Night Nurse(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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SENSATIONAL ADS TO MAKE BARBARA STANWYCK WINS NEW FAME |“‘NightNurse Scene AS NIGHT NURSE IN DRAMATIC FILM| In Drug Store Has Cut No. 18 Cut 30¢ Mat 10c **Night Nurse,”” Warner Bros. Screen Version Of Dora Macy’s Sensational Novel, Opens At The Strand (Review Featuring the Cast) Barbara Stanwyck as the star of Warner Bros. “Night Nurse” established herself even more securely in the hearts of local theatre-goers, practically all of whom predicted great things for her, when they saw her in her latest picture prior to SENSATIONS ! SECRETSII THRILLSII! Hot from the diary of a night nurse who has seen everything! The part she plays in “Night Nurse” gives greater opportunity for the display of the many qualities which make her soe appealing to people of all ages. It is not alone her beauty and gentle femininity—there is some _ intangible quality which suffuses any role she undertakes, with implications of tenderness, tragedy, lightness and compassion that are quite irresistable. Lora Hart, is a perfect vehicle for Miss Stanwyck. Lora goes to a great city hospital to study to be a nurse—and during the years of her apprenticeship meets temptations, loves, fears and doubts that enthrall the imagination of the beholder from fade-in to final fade-out. Ben Lyon is his rough-and-ready best as the young hard guy who comes to her for treatment of a wounded arm and wins her heart. Other favorites of the screen, play notably the widely differing parts, Joan Blondell is Lora’s pal, also a nurse. Clark Gable is effective as Nick, a shady chauffeur who finally gets as good and as bad as he deserves. Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Rolfe Harolde, Walter McGrail and Betty May appear and two remarkable seven-year olds, Marcia Mae Jones and Betty Jane Graham—as well as ten babies of half a dozen nationalities. John Francis Dillon ably directed “Night Nurse,” which when all is said and done, is a heart-warming and thrilling transcript of a phase of modern life which has not been so fully screened before. “Night Nurse’ has all the ingredients of great entertainment— a good story—realistic settings— clever photography—intelligent direction—and most necessary of all, a cast that knows characters and can make them live. Barbara Stanwyck is herself capable of holding an audience spellbound—all of which makes it unnecessary to say that you should make a trip to the...... Theatre during the run of “Night Nurse.” Be prepared for the shock of your lifetime! Barbara fanwyC NIGHT NURSE with BEN LYON JOAN BLONDELL CLARKE GABLE A Warner Bros. & Vitaphone Hit! STRAND I know as much about men as a doctor about women!’ —NIGHT NURSE knows Cut No. 7 Cut 20c, Mat sc Page Two Many Queer Props (Advance—Plant 4 Days Before) One practical soda fountain—Soda, ice cream and syrups—Six show cases with cosmetics and drug sundry displays—Eight wall cases with patent medicine displays. This is not the order of a drug store proprietor, but a part of the requisition the Warner Bros. prop department received from William Wellman for one of the scenes in “Night Nurse,” the thrilling modern drama starring Barbara Stanwyck which comes to the........ Theatre Though the prop department spent days preparing an up-to-date ‘|drug store on the lot all that is '}seen in the picture is a meeting be tween Barbara Stanwyck and Ben Lyon at the soda fountain over an ice cream soda. It’s a short scene. -|}but if there happened to be one false detail the studio would be deluged with critical letters from drug store proprietors everywhere. The soda fountain had to be practical, as also the ice cream, soda and syrups, for not only do Barbara and Ben drink their ice cream sodas, but extras come into the scene and order everything from a small coke to a banana split. Real soda-jerkers had to be behind the counters. After all the scenes were shot they displayed their skill by using left-over in making up drinks for everyone in the company. Barbara Stanwyck is supported by Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lané, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Ralf Harolde, Clark Gable, Walter McGrail, Betty May and ten amazing babies. William A Wellman directed. aiWwenak es we vu Webesawwe. see ww ee we ee Sinclair Lewis Plan