Night and Day(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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May” : IN TWENTY YEARS _ NO SUCH TREAT , ‘ FOR YOUR EYES 4 AND EARS! | te AS COLE PORTER You Do Something to Meo‘tIn the Still of the Night My Heart Belongs to Daddy I Get a Kick Out of You — I've Got You Under My Skin o/Begin the Beguine Night and Day oLet’s Do It Don’t Fence Me In Anything Goes 0 You're the Top que TORY OF Cove PoRTER win, "AON OO gus aNE RTA one AROEN “a MARY MAR TN = MICHAEL, ¢ CURTIZ. DONALD WOODS ARTHUR SCHWARTZ Screen Play by Charles Hoffman, Leo Townsend William Bowers * Adaptation by Jack Moffitt * Based on the Career of Cole PortersOrchestral Arrangements by Ray Heindorf PICT. URE. =a CORA | Copyright 1956, P.R.M. Inc. All rights reserved—Country of Origin U.S.A.