS offers $700.00 in cash prizes to the thirteen advertising or theatre managers who put over the best local promotions for WESTMORE FOUNDATION CREAM in conjunction with the exploitation of Warner Bros.’ “NAVY BLUES”! All entries will be judged strictly on their merits for originality, scope and intensity of coverage in the promotion of Westmore’s Foundation Cream as part of your campaign for “Navy Blues.” You can’t lose — for this big tie-up means extra interest for your showing! Take full advantage of the campaign material provided (see opposite page) ... but keep in mind that you are not limited to these suggestions . . . spice ‘em with your own original ideas! The size of your theatre or the size of your town is NOT important. Any theatre or advertising manager may win! So start TODAY! Win with WARNERS — and WESTMORE! Country of origin U.S.A. Copyright 1941 Vitagraph, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers.