Night and Day(Warner Bros.) (1946)

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‘Night And Day’, New Musical Film, At Strand Friday (Advance Theatre Story) Just 20 years ago, on August 6, 1926, startled the nation and_ revolutionized the motion picture industry by presenting the first public program of Talking Pictures at what was then the Warner Theatre in New York. This Friday, at the Strand Theatre, the result of 20 years of remarkable technical advance, stunning musical, “Night And Day,” will open to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of that first startling sound heard ’round the world. “Night And Day” represents a happy choice on the part of as the film, which costars Cary Grant and Alexis Smith, is the story of the career of one of America’s topflight song writers, Cole Porter (portrayed by Cary Grant). As such it provides a colorful background for the talents of the stars abovenamed as well as Monty Woolley, Ginny Simms, Jane Wyman, Eve Arden, Carlos Ramirez, Donald Woods and Mary Martin. Produced in eye-filling Technicolor, the film features a number of Porter’s song hits which serve as the basis for-a succession of stunning and startling production numbers _ including the beguiling “Begin the Beguine,” “Just One of Those Things,” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “I Get a Kick Out of You”-and “Let’sFall in Love” which provide the setting for somé extraordinarily lovely ballets executed by Milada Mladova and George Zoritch. The story picks up the life of Porter at that point where he gives up his law studies at Yale to seek his fortune as a song writer and play _ producer, through his war service (in the First World War), his romance with lovely Linda Lee (Alexis Smith) and his postwar musical success which nearly breaks up his marriage to her. Produced by Arthur Schwartz and directed by Michael Curtiz, “Night And Day” was made into a screenplay by Charles Hoffman, Leo Townsend and William Bowers from an adaptation by Jack Moffitt. The musical arrangement of more than a score of Porter’s songs was executed by Ray Heindorf. Still No. 644-527 Monty Woolley appears as himself in musical, "Night And Day," currently at the Strand. Starred in the film story about Cole Porter are Cary Grant as the composer and Alexis Smith as his lovely wife. MAT IX Still No. 644-575 Heading the casi of "Night And Day," musical film based on the life of Cole Porter, are Cary Grant, who portrays the famous composer, and Alexis Smith. The film, coming to the Strand on Friday, also features a host of top performers of stage, screen and radio, among them: Monty Woolley, Ginny Simms, Jane Wyman, Eve Arden and Mary Martin. MAT 2J ‘Night And Day’ Is Gala Musical Hit At Strand (Prepared Review) couldn’t have chosen a better vehicle with which to celebrate their 20th Anniversary of Talking Pictures than “Night And Day,” musical extravaganza which opened last night at the Strand Theatre to the evident delight of the assembled first nighters. For the new film, which co-stars Cary Grant and Alexis Smith, is one of the most gala sound events of this, or any other season. Not only is the music the best of Cole Porter—which means the best of one of our top contemporary composers—but the use of Technicolor is absolutely stunning in effect. Add to this the topnotch performances by the film’s co-stars as well as the inspired contributions of Monty Woolley and Jane Wyman and the smooth vocal renditions of Ginny Simms and Mary Martin (the latter sings the Cole Porter number which originally catapulted her to fame, “My Heart Belongs To Daddy,’’) plus a host of other first-rate Thespian and specialty performances and the result is a combination of talent and technique which is thoroughly unique and extremely rewarding. Though it is inevitable that “Night And Day” must recall that other hit, “Rhapsody In Blue” since both films fall into the category of musical biography, there the similarity ceases, as “Night And Day” makes a successful stand on its own merits, of which there are many, including a basic story line that differs widely from the success story of George Gershwin. Based on the career of Cole Porter (played by Cary Grant), “Night And Day” is equally as concerned with the composer’s music as it is with his