Never Say Goodbye(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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be fr EXPLOITATION Artist Zoe Mozert was commissioned by Warner Bros. to ghost-draw these luscious lassies for Errol Flynn’s artist char acter, Philip Gayley, in ‘Never Say Goodbye.’ Here’s a spark ling way to let these gay ladies sell your showing: THE WHOLE TOWN VOTES A. Ai te, Nereis aaatian | FOR ITS FAVORITE “MISS” ® Invite your leading news paper, department store, manufacturing plant, college or organization to sponsor a contest to select the “girl to whom Id Never Say Goodbye” from among the four beautiful Mozert creations. Winning drawing is named “Miss Times-Herald’”’ or “Miss Gimbels” or “Miss Kiwanis,”’ depending up on what organization is the sponsor. Contest is staged in newspaper, in THE OUTDOOR GIRL...sports-loving, nice but naughtical; ne THE SWEETHEART TYPE...sweet and charming; when love theatre or on store counwhiz at whist but a hellion at the helm. hits it sticks like a mustard plaster. ters, with ballots made available for voters to name their choice. On opening day theatre presents a colored enlargement of the winning girl to the sponsor. Enlargement may be made locally from 8x10 black-andwhite still available. 4K KK KKK 4444 KKK KKK KKK STILLS: The four Zoe ee THE CHARMER... knows the caliber and firepower of every A THE KID SISTER... as wholesome as a bowl of milk and just thiseetare sip avallahle weapon in a woman’s armory, from a wink toa whisper. as sweet, with a modesty that has a charm of its own. as 8x10 black-and-white stills. Order “653 Zoe Mo stills, Order “058 Zee MO” ~— WOTE for one of these famous Zoe Mozert girls. Just indicate your choice by writing from Warner Bros. Cam is ib tceilined: 20) in the number of your selection on the accompanying ballot. West 44th St., N. Y. 18, Nar Ys MISS TIMES-HERALD OF 1947 Voted The GirlTo Whom } ::| Bae % \'d Never Say Goodbye’ | |B yy the patrons of the ee Strand Theatre : Here’s an example of how to treat the presentation of the winning portrait. Order “653 Contest Mat 402X” from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editer, 321 W. 44th St., N.Y. 18, N.Y.