Navy Blues(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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SELL IT WITH MUSIC... ND RECORDS, TOO! In addition to your sheet music promotions, you have recordings by DECCA and RCA-Victor. This is an allimportant angle of your music promotion, so... Follow Through With These Stunts: i Records played on theatre's P.A. System in lobby and out front or on dressed-up sound truck. Sheet music or records as promoted contest prizes. Song fest in theatre following “Navy Blues” trailer. Amateur song contest in theatre on the air or department store music counter. * Displays in travel bureaus servicing Honolulu runs. 4 These “Navy Blues” hit tunes... IN WAIKIKI YOU'RE A NATURAL -» + give you a powerhouse promotion punch in selling your show with songs! Witmark Will Do This... Supply all dealers with FREE TITLE SHEETS for window and counter display. Limited supply on request. Write or wire: Mr. Oscar Blum, M. Witmark & Sons, 1250 Sixth Avenue, New York City. Advise all music dealers, leading bands and singers to plug these songs in theatres, night clubs and over the radio. Contact local Witmark representatives to work with you in setting up your co-op promotions and ballys. DECCA: “You're a Natural” by Russ Morgan “Navy Blues” by the Decca band RCA-VICTOR: “You're a Natural” and “In Waikiki’ (No. B11244 Bluebird)