Adoped by Director, Of Stanwyck Picture (Current—Plant 2nd Day of Run) Sinclair Lewis traveled for several years with a noted doctor from hospital to hospital, at the same time making an intensive study of bacteriology before he felt safe in offering the public his great novel portraying the life of a doctor, “Arrowsmith.” William A. Wellman, director of “Night Nurse,’ determined to have a flawless presentation of life in a hospital, secured the services of Dr. Martin of Los Angeles and two practicing nurses, Miss Olga Christoffeson and Miss Josephine Gellerman. The three were not to sit on the sidelines offering an occasional word of advice, but to be ready to jump in at any moment and do their bits as actors in the picture. One of the big scenes shows Barbara Stanwyck, as a probationary nurse, assisting Charles Winninger as operating surgeon. The room is complete to the last detail. Under a flood of light Winninger works on his patient, and Barbara is to prove her worthiness of a diploma, by helping. Details of the operation are of course spared the audience, the attention really centering on the workers. Mr. Wellman’s medical staff served bravely. Dr. Martin gave Mr. Winninger a lecture on surgery, so that every motion he made might seem natural. The good doctor then donned gown and mask and acted as assistant in the fake operation. Miss Christoffson and Miss Gellerman trained Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell in the proper way to play nurse. The result is a picture which will bear the inspection of doctors anywhere. Miss Stanwyck is supported in “Night Nurse” by Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Ralf Harolde, Clark Gable, Walter McGrail, Betty May, Marcia Mae Jones and Betty Jane Graham. The picture is based on the sensational novel by Dora Macy. NOW! S The NAKED TRUTH .. about.. ..Night.. es Nurses oe q WARNER BROS. TRAN Barbara O_Be IAN 4th Street _at Madison ath... D Dora Macy’s revealing novel, brought to the screen in its entirety! ef Gee ae a yf WYCK Better than “Illicit” as NIGHT NURSE BEN LYON — JOAN BLONDELL CLARKE GABLE—EDWARD NUGENT A Warner Bros. & Vitaphone Hit! Cut No. 24 NugentClimbsFrom Laborer On The Lot To Featured Roles (Biography, June 15, 1931) Edward Nugent, who plays the _Cut 40c, Mat 10c Last Two Showings Of “Night Nurse” Today (Current Reader) “Night Nurse,” the sensational Warner Bros. production starring Barbara Stanwyck, now at the..... Theatre, will be seen for the last two times today. Featured in support of the beautiful star are Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Clark Gable, Charles Winninger and many others. William Wellman directed. Record part of Eagan, an interne, in “Night| crowds have been in attendance at Nurse” the Warner Bros. produc-| each performance. tion starring Barbara Stanwyck, now at the....... Theatre was born and educated in New York City. His father was a stage manager and Eddie started out by playing in his father’s company. Pictures fascinated him and to get into the game he took a laborer’s job on the M.G.M. lot. He was for a time a gag-man and then went back to acting. Pictures in which he has appeared are “The Bellamy Trial,” “The Duke Steps Out,” “Our Modern Maidens,” “Loose Ankles,” “Untamed.” “Girl of the Show,” “The Vagabond Lover,” “Young Sinners” and “Night Nurse.” “T’ve seen everything!” —NIGHT NURSE Likes and Dislikes of Miss Barbara, “Night Nurse” Barbara Stanwyck, star of “Night Nurse,” the Warner Bros. production | ROW = GE thes Theatre, has very pronounced likes and dislikes. Among her aversions are figs, dates, brunes, diets, early morning telephone calls, flashy clothes, galoshes, sweets, cooking and inactivity. Her likes far outweigh her dislikes. Here are some of her likes—and when she likes she likes with a vengeance—loves, would probably be a better word. She loves New York—football— dancing—her husband—a good novel— prize fights— a certain amount of solitude—spare-ribs and sauerkraut—tennis —dogs—horses—re-arranging the furniture of her Malibu Beach home— writing—swimming—kiddies—but better than all she loves to act. Her most appealing role is that of the emotional heroine of “Night Nurse” in which she is supported by Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Charles Gable and many other screen favorites. William Wellman directed. SS Sore nee cr LE See SE RINSE