Night Nurse(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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WARNER BROS. RUNNING TIME (Vitaphone) 73 Minutes Permission is granted licensed exhibitors to reproduce with proper notice of copyright all matter contained herein. FOOTAGE 6681 Feet 321 WEST 44th STREET NEW YORK CITY, U. S. A. BARBARA STANWYCK e In SUMMARY Secrets, scandals, astounding experiences, revealed in the intimate story of a night nurse who has “seen every -melodrama of a hitherto unseen side of today’s life ! Barbara Stanwyck’s finest film! ing’! -Anoutstanding || Barbara’s biggest hit. You have never seen her more beautiful, nor in a greater |»=HOLLYWOOD Prepare for a dramatic shock when you see NURSE | NURS “NIGHT NURSE” STRANGER of the night. E = who knows all H | anaemia. SYNOPSIS * (Not for Publication) Copyright 1931, Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc, All Rights Reserved Lora Hart and Maloney, student nurses who room together, are in the emergency ward when Mortie, a young bootlegger, comes in with a shoulder wound. Lora treats it and Mortie asks her not to report it to the authorities. She doesn’t, and Mortie shows his gratitude by sending her a bottle of liquor. Some time later, Lora is night nurse and Maloney day nurse at the home of Mrs. Ritchey, whose | two childre> Nannv and —-—--— nom es aru. ase suffering from malnutrition and Her first night on the job, a drunk breaks in and siezes her. Nick, the chauffeur, rescues her and orders Lora to take care of Mrs. Ritchey, who is dead drunk. When Lora insists on calling a doctor, Nick strikes her on the chin and carries her back to her room. Lora visits Dr. Ranger, who is attending the Ritchey children and is convinced that something is wrong, but realizes there is nothing she can do as she has no evidence of mal From role. practice. ROUTINE pee Mey s se sa of Nanny soon takes a turn for the worse and Mrs. MaxSTOR Y | S h ] te | | Ss th ]@ well, the housekeeper is worried. B FE N L YO N Lora tries to get Dr. Ranger, but (This story contains all the important facts about “Night Nurse.” Release it in all newspapers several days before the Tun.) Manager........ el-the=3 2. Theatre is pleased to announce.... as the opening date for the engagement of “Night Nurse,” the Warner Bros. production starring Barbara Stanwyck. Miss Stanwyck is said to surpass the work she recently did in “Illicit,” in her portrayal of the emotional character of Lora Hart, the night nurse of the story. Lora comes to the great city hospital, unsophisticated and unused to the ways of the world—and during the years of her apprenticeship—meets all sorts and conditions of people—and leaves, aware of the tragedy of life but compensated by the love of a young CLARKE GABLE Chas. Winninger Allan Lane the. long list of lovely ladies of the screen he has supported recently. Among Lyon’s recent pictures are Gloria Swanson’s “Indiscreet,” Bebe Daniel’s “My Past,” “Hells Angels” and Constance Bennett’s new picture, “Bought”. In addition to Miss Stanwyck and Lyon the cast of “Night Nurse” includes Joan Blondell, pert comedienne; Clark Gable, who is being hailed as a coming star; JOAN BLONDELL 6 6 6 6 6 6 8 ee 8 0 6 0 0 0 6 8 8 6 6 0's Cut No. 23 Cut 60c, Mat 15c MORTIE, rowdy patient she loves, MALONEY, Ler pal, a wise nurse, DR. BELL, head of hospital.,........ naked truth . about the. night watch! ones a ee LAE CASI LORA HART, the night nurse... MYSTERY MAN io BARBARA STANWYCK BEN LYON JOAN BLONDELL ...CHARLES WINNINGER MRS. RICHEY, drunken patient, CHARLOTTE MERRIAM EAGAN, kidding interney.......0c.cccccccccccss: EDWARD NUGENT he is out of town. She tries to reach Dr. Bell, the hospital physician, but he is also away. When she wants to notify the mother, Nick shows Mrs. Ritchey to her, sleeping drunkenly. Returning to the sick room, Lora meets Mortie making a delivery to Nick. They decide to give the child a milk bath and Mortie leaves to get the milk. Meanwhile, Mrs. Maxwell samples some of Mortie’s liquor and when Nick comes in to find out what is happening, she accuses him of keeping Mrs. Ritchey drunk and deliberately starving the children to death so he can get the trust fund left them by their father. Nick attends to her in his own way. When Lora has again telephoned Dr. Bell, he arrives and immediately prepares for a blood transfusion. Mortie keeps Nick at bay while the eas operation is performed with L roughneck who comes for treatment See acct eet’ | | INEERNE, of more serious mind, ALLAN LAN | | 7g tick bled Mae d Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, g g orning brings of a wounded arm an see Oe cis Harolde’ “Walter “MaGrall MRS. MAXWELL, housekeeper, ........ BLANCHE FRIDERICI Maloney to the job and Mortie Seen 2 ee heart eat Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, MISS DILLON, stern nurse, .....c..ccccceccecceccsccceees VERA LEWIS drives Lora home. On the way, == ..__ | Betty May—and two astonishing se-| | DR. RANGER, outside doctor, ....0...0000.0... ROLFE HAROLDE | |Mortie tells her that he told some et meets oe ven-year olds, Marcia Mae Jones NICK, bad chauffeur who gets his, ...cccccccc00.. CLARK GABLE nis trieads za ae res ce = fears, doubts and conflicts of loyaland Betty Jane Graham. An amusthis statement being broad enoug ties that make her life a dynamic], aaa Sabibites Gai Gis DRUNK, who has an eye for Lora,............ WALTER McGRAIL to bring definite results. As he is series of dramatic episodes. Through babies of half a dozen nationalities. NURSE, aide to SUT COM sox. cmginst nce soos ee BETTY MAY trying to convince Lora that she one of her assignments as a night} wee : NANNY, poor little rich girl,............ MARCIA MAE JONES | | should team up with him, an ambunurse she becomes the central fig-|_ “Night Nurse” is an adaptation or BETTY JANE GRAHAM | [lance drives past bearing the body from the novel of that name by DESNEY, Nanny’s sister, .............. J ure of a diabolical plot to do away with a pair of lovable children. The story is intensely gripping— and many screen notables play it’s}, aditional dialogue by Charles Ken-|| Accessories ................. 12 =|~ Bxpiditation <2 11 Prepared Reviews .......... 2-6 widely variant roles. n. William Wellman who dir-|] Dammers .........-.... sees, BORD PTAMNOR ey cas 11 Program Cote 6-8 Set ee eee ee i ee Novelties ~ 0. nee it} Slug Cute: se 3-7-9 Ben Lyon is seen opposite Miss Stanwyck, adding another star to Dora Mack, author of “Ex Mistress”. The screen play was done by Oliver H. P. Garrett, noted scenarist,. with ected “The Public Enemy” and “Wings,” directed “Night Nurse.” eee ete ee ee ee ee TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS PRESS SHEET of a man in a chauffeur’s uniform. Ma, co OF eee sees e ese ees