Navy Blues(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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Use this 5-column picture feature strip for planting in your local newspaper or blow it up for lobby and front display. ITS A LULU! A Honolulu Lulu Does The Hula-Hula! In Honolulu, they call it the "Luau," and Ann gives it all she has—which is plenty! Knees, hips and arms swing into action and so does that shredded wheat skirt she's wearing. Feet remain almost stationary during the hula, luau, or what have you? Eyes right, hips left in this next intricate move. Only a motion picture camera can catch the full impact of that bump Ann is doing. Keep your eyes on her hands (if you can), that palms-out business means something special at Waikiki. Feet still, Ann rocks her hips and shoulders and mimics the movement with her arms. It's quite a trick if you can do it, and she certainly can cancan, or are we talking about two other dances? Anyway, watch those hips and you'll see what we mean. For a smash finish, Ann swings hips and arms in one direction, knees in the other, and boys, this is what we mean when we say the hula-hula! If you don't believe us, see ‘‘Navy Blues,"" and you'll find out for yourselves about the hula. Mat of art work only available. Order "NB Mat 502B"—75c—trom Campaign Plan Editor The U. S. Navy Aided in the Production of “Navy Blues”... NOW GET THE U.S. NAVY TO AID IN YOUR CAMPAIGN! Valuable cooperation can be rendered by the local Navy Recruiting Office. Discuss these ideas; they may have more: DRESS YOUR LOBBY and marquee with Navy code flags, life preservers imprinted with NAVY BLUES, anchors and other nautical paraphernalia borrowed from the local Recruiting office. __ a melts 3 “NAVY BLUES” SEXTET has replaced the “world” as what to see when you join the Navy. Use the still illustrated below (NB PubA 404) in connection with local Recruiting Drive, in all Navy literature, as “A” board display, etc. Order this still—10c—from Still Department, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. vy THANK THE NAVY in a lobby scroll for their generous cooperation in the production of “Navy Blues”. This type of display will add prestige and good will. Copy: “The Strand Theatre joins with Warner Bros. in thanking the U. S. Navy for their generous cooperation aan in the production of ‘Navy Blues’. ya ew HONOR LOCAL NAVY MEN on an Honor Roll in lobby or out front. Names and branch of the service may be obtained from recruiting officer. If photographs are obtainable from their families—so much the better. a PL Bees NAVAL ATMOSPHERE in your theatre can be obtained by garbing ushers in naval attire; using a “gangplank” at ticket-taker’s door; having staff say “Aye, Aye. Sir” instead of “Yes, Sir’: and displaying Navy posters, photographs and equipment. Xi che eee PARADE TO THEATRE may be effected through the cooperation of Navy office with local Drum and Bugle Corps, high school girl band and Junior Naval Reserve participating. Select six pretty girls to lead the parade singing the songs from “Navy Blues.”