Navy Blues(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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This Cargo of Cuties Suggests Nifty Newspa Idea is to show all the members of the famous “Navy Blues” Sextet and invite readers to vote for the one "most likely to succeed” on the screen. Publish one each day or all six as a one-shot feature. Available on one mat: Order "Mat NB 401B"—60c—-from Warner Bros. Campaign Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. VOTE FOR THE STAR OF TOMORROW Name your favorite member of the famous “Navy Blues” Sextet. See the Bal KAY ALDRIDGE Most-Photoed Girl Luscious, long-legged Kay is one of America's most photographed models. She, too, is one of the most famous of John Powers’ models. Together with the other five girls, she is now appearing in Warners’ "Navy Blues” as one of the Sextet. LORAINE GETTMAN High School Juliet A redhead. In high school shows she played Portias and Juliets. Appeared on magazine covers and did other modelling chores, but yearns to be a singer. Comes from a musical family and likes to sketch, paint, play the piano. MARGUERITE CHAPMAN Ex-Model Howard Hughes discovered her and placed her in the movies, She had never acted previously. Before this, John Powers, the famous model maker, made her a member of his famous Powers Models group. Is she your choice? GEORGIA CARROLL The Pride of Texas Discovered by Buddy De Sylva while visiting New York for the first time. Has appeared briefly in several Warner Bros.’ pictures, She is one of the most photographed girls in the country. Music and ballet interest her. CLAIRE JAMES Unofficial Miss America Came to Hollywood as the result of winning a tap-dancing contest, Strikingly suggestive of blonde and vibrant Lana Turner. A Minneapolis girl with many years in vaudeville. Earl Carroll's selection as "Miss America.” (Similar contest idea was used with great deal of success by Movie-Radio Guide Magazine.) . And Here’s The Ballot: VOTE FOR THE STAR OF TOMORROW in the "Navy Blues" Sextet Check the name of the Sextet member you believe "most likely to succeed on the screen." KAY ALDRIDGE, Most Photoed Girl LORAINE GETTMAN, High School Juliet MARGUERITE CHAPMAN, Ex-Model GEORGIA CARROLL, The Pride of Texas CLAIRE JAMES, Unofficial Miss America PEGGY DIGGINS, The Lawyer's Daughter * * PETE] eS te See the NAVY BLUES SEXTET, together with ANN SHERIDAN, JACK OAKIE, MARTHA RAYE, JACK HALEY in "NAVY BLUES" at the STRAND THEATRE extet vs Local Girls In Battle of Beauty! Local girls, prompted by newspaper or theatre, challenge the Navy Blues Sextet to a Battle of Beauty. Six girls are photographed with any weapons they choose—evening gowns, hula skirts, bathing suits or navy garb. Local experts are called upon to judge the winning sextet, comparing photos of local sextet with those of the Navy Blues contingent. Special set of Navy Blues Sextet photos (3) available for this promotion. Order “Navy Blues Sextet Set”—25c—from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th St., N. Y. C. Complete promotion is staged via columns of cooperating newspaper via these stages: 1. Girls invited to make up local sextet. 2. Local sextet photoed. 3. Judges selected. 4. Decision announced. 5. Local sextet visits Mayor, night clubs, department stores, etc., winding up festivities at your theatre night of opening.