life. Strangely enough, though Porter’s background spoke lavishly of comfort, education and gracious living, the composer struggled for years to escape it— perhaps just because it was comfortable and too easy for his limitless energies; and certainly because he_ rebelled against the decision of his wealthy grandfather (portrayed by Henry Stephenson) to make the young Yale graduate a lawyer. The sinking of the Lusitania made the opening night of Porter’s first Broadway show its closing night, too. The First World War interrupted his romance with Linda Lee (Alexis Smith). His successful career came perilously close to disrupting his eventual marriage to her. And a serious accident, which kept him bedridden for years, almost succeeded in finishing him completely. Aiding the songwriter in various capacities along the way to final success and personal happiness are a galaxy of top per formers of stage, screen and radio including, besides those mentioned above, Eve Arden, Carlos Ramirez, Donald Woods, Victor Francen, Dorothy Malone, and ballet stars Milada Mladova and George Zoritch, In their varied roles the entire company of players dispatch their acting and performing chores with remarkably consistent excellence. Credit. producer Arthur Schwartz, himself a famous songwriter, for losing none of Porter’s musical charm in a film which might well have stood alone on the basis of its firm story line; and director Michael Curtiz for the lively, ably executed and creamy-smooth combination of song and_ story. Based on Jack Moffitt’s adaptation of the career of Cole Porter, the screenplay was written by Charles Hoffman, Leo Townsend and William Bowers with Ray Heindorf contributing the effective orchestral arrangements of more than a score of Porter’s most famous song hits. "Night And Day’ Star Plays Required Piano There is no "dubbing" for Cary Grant at the piano in his role as Cole Porter in musical, ‘Night currently at the And _ Day," Strand. Grant can play, and plays well, anything from a lullaby to boogiewoogie on any piano. "Night and Day" co-stars Alexis Smith and features Monty Woolley, Ginny Simms, Jane Wyman and Mary Martin. PUBLICITY New Hit At Strand Based On Life Of Famous Songwriter (Current Theatre Story) Based on the fabulous career of Cole Porter, outstanding contemporary song writer, eye-filling musical, “Night And Day,” now playing at the Strand Theatre, takes its title from one of the composer’s most popular songs. Cary Grant, in a well-timed change of pace from the melodramas and comedies he’s been starring in, draws the top romantic role of the composer playing opposite lovely Alexis Smith. Surrounding them are a group of top performers of stage, screen and radio, including Monty Woolley, Ginny Simms, Jane Wyman, Eve Arden, Carlos Ramirez Donald Woods and Mary Martin. Porter’s career in itself is fabulous because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth only to decide that all that was silver held no glitter for him. So he gave it all up, including a law course at Yale, and took Professor Monty Woolley (who plays himself in the film) with him to pursue a career of song writing and show producing. That career was stopped dead in its tracks on Porter’s first opening night by the news of the sinking of the Lusitania. His romance with lovely Linda Lee (7A “Fe X*1's Smith) was broken off by And the demands of his _ successful career after the war, nearly finished off his marriage to her. Arthur Schwartz, himself a successful composer, produced the picture and Michael Curtiz directed. The screen play is by Charles Hoffman, Leo Townsend and William Bowers from an adaptation py Jack Moffitt. Ray Heindorf arranged the music which features more than a score of Porter’s best hit tunes. ‘Night And Day’, Gala New Musical, At Strand Tonight (Opening Day Reader) Eve Arden the First World War. musical film based on the life of Cole Porter, “Night And Day,” opens tonight at the Strand Theatre with an outstanding cast headed by co-stars Cary Grant and Alexis Smith and featuring Monty Woolley, Ginny Simms, Jane Wyman, Eve Arden, Carlos Ramirez, Donald Woods and Mary Martin. Marking celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Talking Pictures, “Night And Day” follows the career of topflight composer Cole Porter from the time he quit Yale and the study of law, through his experiences’ in World War I, to his subsequent stage successes and crippling accident which almost wrecked his life. Directed by Michael Curtiz, the film was produced by Arthur Schwartz. Charles Hoffman, Leo Townsend and William Bowers wrote the screenplay from an adaptation by Jack Moffitt. Ray Heindorf is responsible for the musical arrangements of the Porter songs featured in the film. THE CAST Cole Porter ........ CARY GRANT .. ALEXIS SMITH MONTY WOOLLEY GINNY SIMMS JANE WYMAN Gabrielle EVE ARDEN Ward Blackburn. .DONALD WOODS Specialty Singer. .CARLOS RAMIREZ Anatole Giron Linda Lee Porfer Himself ...... Pe Ne vee Aa Victor Francen Alan Hale Leon Dowling 6 je > eke ene we MORES Cris aos Dorothy Malone Bernies 3 03. 6 As. 33 Tom D’Andrea Kate Porter ........ Selena Royle Omer Porter .... Henry Stephenson Bart McClelland .... Paul Cavanagh Wilowsky 2 Sig Ruman Milada Mladova George Zoritch Specialty Dancer .. Specialty Dancer .. Specialty “Team i020. es se Adam and Jayne Di Gatano Specialty Dancer .... Estelle Sloan alebic 5) deine ios Clarence Muse Péleyss. sages Fes ee John Alvin O’Halloran ......... George Riley Producer ....... Howard Freeman Director cs os Bobby Watson John Pearson [eo yee Beat eal ae ee to Herman Bing Herself MARY MARTIN RUNNING TIME: 128 Minutes THE STORY (Not For Publication) Professor Monty Woolley (Moniy Woolley) is constantly being chastised by the dean members at Yale University dur ing the year 1914 for his frivolous participa tion in student activities on the campus. One of his favorite students is Cole Porter (Cary Grant), a not-too-studious law student who Prefers to write songs for Yale plays and rallies. During the Christmas vacation Cole takes the Professor to his Indiana home, together with Cole’s roommate, Ward Black burn (Donald Woods), a medical student. Buring the holiday they meet Linda Lee (Alexis Smith), beautiful daughter of an arist ocratic Kenqueky family, who is visiting with Cole’s cousin, Naney (Dorothy Malone). Cole is welcomed home by his mother, Kate Porter (Selena Royle), and his doting grand father, Omer Porter (Henry Stephenson). During the Christmas holiday both Cole and Woolley decide not to return to Yale but to try their wirgs in’ show business. Cole’s grandfather, who had nursed great hopes for the young man as a fyurrister, is keenly dis= appointed to learn of this decision. Their first enterprise is a musical show called “See America First,” for which Cole has writ ten the music and Woolley has acted as director. Gracie Harris (Jane Wyman), a show girl friend of Cole’s from New Haven, is starred in the production. The show has the mis~ fortune of opening in New York on the night the Lusitania is sunk and it closes the same night. Porter then enlists in the French Army where he sees action in the First World War. A serious leg injury sends Cole to the miliitary hospital in France, where “he again meets Linda. The girl, who is working as a Red Cross nurse, tries to revive Cole’s interest in) music during his convalescence. Returning to the States after the War,_ Cole produces “Fifty Million Frenchmen,” a smash hit, followed by the similarly-successful “The New Yorkers.” He aecepts ai wired offer from Charles Cochrane to write the words and music for the English producer’s “Wake Up and Dream.” In England Porter again meets Linda and they are married. On their return to America, Cole begins writing the first of a long line of Broadway successes. Linda drifts more and more into: the background as Cole becomes more deeply involved in his shows. She finally finds herself completely in’ the background and leaves Cole. Some time later Cole is summoned to his home in Indiana to find his grandfather dying. After the! old) man’s death Cole is horsebackriding in the Indiana countryside when he is thrown by his * frightened mount and his leg is seriously injured. Porter suffers through countless operations to save the leg, without the solace of Linda who has not feen informed of the accident. Gracie Harris learns Linda’s whereabouts and writes her of Cole’s condition. Linda returns to America from Europe and meets Cole at a Yale reunion. Tt turns out to be not only a elass reunion but a permainent reunion for the Porters,