Navy Blues(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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per Bally! lot below. PEGGY DIGGINS The Lawyer's Daughter Reminds you of Hedy Lamarr. Louella Parsons saw her at the Stork Club and paved her way into pictures. School dancing led to night club work and modelling. If she is your favorite, check her name on the ballot and send it to the Daily News. A GOB OF THIS... _.. Like This: ANIMATED SAIL Rig up canvas sails on which is lettered title, stars and catchlines (from ads), plus cut-outs from the posters. Electric fan placed in back of the sails will keep ‘em billowing. SHIP DISPLAY Sign shop builds a compoboard battlewagon embellished with girls, stills, catchlines and flags. Placed on truck it also makes a swell street bally. Play song records with this. GAL SIGNALERS A couple of attractive girls in brief sailor togs signal each other with semaphore flags atop marquee, on roof tops or from opposite main thoroughfare intersections. CUT OUT TITLE Each letter of title or a cutout ship strung across lobby will sell show effectively. SMOOTH SAILING IN LOBBY! PHOTOS —— Blow-up still NB 707 life-size and cut out head of Oakie. Male patrons place their heads in cutout and are photographed with two of the Sextet gals. Order still—10c —from Warner Bros. Still Department, 321 W. 44th St., N. Y. C. .., 4nd Out Front! BOX-OFFICE AS WHEEL-HOUSE Rig up a huge compo-board cutout life preserver with rope fringe to encircle box-office window. Copy on circle carries title, ad lines and star names. String code flags from window to marquee edge. Add all other kinds of naval paraphernalia, such as compass and barometer to make box-office look like wheel-house on ship. MARQUEE — Spot Sextet in Navy garb atop marquee as shown—or on hotel marquee in midtown. Girls signal, sing—or sell Defense Bonds. Stage this at night, too, with Navy men as escorts. LAUGHS IN LOBBY can be achieved ilk cut-out blow-ups of stars as shown below. Spot along one wall of lobby. Tag line on last display panel, which you prepare locally, says: A PINCH OF THIS... (you fresh thing!) ... ALL MERRILY TOGETHER IN “NAVY BLUES”! THIS... SHAKEN WELL. Order “Lobby Display Stills” (5) 50c from Warner Bros. Still Dept., 321 W. 44th St, N.Y. C: 7