Navy Blues(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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Navy Motif Cues a Full-Page Dealer Co-op Ad Layout... Contact your local newspaper advertising manager regarding a full-page layout of co-op dealer ads tied together by the “Navy Blues” motif. Or, full page ad can be placed by leading department store. Banner line: "The Ladies Salute the Navy with NAVY BLUES” Ads sell fashions, millinery, costume jewelry, interior decorations—almost anything with a Navy motif or Navy Blue color. Page also carries picture, star and theatre playdate credits. An adaptation of this co-op page layout is to have the paper run a special “Navy Blues” section in which advertisers honor the picture as the ‘Picture-of-the-Month.” Prospective advertisers include national tie-up dealers (see pages 8 and 9), music shops, department and specialty stores selling Navy Blue clothing or Navy-inspired accessories and costume jewelry. KES DEPARTMENT STORE COOPERATION Cooperating department store runs a week of special sales while the picture is in town, featuring items with the sailor motif, such as sailor blouses, dresses with naval insignia, hats with a dash of navy about them, insignia jewelry. Store should also feature Navy Blue clothes. Store in advertisements announces that the sale will start with the opening of the picture and last for the run of the show. NAUTICAL FASHION SHOW FOR LADIES Many of the newest fashions in women’s clothes, accessories and costume jewelry are inspired by naval uniforms and insignia. With cooperation of local department store, stage a “Navy Blues Fashion Show” in your lobby, on your stage or in the department store auditorium. Display features newest styles along these lines. Get newspaper coverage and window space plus department store ad. TWO BIG MAGAZINE FEATURES READY! September issues of ESQUIRE and SILVER SCREEN are both scheduled to carry important breaks on “Navy Blues," as we go to press. Here's hew you can put them to work locally: l. ESQUIRE — Full page photo of Ann Sheridan by Hurrell in addition to a story about her by Donald Hough. Get this issue and blow up photo and story for lobby. Esquire is distributing over 2,000 two-color posters on Ann Sheridan in “Navy Blues” to their dealers. Posters are 22” x 28”. You can arrange for additional newsstand cards and window streamers. 2. SILVER SCREEN _ Double spread of “Navy Blues” fashions which can be adapted to your other fashion promotions. If local stores can duplicate these fashions, use spread for window displays and tie-up ads. Also cover this with newsstand cards, magazine inserts and window strips. Ke Ee DESIGNING CONTEST Most women are amateur fashion designers, many of them making or redesigning their own clothes. In a tie-up with leading department store offer prizes for best nautical fashions. Contest can be general or limited to students in fashion designing schools. Nautical Novelties for a Ship-Shape Advance Bally! <=NAVY CAP FOR GIVEAWAYS Fun for Evety Sere, A Fle * JACK OAKIE “ than 7 iy "3 trailers for your show. When cut out and as é t Eves Swell for the kids — making ‘em all walking % Bit ANH nioet ack HALEY ” WAVY es . sTRAND *x Now Playing sembled per instructions it makes a sturdy sailor's cap. Printed on cardboard, 71/4" x 14”. Prices include imprint: 1M — $9.50; 3M — $9.00 per M; 5M — $8.50 per M; 500 — $5.50. DIRECTIONS Cut eut beth parts of the Sailor Hat, oround the edges ofthe design. Then fold beck the four ends on dotted line 3. Place front and beck pieces together, with the short folded ends turned in, end fasten the twe short pieces together, using @ paper clip, © pin, er just paste them together. If hat size is too small, epen the ends, and fold on line 2, then re-fasten ox before, Hf still too smell, open the ends and fold on line |. Weer the hat et on angle, ot in illustration. CLOTH SAILOR HATS FOR STAFF———»> Put these on all ushers, soda clerks, newsboys and all persons participating in street ballys. Adult size furnished unless “children” specified. Prices: 4-20—25c each; 25-50— 22c each; 60-100—19c each; 110 or over—17c each. Imprint $1.50 for any quantity. Order direct from Economy Novelty & Printing Co., 225 West 39th Street, New York City