Navy Blues(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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ROYAL CROWN COLA Covers Nation With “NAVY BLUES” PROMOTION National CHESTERFIELD AD ANN SHERIDAN i ean te _ ‘arner am for a Definitely MILDER at Fo: COOLER BETTER TASTE Cis everywhere know you can travelalong . way and never find another cigarette that can match Chesterfield for a Milder Cooler Better Taste. It’s Chesterfield’s Right Combination of the world’s best cigarette tobaccos that wins the approval of smokers all over the country. Let the Navy’s choice be your choice . . . make your next pack Chesterfield. e EVERYWHERE YOU GO They Salesfiy Half page Chesterfield ad featuring NAVY BLUES picture of Ann Sheridan, and copy on picture, appears in thousands of newspapers CASPAR-DAVIS HATS Three hats styled especially for Ann Sheridan, have been made by the Caspar-Davis Millinery Company which has outlets throughout the nation. Miss Sheridan has posed wearing these hats on the “Navy Blues” set and set of three stills is available on order from Warner Bros. Still Department—25c. Window and counter displays featuring these stills are being sent to all Caspar-Davis dealers. Contact your local dealer to arrange your tie-up. For further information, write: Mr. Caspar R. Riese, Caspar-Davis Co., 745 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. Using billboards, newspapers and radio, Royal Crown Cola tell the whole country about your showing of “NAVY BLUES.” Here’s how they do it: This 24-sheet in full-color is planted on 8, 000° bill" boards from coast-to-coast. Daily reader circulation is an estimated 22,000,000. fasté-fess/ SAYS ahcinig fii se ANN SHERIDAN “Royal Crown Cola’s tang and sparkle suit my taste perfectly!“ se NAVY BLUES Starring ANN SHERIDAN | Another Warner Bro. smash hit! ‘OW — glamorous Ann Sheridan knows which cola rates No. 1 in taste! She drank leading colas from unmarked cups, then voted one best-tasting. Her choice was Royal Crown Cola—the same cola that has won $ out of 6 impartial, certified group taste-tests from coast to coast! Give your taste a chance to vote on Royal Crown Cola. Try the big 5¢ bottle that holds not one—but TWO FULL GLASSES. Or treat the whole family with a handy six-bottle home carton for 25¢. ok QovAl iL. CR Ow, «Best by Taste-lest LOCAL BOTTLER’S NAME AND ADORESS This 500-line ad appears in 420 newspapers with a " total circulation of 11,000,000. 3 A special comic strip has been placed in 300 news" papers with a total circulation of 11,000,000. 4 Radio plugs will be broadcast over 330 radio sta" tions which reach an estimated 28,000,000 listeners. For information regarding local bottlers, ads, etc., contact: Mr. Sam Harned, Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc., 383 Madison Avenue, _New York, N.Y. ROYAL CROWN COLA Blankets the Nation for YOU!