Never Say Goodbye(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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ESSENTIAL INFORMATION THIS IS THE Story (Not for Publication) By court order, little 7-year-old Flip Gayley (Patti Brady), child of divorced parents, lives six months of the year with her father, Philip (Errol Flynn), famous artist and creator of the Gayley Girl, and six months with her mother, Ellen (Eleanor Parker). To her nurse, Cozy (Hattie McDaniel), little Flip confides how much she'd love to have her parents reunited. On the day Flip is scheduled to return to Ellen's, she tells Philip about the marine, Fenwick Linkowski (Forrest Tucker), with whom she has been corresponding. When she asks Philip's advice about a snapshot to send him, Philip suggests a photo of Ellen, and Flip agrees that her beautiful mother will do more than she could to help a fighting man's morale. When Philip escorts Flip to Ellen's, he induces Ellen to join him for dinner. Ellen actually requires little coaxing as she is still extremely susceptible to Philip's charm, despite the adverse criticism her mother (Lucile Watson) is always ready to offer. At the restaurant owned by their good friend, Luigi (S. Z. Sakall), Ellen and Philip order dinner when Philip is rudely awakened out of his blissful state by the appearance of Nancy (Peggy Knudsen), his model, who shows up for the dinner date Philip had completely forgotten. Together, Luigi and Philip try to prevent Ellen's seeing Nancy and they're fairly successful until Philip fabricates a story about his friend Jack Gordon (Tom D'Andrea), who, according to Philip, is pacing a hospital corridor waiting for his wife to have twins. When Jack puts in an appearance at Luigi's, Ellen is immediately suspicious, sees Nancy with Philip, and leaves. A few months later, on Christmas Eve, Philip decides he will play Santa Claus for Flip that evening, come what may. Dressed as St. Nick, he enters Ellen's house via the second-story, only to discover that another Santa has preceded him in the person of Rex (Donald Woods), family lawyer and a stuffed shirt, very much in love with Ellen. Philip traps Rex in the bathroom and proceeds with the evening's festivities but his identity is soon discovered and he is thrown out of the house by his irate mother-in-law. The following morning Ellen appeals to Philip to stay away from Flip for the six-month period of Ellen's custody but Philip persuades her, instead, to kiss and make up and she agrees to drive with him to Connecticut. Just then, however, Nancy arrives and reveals that Philip has issued the same invitation to her. Ellen, furious, gets into a brawl with Nancy, wins by a decision, and stalks out. Ellen arrives home to find Flip's marine, Fenwick, awaiting her, in person. Flip tells Ellen how Philip mailed Ellen's picture to the marine and Ellen decides to teach Philip a lesson he will not soon forget. At Luigi's, Ellen and Fenwick run into Philip, whom Ellen introduces to Fenwick as her brother-in-law. At the end of the evening, Philip successfully maneuvers himself back into Ellen's house for the night, since Fenwick is to spend the night there, too. The next morning, all other ruses having failed, Philip disguises himself as Ellen's tough husband and tries to scare Fenwick away. Instead, he is knocked out by the marine, finally revealed as himself, and laughed out of the house. Flip, an unhappy witness to the scene, bursts into tears and is consoled, privately, by Fenwick who determines to do something to help the unhappy child. Soon after, a miserable and distraught Ellen informs Philip that Flip has run away. When the child is later found in Luigi's custody, it is revealed that Fenwick was the instigator of th.» escapade. He felt it was a practical and sure-fire way of | eae ee P 2 {en pr CS mens by | Mig Fop ana oquen +togermnéi again, Seta oes ‘That he succeeded is apparent by the look of mutual love in the eyes of Philip and Ellen, now remarried and bound on their second honeymoon. THis Is“lee Gee THIS IS THE PD RM i eh a eee ERROL FLYNN PRODUCTION STAFF a a nS Seon or ly oe ELEANOR PARKER Produced by William Jacobs. Directed by James V. Kern. Mrs. lameness 25, 6 BR Lucile Watson Screen Play by |. A. L. Diamond and James V. Kern: Original Story by Ben and Norma Barzman; Adaptation Luigi Fi RR dere PACES TE DORIC os MELEE ane tsi S: a Sakall by Luis R. Foster. Photographed by ‘hethur Edeson, | ET ATTEN RSS SADT ec tbtaas TAY la Sage tc ne Maes a Patti Brady A.S.C. Art Director, Anton Grot. Film Editor, Folmer ; , Blangsted. Dialogue Director, Robert Stevens. Assistant Corp: Fenwick Limkowski. 92>. Forrest Tucker Director, Phil Quinn. Sound by Stanley Jones. Special Effects by William McGann and Willard Van Enger, A.S.C. ! 2 : ee Doi ee i: Se Dona!d Woods Sat Decorations by. Budd: Friend. Mbardiobs by. Lesh Nancy 0. Tas Nee oder ae de! Peggy Knudsen Rhodes. Makeup Artist, Pere Westmore. Music by Frederick Hollander; Orchestral Arrangements by Leonid Jack Gordon a tae NY Ne soe es) Sp Tom D'Andrea Raab; Musical Director, Leo F. Forbstein. SOS 5 ho en ee ee ee ee Hattie McDaniel RUNNING TIME Withers an UM Gi TOL Piet Re Charles Coleman 97 Minutes. Country of origin U.S.A. Copyright 1946 Warner Bros. Pictures Distributing Corporation. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers. 2 prea ae TANG 4 ae aaa ae RT a's, & ws ee ates 2 ae > i